Custom web Application is a development approach that has elevated the technological paradigm in businesses helping them improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. Sadly, despite so many perks, business owners still find themselves at crossroads when trying to transition into digitization or adopting a web app for their business. One quick read of this article will clear all your doubts and explain a few benefits of web applications for your business!

Web Appliications

Custom web app development is a tailored solution designed around your business needs. The primary difference and drawback of ready-made or open-source solutions are that you have to mold the business according to them instead of being the other way around. Custom web development gives you the opportunity to mold a solution as suited to the business and this opportunity that has several benefits. Some of the benefits of web applications for business are as follows:


Ready-made or off-the-shelf solutions are not scalable which means that they become redundant after a while for businesses that wish to expand and grow. Custom web apps can be scaled as the business grows to make it more user-friendly and enable a smooth transition to business expansion. A complete downside if you get ready-made templates that cannot accommodate any changes or business growth in their model.

Unique Solution & Exclusivity

A customized web solution saves you from the limited features of themes and lets you create a theme of your own that is unique to your business model. The website’s architecture is made as per your preferences which gives you plenty of room to play with features and functionality as needed. This creates an excellent opportunity to create user journeys that connect best with your targeted audience. The end product will set you a class apart and help gain a competitive advantage. Growing businesses would prefer this option rather than an off-the-shelf solution any day.

Cost Effective

It’s a big myth that a custom web application will cost more. Surely, to serve short-term goals an off-the-shelf solution might attract you but no businessman with a vision would fall for that trap. The custom business web application can help you save on hardware acquisition costs which often need to be bought when you get licensed software packages.


Another major advantage that custom web app development gives you is the of flexibility to be deployed whether in-house or on the cloud. You are broken free from chains of old-fashioned business ways and leverage the internet to best capitalize on the efficiency of your staff.

Freedom For Optimization

Customized web apps give you the freedom to optimize whenever and however you want. It allows you to explore more dimensions beyond just creating and branding a website. You can utilize this freedom to optimize the custom solution for better customer journeys to boost sales or for automation to boost the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Business Automation

Business automation is what all leading businesses are heading at. Custom web apps can significantly help businesses in achieving automation. By building automated systems like CRM information storage, information handling, and strategizing that information for business growth has been a great advantage of custom web apps. It can further help businesses to anticipate current and potential users’ needs and deliver accordingly.

Functionally Focused Approach

A customized solution will be entirely and wholly focused on functions that are most beneficial to your clients, end users, or employees. It eliminates the extra useless frills which come as a package with ready-made solutions hampering your productivity and providing unnecessary useless distractions.

Reduced Load Times

With reduced functions, your load time improves exponentially which is a critical factor in enhancing your user experience. The loading speed can make or break your reputation as the bounce rate for those sites is significantly higher which takes longer than 3 seconds to load. You don’t want that for your business. A functionally focused customized web app solution can boost productivity by reducing the load time. When you talk about the benefits of web applications for a business then Reducing Load Time is a highly vital benefit you should remember.

Better Security

Commonly used software has varied and known vulnerabilities which hackers can easily get around to. Sharing a database or design platform with multiple other companies can leave you unarmored in the world of cybercrimes. Sharing server space with other websites that get shut down or infected with a virus can critically affect your business as well. On the other hand, breaching a customized solution is much harder which adds to the overall software security of using a custom web app.

So, getting a custom web app created goes in your favor from every aspect. It is good for the business, it is good for your customers and it is good for employees. If you’re looking to hire a custom web app development company then Origami Studios can help you. Hit us up with your idea and we can deliver a tailored custom web app suited to your needs.

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