re you looking for an eminent healthcare app development company? You may be asking this question whether you need to create an iOS/Android app, windows or cross-platform application. Anyhow, finding a perfect application developer or software agency that meets your business requirements is a crucial and tedious process. You can either hire an in-house or outsource software development agency to create your future-ready application that solves a real-world problem.

According to Investopedia, almost 21.5% of startups fail in the first year and 30% in the second year while the failure ratio due to inefficient development is 14%. Therefore, before headstarting any software agency, always check their online profiles, clients’ testimonials, popularity and some hidden tips that we will discuss later in this blog.

Get To Know Healthcare App Development

Healthcare application development is a challenging and inspirational process that requires in-depth domain knowledge, extra focus and market analysis. An emerging and market competitive solution invariably fits doctors, patients and stakeholders to resolve their problems and meet requirements.

Besides all business strategies, entrepreneurs and healthcare business owners should be aware of software development stages, challenges, customer insights and startup domains to successfully start a profitable venture.

For instance, you have a mHealth (Mobile Health) application startup idea but don’t know why users will switch to your product? Or How it’s competing with existing mHealth mobile applications including Samsung Health, and Apple Health. What are the influencing features you should include?

So, you should know your direction and if that is so, your application will neither get promoted but the chance of raising venture capital will be high. We also have compiled an ultimate plan to develop a future-ready healthcare application hurry and check it out.

App Development stage

Steps To Consider While Hiring Healthcare App Development Company

Assuming you’ve determined your goals, skillset and software requirements. Now, the further step is to select a dream healthcare app development company that will not only achieve the business goals instead add some value to it. At Origami Studio, we have brainstormed some thoughtful steps after years of experience in the healthcare software development industry. Thus, the below-listed steps that you should contemplate before hiring a health app development company.

1. Read Company Portfolio And Worth

Innovating and conquering upcoming challenges is human’s greatest challenge. People are becoming more and more intelligent as they learn about business requirements and provide services to satisfy them. others. If we talk about the software industry, it is evolving rapidly and hence also uncertainty in hiring the best healthcare application development agency.

When choosing a healthcare consulting company, consider the company’s portfolio and its worth. Here listed some quick tips that you should follow during scrutinizing any potential company.

  • Check customer testimonials.
  • Research on different social media platforms.
  • Go through company goals and their vision to launch.
  • Identify company key business segments and financial health.
  • Scroll through GobalData and Crunchbase for the relevant industry

2. Hire Company That Understands Healthcare Business Requirements

There are plenty of companies out there which offer different types of development services but before selecting a company think about their previous projects and ask questions yourself.

Does it align with my project? Does it have the resources to work on my project? How is the company trying to understand my project? How excited are they? Will they be able to understand my vision? Such questions will help you screen out companies that don’t align with your vision and try to focus on only relevant companies.

You can hire expert healthcare solution providers to develop your dream healthcare solution for patients, doctors or stakeholders. Keeping in mind, they should have a team of professional Software developers, Solution architects, DevOps engineers and Business analysts to develop a competent solution for your healthcare business.

3. Expert To Develop Platform Agnostic Apps

Hiring an expert app developer with platform development knowledge may drastically improve your final software product. If you are going to design a new product it’s recommended to hire expert software developers but as narrated above platform-specific experts may add value somewhere in your project in terms of scalability, integrity and availability.

For example, if you are looking for a mobile app developer for your healthcare solution. You should have to specify for which platform you are going to develop either Android or iOS. Expert Android developers cannot design iOS applications hence, a person who knows Flutter will fit your platform-agnostic healthcare app development.

4. Software Development Strategies And Techniques

The strategies can be defined as the direction an organization follows to accomplish future business prosperity while techniques are defined as rules or inferences to achieve your short-term business goals.

For feature-rich and in-demand healthcare solutions the hired company should follow core software engineering principles along with best practices and expertise.

software development

5. App Designing And Coding Standards They Follow

Before hiring an app development agency you can also request application development standards including requirement analysis, design and coding style they follow.

It will inform and build an image in your mind regarding their business strength and core values they add to their delivered project. You can also match the above-listed requirements before opting for:

  • Simple but engaging design
  • Following seven design principles
  • Following Coding Rules and Guidelines
App Designing

6. Understand Team And Processes Of Healthcare App Development

To get on-time project delivery with minimum development cost it’s mandatory to know about team management(in-house or outsourced) and the app development methodologies they will follow. The well-organized app development process turns out a future-ready, secure and scalable solution that encounters venture needs and future endeavors.

7. Choose A Company Based On Customers Reviews And Feedback

The worth of a software company can be evaluated in terms of satisfaction, and retention of potential customers.

Selecting the best servicing agency is a hectic, time and resource-consuming process that can abruptly headstart your venture. Hence, before choosing a company you should count customers’ reviews and feedback.

To do so, ones can check their online presence including websites, social media pages, and business profiles and especially on business directories. Exploring business directories like Clutch is very helpful in evaluating businesses.

Clutch Reviews

8. Gravity About Security Of The App Idea

Your business idea likely has something unique that will become a flagship service and return a profitable business.

Bearing in mind the integrity of your healthcare business idea, always make sure the software agency has some defined rules related to business and software product integrity for which you are going to hire.

9. Effective Delivery Management

Software effective delivery management system streamlines the whole development process from requirement analysis to maintenance.

Iteratively injecting CI/CD and DevOps feedback at each step extends demanding features in-app and returns the end product as desired.

10. Trusted QA And Testing Measures

A high-quality application requires complete quality assurance and testing to launch a newly built customer-friendly solution online.

Our in-house software QA and system testing at Origami Studio showed a 90% success rate after launching the application in the marketplace.

App Testing

11. Inquire About Healthcare App Development Costs

For healthcare app development time, materials and cost of development are also important factors. You should inquire about a fixed cost aligned with your features before hiring a healthcare development agency.

Hence, it will not only give an overview of your investment but add value to your app in terms of robustness, scalability and credibility. If you are still confused about healthcare app development costs learn 10 Healthcare App Development Cost Hacks.

12. Ask For App Maintenance Policy

Maintenance is one of the resources draining processes after a successful software product release. Credible resources say that keep your product updated, and profitable the software maintenance cost is roughly 75% of the total cost of ownership.

Therefore, we always suggest choosing a software maintenance company like Origami Studios which offers the best maintenance services at affordable rates.

Software maintenance is a painful process as research revealed that regular app maintenance does not keep your application updated but it has the following benefits:

  • Sustain user retention
  • Lower uninstallation rates
  • High rankings in application stores including play store
  • Continuously increasing ROI
  • More input on bug fixing as feedback
benefits of App Maintenance policy

13. Development And Operational Teams

It is optional but a recommended step that may help you to choose a software company that follows emerging software techniques for a faster but standard product release.

You can check whether they are following agile/Scrum methodology, DevOps, etc. or not. Don’t miss out, the minor stuff can put value in your product that can make a difference in the competitor healthcare market and generate reasonable revenue.

14. Offering HIPAA Compliance Services

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is abbreviated as HIPAA. It is defined as the set of rules to keep online healthcare data security of organizations that fall under the covered entity.

In continuation of the above talk, keep in mind to always choose a healthcare app development company that complies with HIPPA to design ultra-modern mobile applications.

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Why Should You Hire Us As Your Healthcare App Development Company?

We consistently try to differentiate through our experience and expertise. Our core values like quality services, on-time delivery, reliable product, transparency, and result-oriented will encourage us to sell exceptional services and convert our temporary technical support customers into permanent business development partners. 

Origami Studios has been selling technical services for 11 years in the United States as well as working with Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, and Fit Together on healthcare solutions to deliver an ultra-modern solution to their consumers.

Wrapping Up

The demand for healthcare applications is increasing as people around the globe are getting mature enough to understand the digital presence of healthcare.

Patients, doctors and medical institutes are looking for amazing healthcare solutions which meet their regular problems. So, a customer-oriented application can be built by a firm that has a deep root understanding of the health sector.

Such a software agency like Origami Studios can turn your unique app idea into reality. We offer diverse quality applications in healthcare as we are working with multiple companies including Nestle, Fit Together and Johnson & Johnson.

If you are interested in healthcare app development but confused about its development costs, we have already compiled some resources as a cheat sheet to understand the market trend and their value. You can learn about 10 Healthcare App Development Cost Hacks that may help to select a better option for your project.

In case you are stuck on the former option, don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned steps. We have been rehearsing these ideas for a decade, and consequently, listed above so that business owners can understand and get an innovative implementation of the desired healthcare app.

We are offering different services for these types of projects including android application development, iOS App development, and Cross-platform mobile app development.

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