Company Overview

FitTogether is like a mini Facebook selectively for fitness enthusiasts. It is a hub of fitness community where
people get to schedule training sessions, connect trainers with members, invite friends to challenges, track
workout goals and socialize with other fitness freaks.

Users can also add friends and post on their accounts just like any leading social app!

The Requirement

The idea was to mimic the dynamics of a social app like Facebook which would only target a specific group of audience which are gym owners, trainers and people who want to stay fit. An app which surrounds people with similar interests around each other helping them achieve their fitness goals together.

The Challenge

FitTogether turned out to be one of the most challenging projects for Team Origami because we had to work on an already developed app. The web portal worked but all existing APIs needed alteration. The code was taken up from the previous company and dissected to understand firstly where the fault lay.

Time was of the essence as plenty of it was wasted creating a version of app that had several technical glitches and severe performance issues.

The real challenge was to decide whether to start from scratch or re factor the existing versions to save time and cost for the owners.

The Solution

When planning the way forward, our tech experts decided to re factor few non critical components of the app with enhanced coding standards while the critical components were to be coded from scratch to ensure smooth functionality.

The app for Android was made in Java while IOS app development was done in Swift.

Backend services were written in Ruby On Rails (ROR)

3 Targeted Audiences

A creative design theme was curated to fit the persona of the app and 3 main groups were targeted.

Keeping the parent UX same, 3 modules of interfaces were designed to fit each target audience. Users were given the choice to select the most fitted option before signing up to create a customized experience for their needs!


Trainers while building their profile could select up to 3 gyms where they offer training services. Furthermore they were to highlight their specialty areas so that gym owners and social users looking for specialists in those areas could be connected.

Gym Owners

The gym owners could select their gym location from map. Next they are asked which amenities their gym offers to users followed by gym timings. The app provides them a chance to enhance member retention with engaging interaction.
The app also inquires whether they allow outside trainers to train members and the fee. This helped in interested trainers get in touch with gyms looking to hire trainers and in a convenient and interactive manner.

Social Users

The social user could use their area of interest from a wide variety of 20 activities including yoga, weightlifting, boot camp, cardio circuit and others to further narrow down their specialized interests and connect them with related gyms and trainers. The main dashboard for all 3 was essentially kept similar that allowed the all users to:

Sync With Fitbit

In built integration using Fitbit SDK was done to sync real time data including geo-location, calorie consumption, steps and miles data and other exercise details helping you track your fitness on the go.

Google Location

Fitbit also entails the in-built feature to fetch your current location and identify nearby gyms helping you form your fitness community based on shared fitness goals.


The final product was a one of its kind app where fitness lovers came together and appreciated a dedicated platform just for them. User Testing was conducted and after ensuring smooth functioning of each feature, we sent home a satisfied client. Since launch the app has garnered more than 20,000+ downloads and an astounding rating of 5.0 on the app store!

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