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The Assignment

The idea was to build a loyalty and rewards product that would give authority to store owners and businesses to manage campaigns, store locations, deals and rewards. This product filled a gap in the market where store owners and customers were both benefiting.

& interactive

Karrot is a loyalty and rewards app that allows users to search for restaurants, bars and cafes in nearby locations. The users are then shown promotional offers and rewards that can be redeemed via the Karrot app. It also has a backend system that is used by business owners who have integrated Karrot rewards and loyalty system. The entire Karrot system includes iOS and Android apps for the users that were built in Swift and Java, respectively. The apps are supported by an admin panel and a business portal and both have been built using PHP and Laravel framework.

The user apps shows nearby restaurants, cafes, bars and other eateries by using current location of the mobile device. User can also access promotions and deals for all eateries as well. Moreover, users can also earn rewards when checking-in via apps. The business portal is for all those businesses who have integrated the Karrot loyalty and rewards system. They can manage their stores, rewards, campaigns via the business portal. Overall, it is a comprehensive system that allows flexibility to business owners using Karrot for their businesses as well as app users who have access to a variety of deals and promotions on their nearby eateries.

Technology Stack

iOS Android Javascript

Final Product

A huge variety of restaurants, cafes and bars have opened making the decision of “where to go?” harder than ever. With Karrot, not only do users see restaurants that are nearby, but they also have access to promotional offers and deals. Moreover, businesses significantly benefit from this system as there is more incentive for users to eat at places where deals and promotions are going on. Furthermore, the apps, business portal and the admin panel have been built with latest UI/UX and development techniques, ensuring that the best user experience is provided.

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