Creating a hub for Sweden’s most loved Caterers!

Company Overview

CaterBee is a Sweden based company offering a platform that brings together Stockholm’s
popular catering kitchens in one place. Whether events are personal or corporate, big or small,
CaterBee acts as a middle man and takes responsibility of deliverance.

The Requirement

In 2017, CaterBee decided to build an application for their business but lacked the technical prowess specifically in React JS. That’s when Origami Studios was selected for staff augmentation to hire React JS programmer. A dedicated software development team at Origami Studios rendered their expertise to CaterBee.

The Challenge

Their web portal was already developed and had to be converted into a responsive web app. Remote development could not be trusted so specialized services were required to bring the web app to life. The interface had to be adjusted to suit mobile screens.

Moreover, the search results were not swift enough dueto their massive data of catering kitchens. Business optimization was also required for strong analytics.

Services were to be given which ensured timely communication, flawless programming skills and code evaluation.

Best React JS Specialists in Town!

We rendered our React JS expertise at their disposal. A dedicated team was assigned and constant communication with CaterBee’s Chief Technology Officer was maintained to ensure thorough transparency. Sprints were timely delivered and day to day time sheets were shared. Optimized code delivery was sustained with their regular code audits.

Client Coordination

Based on the screen designs shared by the client, we conducted a complete understanding to align our vision with the client’s expectation. Once the alignment was completed, the agile methodology was adopted to initiate the development process.

Optimized Search Results

To elevate the search results quality and management of data flow, a systematic algorithm was designed. Microsoft Business Intelligence was integrated to ensure strong analytics for business optimization.

Stripe Integration

Third party payment getaway, Stripe was integrated in our web application. A checkout feature was implemented to facilitate online billing and payments by debit, visa and master card for CaterBee.

Future Enhancements:

In order to further enhance search results, SEO optimization is under development. We ensured a scalable web application for CaterBee to fathom the ever increasing user base and add new features.

In addition to this a Company Dashboard is being developed to give better control to the management for day to day operations. Earlier the queries were being handled manually from backend and only the customer dashboard was being operated.

With these new features the customer journey is expected to improve more along with better business management at the client’s end.

Tech Stack:


The web app now entails seamless integration of existing data and became more user friendly. Through the app CaterBee reached out to a larger audience than before expanding their reach by 50%.

Users loved the accessibility and smooth navigation and rated the app 5.0! It has 47,000+ monthly visitors on its web.

CaterBee also got featured on Crunch base owing to its phenomenal popularity and was granted a 7-figure funding.


We highly value our on-gong partnership with CaterBee. This is what they have to say about
their experience with us.