So, stats have revealed it – the global best mobile workforce is anticipated to extend to 1.87 billion by 2022. We’re talking about a massive 42% of the entire workforce within the tech industry! Seeing the stats, can still anyone doubt how mobile apps have become a part of our daily lives? From paying utility bills, watching movies, ordering food, online consultations with doctors, and reading books, we completely depend on our phones for every little to big task that there we need to get done. This is the primary reason every other sector looking to shift their businesses to the online sector, and invest and web and mobile apps for that matter. The idea of mobile app development is monetizing but often only if you have an app that truly is worth using. For that, you need to have knowledge of how to hire a mobile app developer and who.

These mobile apps are designed to help consumers quickly carry out their tasks. They also serve the purpose of helping companies display their market existence to consumers across the globe. Seeing the purpose these mobile apps serve, the next significant aspect is to make a user-friendly app that’s free of technical glitches. These aspects if met and maintained make an app successful and creating such an app is not as easy as it sounds, particularly when you require an expert and don’t know where and how to find a suitable mobile app developer. Firstly, you need to cognize of the whole idea of hiring a mobile app developer and the expertise you require. This also includes involves determining whether you should employ a dedicated resource for the job or whether a freelance developer will suffice. Bring together a list of features you need in your mobile application. To monetize an app, you should look for a team or an individual who has previously worked on such ventures.

The following step-by-step guide to hiring a mobile app developer will help you get on the right path:

Step 1: Your App Development Goals

Be clear about the app’s idea, the purpose it serves, its design, and features and software functionality. Being the owner, you should be mindful of your requirements. As the first step towards hiring, do extensive research regarding your application, such as determining the app type and revenue model (whether paid or free). An app can be free as well as paid, with some features only available for the paid version of the same app.
If you’re a complete novice and wish to develop a connection with your audience from the ground up, you can opt for a free app, and, later on after receiving the desired response from your users, you can prepare for monetization through in-app purchases.

Step 2: Knowing the Type of App and Platform for Development

Once you’ve done your research, you should know what type of app you wish to have, whether you build it or hire a third party for development.
But wait, did you make up your mind whether you require a complex app or rather a simple one? Do you need a native or hybrid app? What platform would you like to have the app built on? If you’re a start-up company, your needs and requirements are different, compared to an already established and running business. You should be very specific about your requirement in line with your business needs and goals as it directly impacts the cost to employ a mobile app developer, the estimated time, and the development budget you have.
Any business must have clear and straight goals and objectives – including yours. This assists in analyzing the timeframe and budget your app will take for it to be market-ready.

Step 3: Deciding on a Budget

In this case, the budget includes the development cost and the hiring cost. When you hire a mobile app developer, you should fix your budget according to:

  1. how complex your app is (specifications, tech stack, features, programming languages, etc.)
  2. the platform you choose – whether iOS, Android, or React Native,
  3. the experience and capability of your developer (individual or company)

A spend estimation is essential as it supports you in defining the budget you require to capitalize on your app’s development and marketing.

Also, keep in mind that your estimated budget should be somewhat flexible as quite often there are chances that the budget goes on the higher side. But, yes, be flexible, not very flexible that you don’t set a final benchmark and overspend unnecessarily.

Step 4: Finding Resources

Here comes the part where you make up your mind about either hiring an individual mobile app developer or a 360 service provider (design, develop, and market). The choice you make will determine the quality of your mobile app. In the end, whatever choice you make, one thing should remain settled you don’t compromise on two things capability and credibility. 

When hiring a mobile app developer, you should consider the following easy tips:

Do Your Research!

Before assigning the project, you should be well aware of the nitty-gritty of the industry. You must research the market, check with a few developers, and get a clear idea of the cost to hire an expert mobile app developer.

Begin with learning about the whole process of developing a successful mobile app, including programming languages, average costs to build an app, top countries hiring your mobile app developers from, etc. These factors help you choose the right technology partner for you within your defined budget reach.

Check the Developer’s Experience

Got any prior experience in designing apps? Has the chosen app developer ever worked on creating an app similar to yours? These are some important questions you should ask your selected individual or team to understand where they come from and what you should expect from them.

Examine Communication Expertise

Communication is an essential aspect to look into when choosing your technology partner. It is important that you communicate your project requirements in a clear way and your developer is able to grasp the idea quickly to avoid the trouble of having something produced that doesn’t match your requirements. 

Set the Right Expectations

In your first meeting with the chosen mobile app developer, make sure you have clear and straightforward requirements and expectations. This helps in avoiding any later disputes and accelerates the development workflow.

Conducting the Interview

Before signing the final deal, take a meticulous interview. Ask all the necessary questions until you are sure that you are ready to take a final decision – don’t rush into it. On a side note, consider a few things before hiring your mobile app developer:

Step 5: Deciding Between a Dedicated Resource and a Freelance Developer

Hiring an app developer is a tough decision since developers have their skills, and expert areas, and have their highs and lows. Accordingly, you should possess an in-depth understanding of app development and the knowledge required when reaching out to hire mobile app developers. There are various factors you need to think through before you decide, such as the level of proficiency and capability, devotion, affordability, and most important, data security.
Whether you plan to hire a full-time dedicated resource or a freelancer, always gauge their expertise level and their market credibility. No doubt, having a dedicated resource on board will give you a more competent approach toward growth that will surely help you in all circumstances.
In the case of freelance developers, you will have to pick out someone who offers you the best of their skills that also sit well with your project, budget, and time duration.
However, please note that when we speak of their availability, freelance developers may or may not be so accessible compared to a dedicated resource, especially when you require last-minute changes or quick bug fixes. They make the best choice for brief and time-sensitive tasks. Otherwise, the safest option is to opt for hiring a dedicated team of mobile app developers.

Step 6: Settle a Timeline

Developing an app is one part of the project, the later stage, i.e., your mobile app’s time to market is even more crucial in determining the success of your mobile app. Who would want to be short of leveraging the first-mover benefit? At present, the worldwide app market comprises 3.5 billion users which means you have great potential to make it big in the mobile industry. For the same reason, several startups opt to hire an agile and robust team of developers to help them join the success league. Before we proceed, you should be familiar with the basic 3-step app development model before you settle on hiring your future development team. Keep in mind that the final product delivery takes nearly two to three months for a basic app, and goes in depending on the complexity of the project.

Stage 1: Design and Mockup
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Stage 2: App Development and Final Testing
Timeline: 5-7 Weeks

Stage 3: Submission to App Store
Timeline: 1 to 2 Weeks

Stage 4: Social media Integration

Timeline: 1 -2 weeks

iOS app development usually takes longer compared to Android app development as the App Store’s approval process is time-taking. 

You can learn more about different app types, their development cost, and completion time in our guide.


Creating that perfect and flawless mobile app is hands down crucial for your company’s success. Regardless of how much it costs to hire an app developer, it also depends largely on how you present it to your audience.

As cited above, hiring a mobile app developer or a team of developers for building a dynamic app is an arduous process to follow right till the end. Preferably, the best decision is to hire a team of software developers that includes creative UI/UX designers and manual testers and have a good grip of using the latest technology stack, and is good with coding and bug fixing.

Also, a mobile app development company that comes with years of dedicated experience and has made a name in the industry, can offer you a complete full package to make the whole process handled smoothly. Not just save you money, but it also involves more accountability amongst the mobile app developers.

Origami Studios provides a robust team of mobile app developers that can take your project to the next level. Talk to us to find out how we can help you build a successful and monetizing mobile app for your business.