The gaming industry has developed a lot since its origin. The gamers who had a 16-bit gaming console for playing old games like Super Mario are aware of how this humble and simple industry has advanced into a universe full of rich gaming experiences. Today, we have games that keep the gamers emotionally charged, engaged in a virtual reality world, and provide rewards beyond what anyone could have imagined in the past.

We have games that map the reality of a gamer to his character in the game. Some games even provide a gamer to become a part of the games through virtual reality and live the whole scene of the game. However, this is not it! Experts suggest that the demands of the customers for better security and virtual money have opened the doors for the merger of blockchain and games. Soon, we will see software houses using blockchain in game development as well.

Blockchain Technology in Games Development

What is Blockchain Technology?

One can find a lot of technical and complex definitions of blockchain technology on the internet. However, just to let it explain in some easy terms, it is a collection of ever-growing digital data placed in the forms of consecutive blocks. These blocks of information follow a chronological order. For the purpose of security, every block is protected with various cryptographic methods.

Although blockchain entered the world in the late 90s, it only became famous after the advent of Bitcoin. It started gaining attention from all parts of the world and helped the world have more cryptocurrencies. A vast majority of cryptocurrency networks use blockchain to ensure the data is kept safe through decentralization, distribution, and proper encoding and decoding.

How does Gaming Industry Operate?

Market leaders suggest that games in the industry are moving towards blockchain at a rapid pace and the number of blockchain games has already doubled in just a year. According to Fortunly’s statistics, 44% of the gamers have used blockchain for the exchange of rewards, money, or points on the gaming platforms.

This clearly suggests that a lot of gamers are moving towards blockchain as it provides them multiple benefits. What is more important to understand is how the gaming industry operates and what makes room for blockchain to enter it. Here are some pointers that will help you understand the gaming industry in a better way:

This puts the gaming industry at a huge risk of security threats and welcomes entrepreneurs from all over the world to provide groundbreaking solutions. Blockchain technology has been found to provide solutions to all of the issues and fulfill the needs of gamers and game providers.

Blockchain in Game Development - How Will Blockchain Impact Gaming?

Now, you have some idea about the issues the gaming industry is facing at the moment and the demands customers are making. Also, with virtual reality and augmented reality entering the world, the pressure to provide something new is growing immensely for game development firms. As blockchain technology has already started evolving the gaming world, here are some changes you can expect to see:

How Will Blockchain Impact Gaming

Easier In-Game Purchases

As discussed previously, gamers like to use the money for in-game purchases and have to face a lot of challenges. The use of blockchain technology during the development of such games can provide gamers with a new experience. This will enable the gamers to switch to cryptocurrency for buying in-game assets rather than spending flattened money.

Easier In-Game Purchases

This would save them a lot of time as they would not have to wait for a 3rd party payment provider to approve and process their transactions. They would also save a lot of money they have to pay to the payment providers as the processing fee.

Moreover, blockchain will also provide another layer of security to the gamers wishing to still use flattened money to buy game collectibles. This will be done through encoding the data with crypto-keys, adding profile details with the transaction for easy tracking, and keeping the information of the user secure in the sea of hackers.

Better Security Protocols for Gaming

The Verizon Data Breach’s investigation report from the year 2020 showed that 15 out of 20 videogames are attacked by hackers every year. Moreover, these attacks are mostly intended to cause a financial breach. The developers have tried to set up multiple security checks and have failed so far to keep the gamers secure.

With blockchain, market leaders have hope to provide advanced ways of keeping users secure. They guarantee that hackers will not find it a piece of cake to break the security protocols and access the data across the server. This is due to blockchain’s nature of decentralizing the data and applying highly efficient data encryption methods. As a result, we expect to see games with better and more secure environments offering users not just an engaging experience but a safer one too.

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Secure Money Transactions

Today’s games are not only about having a good time playing with your close ones, but they provide you a chance to earn money as well. However, the majority of these games require players to invest money first to start earning. Most of the users are reluctant to connect their banks or other money platforms with games due to the growing number of hacking attacks.
Blockchain can easily provide solutions to relieve players from this stress. It can provide a secure money transaction experience by assigning tokens to every transaction. These digital tokens will be impossible to copy and break into. It will make transactions secure hence, making more people invest in the gaming world.

Security Protocols for Gaming

Twitch and Stream are two crypto firms that are already in collaboration with video games to experiment with cryptocurrency payments. We are hoping for more such collaborations to happen in the near future and transform the gaming industry.

Lesser Identity Theft

Since a huge number of games require the gamers to enter their personal information and make a profile to enter the game, users’ data is always at a risk. In the past, a lot of successful hacking events placed users’ details at risk and a lot of money was poured into the black market from their accounts. Even though that money could not be covered, it highlighted how big of a problem identity theft is and forced a lot of game providers to seek solutions to resolve this issue.
By using blockchain for game & app development, developers can take the profiles of every user and convert them into unique and impossible-to-copy tokens. These tokens will resemble NFT in a lot of ways as well as each token will only be authorized to one person. However, what will make these tokens unique is that they would not be transferable. A profile made for a user will only remain his and will only be deactivated or deleted but not transferred to another user.

Integrated Profiles for Multiple Games

Someone who is a die-hard fan of video games never has one favorite game. A lot of gamers like to be involved in multiple online games rather than focusing on just one. Also, when these games are paying in return, we believe there is no reason to stick to one only. However, one thing that is monotonous and can tire out gamers easily is that they have to provide the same details repeatedly to make a profile on new gaming platforms. Moreover, it is difficult to remember gaming names and passwords to all of the games as well.
Blockchain has an easy solution planned for it. We will see game development firms using blockchain for game development enabling gamers to make one interoperable profile and use it across various gaming platforms. Such a profile can also be referred to as a single sign-in profile that will be integrated with different gaming portals. These interlinking profiles will make it easy for gamers to access different games without the need to remember credentials for every gaming platform.
According to some experts of the gaming industry, it will also save gamers time they have to invest in making profiles and struggle to sign in to various platforms to play games. Hence, it will help the gaming industry to grow more rapidly and have new players entering into it.

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Blockchain Games in the Market

Till now, we have just talked about the way blockchain is going to transform the gaming industry in the coming future. What about the present world? Well, fortunately, the gaming industry is under a huge revolution led by blockchain. The world saw the gaming industry release some engaging, secure, and innovative games backed by blockchain technology in the last few years. Here are the profiles of some of these games to know that the future is now and here:

Splinter Lands

The gamers like to refer to Splinter Lands as one of the most innovative and secure games ever. It belongs to the category of card games that allow users to collect cards. Based on the Hive blockchain, the game welcomes gamers from all over the world to come and play to earn DEC tokens, which can be transferred to various blockchains whenever desired. These blockchain currencies include such as WAX, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.
Splinter Lands is featuring around 285 feature cards belonging to four rarity types at the moment. These rarity types include common, rare, epic, and legendary. All of these rarity cards are entirely compatible with multiple third-party trading platforms including PeakMonsters, Open Sea, Monster Market, etc. It has gained the trust of over 311,000 users overall and the number is expected to climb more in the years to come. The developers are also working on introducing new card rarities and allowing the exchange to more blockchain platforms too.


If you are someone who loves to play games with cute and colorful interfaces, we believe you might have come across CyrptoKitties at some time in the recent past. It is one of the very first blockchain games. It attracted a lot of gamers from all over the world and drew the attention of potential investors too. It merges blockchain and cryptocurrency with an interesting landscape of the game and offers crypto-collectibles.
It allows the gamers to purchase, trade, and breed cute cats that look like cartoons. These cats belong to different breeds with rarities. One can say that these cats are as unique as NFTs we see on various NFT platforms. The user can own these kitties and sell them whenever desired. The user can also buy kitties from other users as well. Interestingly, the users can also produce new kitties and choose their features while they are being bred.

games image

Even though the game is pretty simple, it is one of the most addictive games in the market with a huge number of satisfied users. Although the game has a really good rating at the moment, there are multiple suggestions from the users requiring the developers to make the game even better. We are expecting to see similar games with a better experience in the near future.

Age of Rust

If you are a fan of sci-fi, we guarantee you would love Age of Rust. This game is built with AAA graphics, NPCs, stealth mechanics, and much more. It allows the gamers to try their luck at hunting 20 Bitcoins, which stands as the top prize allocated to the winner of the game. If you think it is easy to be the top winner, you are just dreaming. It comes with three seasons of the game and every episode has a difficult challenge for the gamer to overcome to make it to the next round.
Just to give you an idea of the difficulty level, the first round alone is comprised of 40 hours of gameplay. So, clearly, it might take a player years if not ages to make it to the reward of 20 Bitcoins. In case the user does not make it to the largest prize, he can still land on the smaller ones like 4 BTC and other 35,000 small rewards.

Obstacles in Blockchain Game Development

Wrapping It Up

The merger of blockchain and games has become the biggest highlight in the last few years. Where a lot of software houses are already busy developing blockchain games, market experts are worried about the hindrances this merger will have to face. Even though the list of benefits blockchain is going to provide the gamers is long, one should prepare for the drawbacks too.

Origami Studios is one of the very few game apps development firms that is using blockchain for game development after measuring its drawbacks along with perks. They have devised various solutions that will overcome the latency issues, storyline problems, and user engagement complaints. While they are working on developing some blockchain games no one has ever heard of, we suggest you prepare yourself to have the best gaming experience of your life.