Company Overview

One of the pioneer apps in introducing an all-inclusive chat/mms messenger, MessageCube selected
Origami Studios to enhance their user experience and redesign their user interface.

The Requirement

Message Cube wanted to reimagine the world of texting by offering an all-in-one message app where people could browse and share data simultaneously. Platforms like YouTube, Yelp and Amazon etc. could be browsed while texting and information could be shared through a single window.

For this collusion of different search engines into a single chat/mms messenger, they required refined UX design services and UI design services to smooth out the in-app navigation for users.

The Challenge

The app was already developed so the real challenge was to render user experience design services without disrupting the current structure. Since it lacked engaging UI and UX designs, the entire app outlook had to be reconceived while keeping the brand persona intact.

MessageCube already had a vast user base and it was imperative to ensure that they are not dismantled by the transition as we conjure a better, vibrant and engaging interface design.

Most current users had difficulty accessing and locating app facilities so a whole new user journey had to be mapped out strategically without it being too radical to unsettle the users already accustomed to it.

Since MessageCube was an amalgamation of different social apps submerged into one, the user experience had to be crafted to keep the journey as simple and as visually appealing as possible.

The Solution:

Problem Solving:

Once complete command was observed over the scope, dedicated UX and UI resources were given the task of developing responsive and engaging graphics.

Wire framing and Prototyping:

UXPIN was used for wireframes which served as the grey structure of the app outlook and screens. Since MessageCube had multiple search engines and social apps integrated within the app, the UI had to be kept simple enough to not overwhelm the users but engaging enough for users to completely benefit from it.

Exception UI/UX Design

A brand new color palette was devised and entire graphical outlook was redone resulting in a brighter and fresher outlook. It paved way for easy navigation and the difficulty in finding app features was addressed. Ease of use was the prime adjective and it was readily achieved. A thorough tutorial was also added to aid the transition for users.

Technology Stack

3,000+ Increased Download
4.0+ App Rating
2X Efficient Experience


Our efforts bore fruit. The app downloads increased massively from 33 to 3000+ and the app stood at the rating of 4.0 at the app store. The design was smoothly crafted and a redesigned user journey made the user experience 2X more efficient garnering positive reviews and feedback from customers.

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