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Cafe zupas-salad maker
Cafe zupas-salad maker

The Assignment

A leading salad chain in the US, Cafe Zupas wanted to improve their recruitment process and hire individuals who could serve the customers well.

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Cafe Zupas is a well-known chain that specializes in salads, soups and sandwiches using high-quality, fresh ingredients. They wanted to build a training portal to assist them in recruiting employees who understand the way Cafe Zupas works. The portal was already in place but it needed to built again from scratch with new features and latest technology.

We developed their portal using Laravel and Vue.js where all candidates had to go through a training session followed by a test before being recruited. The system we developed had 3 stages. In the first stage, the user would be introduced to the variety of ingredients that is used at Cafe Zupas. In the next stage, a training session starts for the user where they are required to assemble different salads. A refrigerator is displayed on the screen where all ingredients are visible. Pop-ups are generated on the system to guide user which ingredients to use for which salad. Once the training is completed, the third and the last stage starts where the user is tested. He is required to create salad without any instructions.

Technology Stack


Cafe zupas-salad maker

Final Product

The team who worked with Caterbee was very responsive to all the company’s queries and feedback. They were updated regularly on the progress and transparency was maintained at all times. The application helped the company in reaching out to a larger audience as it was more user friendly and easily accessible. Building an application for this portal has made the process of browsing and booking catering for various events significantly easier as it functioned smoothly with a perfect UI and smooth user experience.

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