Company Overview

Aiming to bridge the past to the future, Bridger Insurance is renowned for delivering innovative insurance
products facilitating their new generation of users. As times progressed, Bridger felt the dire need to digitize its
processes to ensure the materialization of their vision into a reality.

The Requirement

In order to stay afloat in the technological driven industry, Bridger selected Origami Studios to avail custom mobile app development services and automate their company’s network of brokers and agents with a resounding app.

The Challenge

The company was under the turmoil of multiple fraudulent claims, no verification processes and manual error prone data input. A swift and smooth mobile solution was required which would target the aforementioned challenges while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

Since the objective was to bring ease of business, the simplicity of solution was of paramount importance to ensure seamless transition from manual to automation.

Bridger Enters The World Of Automation

Origami Studios analyzed the business needs and devised the route of pursuing hybrid app development for Bridger. A cost effective custom app tailored to meet Bridger’s requirements was developed increasing their turnover and lowering the risks.

Assitance Of Brokers And Agents

A React Native application for Bridger’s broker network was designed. It initiated with vehicle details and picture collection at the time of insurance reducing the chances of fraudulent claims and increasing authenticity. Brokers could submit claims to underwriters easily without delays.

Making Way For Secure Authentic Processes

Since one of the alarming challenges was fraudulent claims and no process of verification, Python Django was used to develop backend and data services. This enabled testing images being uploaded at the time of claim filing and policy purchase. Any tampering with the images could be identified instantly due to Metadata verification and authentication.

Bridger’s patent algorithm was designed to make intelligent use of personal information such as the Token ID provided at the time of policy purchase and Date of Birth to ensure maximum security.

Claim Filing For Customers

The interface also allowed claims filing directly from customers with the ease of data verification from existing database. The time required for claim filing and claim verification saw a 44% decline owing to this app.


The app can translate interface in UK English, US English, Spanish and other languages with just one click.

Offline-Online Sync

To enhance the user experience, the application was also equipped with offline-online data sync to provide seamless flow and usage maximizing client satisfaction

Record Maintenance

The swift algorithm could maintain and synthesize all record of claims and insurers significantly decreasing chances of error and condensing the glitches and time wasters.

Simplified Mobile Solution

Before designing this refined customized mobile solution, Team Origami prioritized the simplicity of the app to ensure that automated processes mimicked previously used manual processes. The idea behind emphasis on simplicity was to ensure no extra training is required for employees to get acquainted with the automated processes.

Future Plans

As we proudly continue to deliver services to Bridger Insurance, another feature that is very soon going to alleviate the UX is the integration of payment module. Users whether direct customers or brokers, will be able to manage bill payments merely by some clicks in app.

Technology Stack


The app was met with high statistics corroborating its success! Utilizing the best custom mobile app development services. Since its automation Bridger was able to garner 60% more brokers, agents and filers due to easy accessibility. Automation helped lower their operational cost by 38%.

It also enabled them to downsize claims department making better use of employee potential by relocating their resources for better strategic positions.

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