Easy-to-carry touchscreen phones coupled with high-quality internet have enabled humans to access just anything from any corner of the world. Technology has shrunk everything down to mobile applications that get the work done within a few minutes. This has also increased the demand for mobile applications. One can see a lot of businesses investing in mobile applications as it has become a necessity over time. The competition becomes tougher when it comes to providing the best app. But that is not all, companies want to build apps that provide a good user experience with the promise of customer retention and good sales. 

The need and demand for mobile applications are not entirely new for the industry so, one can find tens of app development kits and platforms. There are benefits and drawbacks to all these platforms and companies have to choose wisely to be successful. Previously, the options were limited to only react native apps as they provided a smooth experience. These platforms included iOS, Android, and a few others. While these applications gave an amazing experience with a smooth journey to the users, they were limited to just one operating system. Now, that businesses like to capture users from all domains, they are on the lookout for an option that merges the benefits of react native apps with more flexibility and accessibility.

If you are reading this article, we believe you have some questions that you would love to be answered regarding the perfect replacement for react native apps without losing the perks they offer. Hybrid application development is the answer you are looking for. It has given new life to the industry where businesses can launch apps that act like native offering perks of a website as well. Flutter is an amazing example of a hybrid app development kit that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It has become famous in the developer community, companies, and users as well.

What is Flutter?

The fight between different OS and app development platforms has been in the market for a long time and will continue for an unpredictable time. Applications developed on one platform did not run on another OS. This resulted in companies being unable to reach a huge number of customers or paying a lot to cover more potential customers. For years developers and companies dreamt of a platform empowering them to create apps for multiple OS with only one code file.

Google made it possible by launching Flutter in 2015. The majority of companies are, now, investing their money in having Flutter apps and before you put your hard-earned money into it, you must know a bit about it. Have you ever asked yourself what is Flutter? If you have not, you better do it or let us answer it for you. 

It is an app development kit or a full-fledged SDK that gained fame in 2017. It has its rendering engine, widgets that can be used easily, a testing environment, and integration APIs with much more. It uses a React framework to make multiple mobile and website apps from one codebase. While platforms like Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, and others were busy fighting each other, Flutter has provided developers a safe escape. It has launched millions of apps that allow users to run applications running on different platforms without losing experience or quality. Does not that sound like fun?

Is Flutter Better than React Native Apps?

Did you know that Alibaba’s app is developed in Flutter and has over 50 million downloads? Flutter has made it to GitHub’s top 10 software repo and the love for it among people is still growing. The world is seeing a lot of Flutter applications being launched every day. There must be something special about Flutter that you are missing out on. Don’t worry, we have got you all covered with a well-researched list of features that make Flutter better than react native apps.


Rapid App Development
A lot of native app developers claim that iOS and Android are quick. However, if we think about it, you have to spend double the time to develop two react native apps as compared to the time you take to write code for one app and have two apps developed. Flutter enables you to develop and launch multiple apps with the same code making your company perform faster.

Better and Easier Testing
As quality assurance is an important step that must be taken before app launch, Flutter has empowered users to perform faster there as well. The hot reload feature allows the developers to write, play, pause and edit the code from the same place speeding up development. In the end, you get a bug-free application before the anticipated release.

A Seamless User Interface
As we know Google loves to have a simpler yet attractive UI so Flutter comes with a UI toolkit. It contains all the necessary elements of the user interface that needs to be just imported into your app. Applications made on Flutter are reported to have an even better UI because of Skia. It is an open-source graphics engine providing high-performance graphics.

Within the Budget
With all of the effort, time, and money that goes into developing a native application, it costs a huge deal. It requires a lot of resources as well to take ownership of different phases. On the other hand, Flutter app development costs companies way less than other platforms as the cost for an hour of development is at the average market.

The Best Quality Apps
Flutter gives you mobile applications that run across multiple platforms giving your business the wings it needs to fly higher. However, the quality is so good that you would not feel any difference between Flutter and react native apps.

All Necessary Features
Since Flutter is powered by Google, it also focuses on simple yet beautiful apps. You get to have an eye-catching UI with ready-to-embed features like GPS coordinates, sensor data gathering, Bluetooth communication, permission handling, etc through plug-in support.

How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost in 2022?

Getting in the fight the different OS has already made a lot of companies billions of dollars. It is high time for such companies to realize the importance of a cross-platform like Flutter. With the help of Flutter, companies can cut their cost, get a high-quality application, customize UI/UX, satisfy customers across multiple platforms and launch apps faster in the market. All of these benefits are too tempting for a company to not choose Flutter. 

We believe you are already interested in having a Flutter mobile app development for your company. However, just knowing that it costs less for mobile application development is not enough. One must know some basic quotations for the development to proceed. Since every business idea, its plans, and its customers are unique, the application that would for them is unique as well. 


Multiple factors go into presenting a quotation for an app development project in Flutter. Some of these factors include the features required, the size of the application, the number of integrations, and the number of widgets. We have tried to jot down a rough estimate for you to give you an idea. Here are some basic Flutter app development cost cases:

What Factors Affect The Flutter App Development Cost?

As discussed above, every application has its own needs and can’t be compared when it comes to price quotations. A lot of processes, elements, and people come together to form one mobile application. The more the number of ingredients, the more the number of factors capable of affecting the pricing. Here are some of the factors that can easily affect the pricing for your Flutter mobile application’s development:

Design Matters the Most

The first element that comes to the minds of both the developers and the companies is the design of the app. Even though Flutter offers a good range of tools aimed to help developers design UI without any hassle, companies have to pay more for an aesthetically-pleasing UI. If you want a good UI design to highlight the appearance of the app and a flawless UX allowing users to use the app without difficulty, the cost will increase.

What About App Features?

It is evident that the features of an application set it apart from other applications. The majority of the companies love to come up with a huge list of features to be developed, however, developing these features takes a lot of time. The development company needs to hire more than the usual number of developers to deliver the app in time as well. The number of features in the app can directly affect the cost.

Smooth Backend Development 

A Flutter app is not developed by a single developer by a whole team of developers including designers and backend engineers. Backend Engineers are responsible for developing a strong backbone for the app to stand strong on. While the front end gains appreciation, the back end ensures the server, security, app data, and backup engines are performing well. An app development estimate is never complete without considering the backend for it.

Following Development Timelines

A timeline is defined before development begins for any application. As the development team can’t focus on any other project until one is finished, it becomes a huge factor in development costs. If a company wants to have an application delivered earlier than the defined timeline or it is going to take longer than usual, the charges are expected to increase.

Where is Your Contractor Located?

Whether you accept it or not, the cost of your application depends on the location of your contractor as well. Research shows that app development companies located in developing countries cost less than the in developed countries. One can also see the difference between the pricing of developed countries as well.

It Ends with the Maintenance

The development never ends with delivering an application. The contractors offer maintenance of the application as well. The developers are involved in releasing bug fixes and new features for the app aimed at customer retention. Once you have your budget finalized based on the above features, it is suggested that you add 20% cost for maintenance too.

Application Types and Pricing

Since the world of the application is expanding rapidly, one can find multiple numbers of applications hosted on different application stores. All of these types use different features and widgets, their development timelines are different, and demand in the market varies as well. Businesses keep exploring different industries so, you never know what sort of application you would be needing to be developed next. Here are some types of applications and their costing for your reference:

Small Flutter Applications

A small Flutter application includes just the basic features demanded by the company along with a few plug-ins easily available in the market. It does not require a lot of developers and is delivered within the span of a few weeks. The user interface and user experience of such an app are quite average as well.

This category includes mobile applications like a book library app with some books and features like reading a book, saving books to read later, highlighting sections, and sharing books with friends and family. Such an app does not need a lot of developers, time, effort, or tools. 

Such apps are ideal for companies that have just entered the market. It is also suitable for startups testing the waters and evaluating the need for their idea in the industry. Since it takes less time to develop, it is ideal for companies looking to launch a basic application sooner for their users to use. Once an app is developed, launched, and gained success, the company can move on to launching a mid-level version as well. A beginner-level Flutter mobile app project costs around $30,000 to $40,000.

A Mid-level Flutter App

A mid-level Flutter mobile application includes some features more than the beginner-level app. The UI/UX of such an app is brilliant and the functionality is closely developed for a smoother user experience. This application takes the attention of more than just one or two developers and requires more time as well. 

Suitable examples for this category include applications meant to help users stay fit by taking in weight and height to calculate BMI, suggesting exercises for routine, forming a meal plan, calculating calories, and much more. It can also include applications focused on traveling suggesting different travel locations to the user with images, addresses, and the total distance from the user’s initial location, filtering packages from different travel agencies, and helping a user have a good travel experience.

It is suitable for companies that have a rapidly growing customer base, have a lot of changes or new features demanded by the customers, or is launching a newer version of services/products. Flutter app development cost For a mid-level of project can be a company anywhere from $45,000 to $ 55,000

An Advanced Flutter App

An advanced-level Flutter app contains multiple complex features and widgets. It has a complex backend with an intricate UI offering a better user experience and retention. All of these demands can never be fulfilled by neither a beginner-level app nor a mid-level app. This calls for the need for an advanced flutter app that requires more than a bunch of developers, takes time between a month to more, and includes a lot newer features and technologies. Moreover, the quality of the application should be no less than perfect as well. 

Examples for this category include different social apps allowing people to connect, share videos and images, react to shared content, go live in the feed, post statuses, and much more. Applications offering delivery services are also advanced apps allowing the user to surf through different available items, apply multiple filters, place things in the cart and finalize the order with various payment methods. Such a project can easily cost a company somewhere between $50,000 to $60,000.

Origami Studios – A Perfect App Development Partner

Since Flutter app development is no less than a rare skill, we bet you would not want to handle your project to someone with no experience. Beware of the developers providing services at the cheapest rates for they might just be experimenting or using your project for a hands-on experience. Well, this sounds like a lot of work where you have to find a perfect partner for your project and stay away from scammers too. 

Origami Studios is the perfect solution for your needs and wants. The company is the hub of brilliant minds working together to provide nothing less than flawless Flutter mobile applications to their clients. The company houses dozens of experienced and polished Flutter mobile app developers who have successfully delivered hundreds of apps. The experience of the users speaks for the quality of the development done.

Now, that you have the perfect solution, what about the cost of the project? You have nothing to worry about. Just drop me a message to get in touch with Origami Studios. Once you drop a message, you will be connected with an expert who will take the necessary details from you. Based on your expectations and desires, a project outline will be formed and an estimate will be shared.