Technology has become a part of everyone’s everyday life and technology-related companies love to stay in the highlights all the time. The giants can be seen giving each other tough competition all the time. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has always been the center of attention for technology-related newspapers and magazines. He stole the limelight and attention just a few months back as well. This time, it was not any new feature, but a whole new idea and a platform – Meta. While the world is still in the awe of the promises Metaverse made for the future, software and mobile app development companies have already started rolling up their sleeves to get used to new app development techniques, tools, and technologies.

What is the Metaverse?

If you have seen the movie Matrix, you must get excited as Metaverse promises to bring it to real life. It is a platform that is created to provide users with an amazing experience of virtual reality and augmented reality for a better and next-level experience of social connection. It envisions bringing all human fantasies to life.


The idea behind Metaverse is to design and develop new tools and technologies that will support human plans for the future. Since humans want to live in a world full of augmented reality and virtual reality, Metaverse aims to empower developers to develop apps with these features. We can expect to see some apps offering a virtual world with a pinch of augmented reality. Such apps will show us real-world elements with some elements from our imagination promising us a much better user experience. Moreover, it is focused on making app development easier, faster, more efficient, and better than ever.

What Does Metaverse Offer?

Since Metaverse has become the new buzzword, everyone knows about it to some extent. The majority of people are even aware of its features of it and the way it is going to change the world for future generations. However, something that most people are unaware of is what it means for the real world. You can talk about a lot of fantasies and fiction coming true but what does it offer in reality? If you have no idea, we have got your back. Here are a few things you can expect Metaverse to deliver:

Persistency: You can expect a continuously great experience of a virtual world without any resets, pauses, or ends.

Synchronous and Live: One downside of real-life experiences is the lag, un-scheduled events, and self-contained events happening. Metaverse would not exclude such events, but offer consistency to every user and in real-time

No Cap on Concurrent Users: An unlimited number of users can become a part of a Meta experience without interrupting anyone’s experience. Everyone gets a sense of presence while participating evenly.

Easy on the Budget: Metaverse is promised to be open for everyone by offering an economic plan for individuals and businesses. The participants can create, invest, own, sell, and get rewards.

Connected and Flawless Digital Experience: A lot of people believe that it will offer a flawless digital experience only. In reality, it will be offering an experience that spans the digital and physical worlds connecting both in a flawless manner.

If you believe that is all Metaverse has to offer, you should think twice. These are just a few things that are revealed yet. However, its scope of it is bigger than what appears on the surface.

Metaverse and Mobile App Development

A lot of people are expecting Metaverse to change the way they live and the world around them. However, Metaverse can't do it alone; instead, it plans to be the ripple of change and gather companies around it to support its initiative. According to experts, the tools and technologies introduced by Metaverse in the future will affect mobile app development in a lot of ways.

Some people suggest that it will only add to the features of the mobile apps currently present in the market. On the other hand, a lot of people believe that the way mobile applications are developed will be changed forever and for good. Either way, it goes, it is a big discussion and one can figure out the results only in the future. Till then here are some of the major ways Metaverse can affect the process of development of mobile apps:

Strong Virtual Reality

As discussed above, virtual reality is the topmost selling point of Metaverse. Currently, we have virtual reality used as a part of games and meetings only. These apps provide a chance to people to either connect with their loved ones or have fun in their spare time. But with Metaverse, a lot of things are expected to be changed in the mobile app development industry.

With the advent of this new trend, virtual spaces will not be limited to only meeting rooms. The apps in the future are predicted to support showrooms, stadiums, malls, and virtual factories for an in-home real-time experience. App developers are already upskilling themselves to take on this new pressure as the demand for apps with virtual reality is going to rise in near future.

Augmented Reality Support

The inclusion of augmented reality in the world of mobile applications is pretty low. There are hardly 1 in 20 apps that include augmented reality to some extent. However, things are going to change soon. Before it was difficult to support augmented reality as the developers either did not have proper tools or were under-skilled to use the tools at their access. With Metaverse taking control of the mobile app development companies by introducing new tools and technologies, we will see the use of augmented reality growing.

Metaverse is expected to provide tools that will make it easy for developers to add augmented reality in one way or another in the apps. It is also said that the tools brought forward would be easy to learn so developers would not have to worry about learning before practicing their skills.

Currently, Metaverse has introduced Horizon Home as their home base app. This app is in its early stages yet it gives the users a feeling of being at home while they are kilometers away. Different members of the family can sign in by wearing their headsets and feel the comfort of home to watch movies, play games, or listen to music together.

Use of Smart Glasses

Since Metaverse’s smart glasses promise to give users an extraordinary experience of virtual reality and augmented reality, a lot of people are expected to get hooked on them. It is going to be a gadget that almost everyone will be seen wearing in the future. This will affect the demand for mobile applications supporting these glasses. Eventually, companies will have to start launching mobile apps supporting smart glasses.

smart glasses

This will make the process of app development a bit difficult and time-consuming as the developed apps will have to be compatible with smart glasses. It is essential that the app developers start preparing themselves for this new addition in the process as the future is not very far away.

Faster Delivery Time

Another popular opinion that is in the air right now is that Metaverse will decrease the app development time. It is believed that since Metaverse is not only introducing new features but tools and technologies as well, some tools will make it easy for developers to finish their work. It is also believed that these tools will include some libraries that can be imported to implement proper modules in a mobile app rather than just functionality.

Payments and Metaverse

While everything from experience to work will be taken to a virtual world, why should we have payments only in the real world? Metaverse aims to take advantage of the virtual world and take payments there as well. As the virtual economy revolves around goods and currency that exist only virtually, transactions are supposed to be easy and at a low cost. This will make it more attractive for people to shift to a virtual world.

With the growing usage of Metaverse, mobile applications will also be expected to support virtual payment for smooth transactions. This will increase the scope of virtual currency and a lot of development is to be expected in this domain. However, if the virtual currency has 10 benefits to offer, it is said that it comes at the cost of 5 downfalls as well. A lot of debate is going on regarding this topic but only time will tell what becomes a reality.

Metaverse App Development Ideas

Since the launch of Metaverse, where developers are trying to gain new skills, multiple companies have started brainstorming some ideas about the apps. The majority of the app users are expecting companies to back-to-back launch apps developed on Metaverse. Also, they want these apps to have virtual reality and augmented reality supported at the same time. This is creating huge pressure on various companies as they want to win over customers yet can’t come up with ideas to develop apps. If you belong to such a company as well, here are some ideas for you:

E-Shopping Apps

People find it difficult to drive to a nearby mall to buy clothes. It is difficult to take time out of the busy routines they have and the struggle to try multiple clothes can easily put them off. Such people have been waiting for mobile apps that can make their lives easier than ever. With the advent of Metaverse, it would a good idea for you to develop a mobile app revolving around e-shopping.

You can have customers click their pictures, put their details like height and weight, and choose clothes from the virtual rack. The app must be smart enough to create an emoji of the user and put the selected clothes on him one by one. Moreover, it must allow the user to buy clothes and make payments.

Virtual Tours Apps

Not everyone can afford to go on a refreshing trip, but everyone wants to. You can create an application that allows the user to add their dream destination to the list of the places they would to visit. Your app can then merge different images and videos and play them for the user. The app must be supported by VR and AR to give the user a real-time experience.

It can also support the smart glasses supported by Metaverse to let the user add his family and friends. This will allow the user to either go on a solo virtual tour or have fun with his loved ones in the places he desires.

Virtual Schooling Apps

The pandemic has proved that human kids don’t have to be at school every day to get an education. Kids can sit in the comfort of their homes and still get educated. However, using different tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts made it difficult for teachers and kids to study efficiently as these tools have their limitations.

You can introduce a mobile app that is supported by virtual reality and puts the teacher in the class along with the students. This will give the kids the experience of sitting in the class without the need for them to travel. This way they can focus most of their energy on getting educated rather than waking up early and traveling long distances.


The demand for mobile apps built using Metaverse tools and technologies is increasing and is predicted to increase more. In such situations, most companies are looking for development companies that can turn their ideas for apps into reality. However, since it will take app development companies some time to upskill their developers, the ideas are not implemented as soon as expected.

There could be multiple features you want to be included in the apps you desire. You must ask yourself “Does the app development company I am signing up for contains a good development team?” Do you believe this company has a good reputation in the market or has a good portfolio to represent? If you are unsure about these things, you should give them another thought.

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