Technology has been making the world smarter and more connected with every passing year. It has been possible only because technology trends itself is evolving at a rapid pace. One reason for the continuous evolution of technology is the demand of customers. Users are always asking for something new from the industry. Hence, software houses have to keep up their game of development and follow the software development trends to meet the market demand.

If you are already curious to know what 2023 holds for you, let us share that you would not be disappointed. Mobile app development companies are already planning to give their users some exciting new tech trends whereas software development houses have their developers come up with various new ideas for web apps in 2023. If you haven’t thought of evolving your business yet, we have some great ideas for you. Here are some of the most popular trends we believe would be budding and dominating in 2023

Microservice Architecture is Here to Stay

There was a time when monolithic architectures were introduced and they took the world by surprise. However, people are already done with these architectures and are demanding for something new. This has forced the software development industry to think of some amazing solutions. One of these solutions you can expect to see in 2023 is the microservices architecture. It is also known as service-oriented architecture as well. It was not introduced long ago but is becoming popular rapidly.

We expect that in 2023 it will become a standard for all modern software development. As suggested by the architecture, the apps of 2023 will be composed of small and independent components working. Not only these apps will be able to adapt to different operating systems, but they are expected to work even better and smoothly.
These apps have a greater potential to satisfy the needs and demands of the customers. You can expect microservices architecture to make apps smarter, more efficient and will take less memory space as well. As for the companies, building apps using microservices approach will promise companies a greater return on their investment. It would not be wrong to say that microservices architecture is going to create a win-win situation for companies and customers.

A Journey from IoT to IoB

In 2023, we will be seeing one era ending and a new era of technological trends starting. The world got to experience IoT a few years back and it made the lives of people easier than ever. Even though people are looking for something new, they don’t want to leave IoT behind as well. This has made the software industry work harder to make IoT better and offer a new trend as well. Let’s see what we are going to have in the year to come.

Year 2023 is bringing new opportunities for IoT to grow and create around $6 trillion in terms of economic value. IoT is also going to merge hands with connected data and cloud computing to have a substantial impact on the lifecycle of software development and paving the way for IoB commonly known as Internet of behavior. With this new branch, the apps will gather data from devices and read behavior of the users through their interaction with the apps. The data collected will provide insights to make customer experience more personalized and better. Gartner suggests that around 40% of the citizens of the world will have the apps track their behaviors by the end of 2023.
Mobile devices will become industry-specific like healthcare or aerospace using analytics to achieve efficiency in real-time.

AI Merged with Deep Learning and ML

Artificial Intelligence has been doing wonders for humans ever since its emergence. It has enabled applications to give a better experience to the users through various means. The world has already gotten used to chatbots, smart personalization, and automated responses. Similarly, Machine Learning appeared on the scene a few years back and left the world in an awe. It made it easier for the people to search for the items or services they need, get customized suggestions and have an overall better experience on the web.

AI Merged with Deep Learning and ML

Now for a change, we are going to see AI merging with ML in an all-new way. We will have deep learning and artificial neural networks – two branches of ML- doing their magic in the year to come. According to the industry experts, AI will merge with deep learning to present apps that will learn human behavior without the supervision of any man. These apps will be able to give better suggestions and adapt themselves according to the needs of the user faster than ever. 

Talking about the merger of AI and artificial neural networks, we will have smart bots that will be able to design apps just like humans do. Currently, we have models trained to introduce novel designs. An avocado-shaped armchair was recently designed by an AI. The models of 2023 will be able to give us production-scale design ideas for the creative industries. 

This merger will empower the mobile and web applications to be able to learn from the usage patterns of the customers and learn insights. These insights will then be used to understand human psychology and behavior of customers for better and smarter predictions. AI will be seen in action with its predictive nature for the maintenance of machines in various industries, make robotics more efficient and make smarter critical systems used in other industries.

The Rise of the Blockchain

With the advent and growing usage of technology, safety and security of the data has always been a concern. This concern has given birth to a lot of new technologies and trends to ensure that customers feel safe and secure from unwanted access to the data. Even though the usage of AI and ML has minimized this issue but could never end it for good.


Another tech trend the human race is about to welcome in the year to come is the use of blockchain technology.  The sole purpose of this technology is to provide a security shield to the users and give them the confidence they need to keep using their favorite platforms without any fear. Blockchain uses the good old concept of decentralized databases to eradicate the security concern.

In 2023, we will see the majority of the cross-platform mobile development backed by blockchain and its variants. This technology will make use of end-to-end encryption of all the data. This step will stop any company or an individual from reading the information they are not supposed to access. Only the person generating the data will reserve the right to modify the data. If you are someone who admires the idea of privacy, the coming year will not disappoint you.

Focus on Customer Retention via Experience

Customers easily get bored of apps and pandemic has only propelled this trend further. With hundreds of similar apps present out there, companies are more concerned about keeping their customers from leaving rather than getting new customers. This predominant issue has forced a lot of companies to look for new technologies that can make customer retention better. Luckily, a lot of things will be changing in the second half of 2023.

According to customers, their experience is the main feature that can either make them stay or uninstall the app instantly. Forbes suggests that the journey of user experience starts right from its development process. In 2023, the experience of the customer will be studied and focused more. It is suggested that companies will shift from treating customer experience, employee experience and user experience differently and adapt TX.

This whole shift of treating every experience collectively instead of categorizing them is known as TX or Total Experience. It is meant to empower the employees as well, so they can perform their job better. The industry will be blessed with apps with a better user experience as an end result. A key role will be played by unified communications between support team and customers making it easy to implement all that customers want.

Efficient yet Low-Cost Development

Companies realize that the competition in the market is growing at a rapid pace and it is crucial to launch apps in less time to meet the demands of the users. This has pushed the companies to demand for ways to develop apps in a lesser time with less cost and more efficiency. The software development houses felt the pressure and had to come up with various solutions.

One of these solutions all of us would be looking at this coming year is the low-code development. It has been termed as the new technology that can be leveraged to achieve the highest efficiency while saving many dollars. This will enable the companies to produce applications running on minimal coding. Moreover, the low-code development will allow the companies to launch their apps in a shorter time frame so their customers can enjoy services they desire.

It will create new opportunities for the companies to grow. They will be able to cater to the needs of the market more efficiently and keep improving their apps based on the feedback. The enterprises will be empowered to instill any business logic or customer need into a full-fledged and well-finished app. This idea has already gained a lot of limelight now, let’s see the reforms it brings for the industry.

Things are Getting Better with Touchless UI

The touch-based user interface is as old as mobile phones and laptops. IT goes without saying that humans are exhausted of using these interfaces and want something more interesting in their lives. The industry proposed the idea of a touchless UI and the customers are super-charged and excited for it. According to market experts, the wait would not be long as touchless UI will be here in 2023.

As the developers are focusing more on developing a touchless UI, it is guaranteed it would not come alone. Developing a touchless UI will require some changes in the good old app development to have all modules operate in unison. Developing mobile apps with such a groundbreaking UI will not only be innovative, but will reduce the effort users put into using apps. This UI will run on the basis of voice and various gestures. It is expected to be backed with AI and ML, so it keeps on learning from the regular interaction of the users and gives them a more personalized experience in the times to come. We will see these interfaces bringing a huge change in the industry of mobile app development specially focused on the elderly and differently abled people.

Cloud Operations for Anywhere Access

The usage of technology and the internet has shrunk down the continents into a small village. However, there is still room for the software development industry to bring people closer. With operations of the physical business being pushed to adopt a digital approach, the demands for cloud operations have increased. A few solutions offered to digitize the operations has enabled the companies to expand their services to clients outside the physical grounds.

One might think that it is just a physical display of services but it is much more than that. It offers an immersive experience. As companies have started spending more on the apps that help them perform better, there is a chance for developers to level-up their game. In 2023, mobile apps are going to redefine global operations with the help of technology. It will allow the customers to be flexible enough to engage with various businesses through apps.

One example of such apps is Aspiration. It is a mobile app that enables banks to give a digital alternative of conventional banking to their customers. It allows the bank to track carbon footprints produced in various transactions of their customers. We are expecting to see more apps like this to transform various industries including the entertainment, medical, transportation and Fintech industry.

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