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Launch native, web, hybrid and custom software solutions with technologists working iteratively to increase velocity, hone the experience, and drive business value.


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We work as your technology partners to instigate rapid business growth by empowering your organization with digital solutions. Explore our track record of success with top-tiered industry leaders.

Core Project Competencies

Core Project Competencies

Mobile App

Go mobile with us! Actualize your designs and disrupt your industry.

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Web Development

Curate memorable user experiences with interactive web design.

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Custom Application

When off-the-shelf products don’t cut it, custom solutions are the way to go.

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Saas Application

Increase user engagement and facilitate seamless digital interactions.

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uI/uX design

Increase user engagement and facilitate seamless digital interactions.

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big Data, AI & ML

Unleash the power of data to fast-track your business growth.

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Quality Engineering

Provide optimal user experiences with robust automated and manual testing.

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Secure your network and provide unmatched autonomy to your users.

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Cloud Computing

Increase corporate agility by migrating your systems to the cloud.

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Our Process

Our App Development Approach

We work with you to map a custom architecture and governance strategy that will support your business, secure user data, optimize interactions and reliably scale over time.

Deciding whether to build or integrate with a third-party web service has major implications for your project timeline and budget. From creating custom software solutions to leveraging Infrastructure as a Service, our architects work with you to prevent obsolescence and ensure the compatibility of your solution. We help you weigh the benefits of side-by-side operation, migrating data-in-place, or a custom alternative to maintain or upgrade your legacy platforms.

We accelerate software design with our blend of lean methodology and Agile process, increasing our output and your return.

Practiced in considering your users’ expectations and selecting the optimum form factor, we deliver custom software solutions that distill complex business needs into experiences that feel simple for users. Our clients are involved upfront weighing in on features and storyboarding with us. Our first startup clients needed more value — faster. So we evolved our process to match their tempo. Short rounds of concepting, prototyping, and feedback harmonize our ability with your deep understanding of the consumer. Discovery, design, measurement, and revision phases overlap in continuous iterative cycles. Information architecture and wireframes or illustrations inform designers’ and developers’ efforts as they collaborate to realize the intended experience.

With experience in the full range of frameworks and development languages, Origamistudios technologists help our clients select the best development strategy and technologies to balance available capital and future potential.

We maintain SCRUM methodology throughout the software development lifecycle and deliver working software through short, iterative cycles of building, testing, and learning maximizing transparency and minimize development time. We start each custom software solutions project collaboratively ordering the feature list and prioritizing development according to its functional ability to drive business value. We present working software at the end of each two-week sprint to maintain momentum and accountability. Working at a pace the business can count on, we’re better able to forecast release goals and provide actionable intelligence.


Our testing team safeguards your investment during the complete solution lifecycle, from business logic validation to automation script creation.

The Agile process acknowledges that the needs of businesses are constantly shifting during the ideation and build process. Our development process adapts as the needs of your solution, users or the market changes. Testers, analysts, and engineers are embedded from the beginning of your project to to identify software defects and omissions relative to documented requirements. Working closely with your team, we design a testing strategy and success metrics unique to your project and business goals. We bring experience in sprint, performance, and risk-based testing best practices along with services, web and mobile automation engineering. We also offer a full managed-service automation framework that can be customized for your project to increase coverage and and testing efficiency while decreasing the time per release cycle and cost.


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