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Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can validate your development strategy and test your product’s marketability. Therefore, building out a minimal version is imperative to understand what works and what doesn’t and how the product can gradually scale into a viable solution.

At Origami Studios, we help get the ball rolling following a lean product development approach. We utilize a test-driven methodology to refine the product at each stage of development. Functionality and Scalability are at the core of our MVP development services.


Categories of Lean Product Development

MVP Services

Maximize your chances of success with a well-designed MVP.

End-to-End MVP Development

From concept to launch, we handle every step of MVP development.


Why MVP Development Is Our Specialty

At Origami Studios, we help you navigate the complexities of product development by offering a thoroughly refined approach to MVP buildouts.

Rapid Development


End-User Centric Design

Feedback Generation

Low-Cost Production

IP Protection


Low-Risk Approach


Perks of Our MVP Development Services


Our MVPs are focused on a narrowly targeted audience to maximize effectiveness.

Value Creation

Our products attract early adopters by providing precise functionalities.


Low-cost and low-risk are at the core of our service model.


Our products are highly configurable and can scale on demand.

Continuous Improvement

We sand out the rough edges through consistent refinement and timely upgrades.


Explore Some of Our Impressive Projects

BOHO Application


Boho- Be the Change You Want in the World

An all-in-one communication ecosystem that allows user to share their stories, values, and vision of the changes they seek to bring to the world.

Trip record application

App logo Image

Trip Record

An all-in-one communication ecosystem that allows user to share their stories, values, and vision of the changes they seek to bring to the world.


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Transcend Your Customer Expectations with Origami Studios’ MVP Development Services

Create Product


Our Product Development Process

An experience ensuring best results, befitting your business needs.

Market Research

Business Analysts dive deep into finding a lucrative market for your product.

Segment Target Audience

Ideal customer profiles are created to specify the target market.

Define User Flows

User journeys are mapped out using wireframes, storyboards, and use cases.

Prioritize Features

MVP features are segregated to provide core functionalities.

MVP Development

Development teams are engaged to build out the product using a Rapid development approach.

Quality Assurance

Quality Engineers test out functional and non-functional requirements extensively.

MVP Launch

The MVP is launched to validate the product with a segmented market.

Fine Tuning Your Product

An iterative approach is utilized to deliver continuous upgrades for your product.


Engagement Models

Providing ease to our clients is very important to us.

Fixed Price

Project-based model: In this model, the company works with clients on a specific project or set of projects. The scope and duration of the project are agreed upon in advance, and the company provides the necessary resources and expertise to complete the work.

Time and Material
Based Model

Consulting model: In this model, the company provides expert guidance and support to clients on a specific topic or issue related to software development or implementation. The company may work with clients on a project-by-project basis or provide ongoing support as needed.


Fixed Price: In this model, the company and the client agree on the scope of work to be completed, as well as any specific deliverables or milestones. The company then provides a quote for the total cost of the project to be paid by the client.


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    Lean product development is a process of continuously improving and iterating on a product in order to maximize value and minimize waste. It involves using a customer-centric approach to identify and prioritize the most valuable features and functionality, and using agile methodologies to quickly build and test prototypes and gather feedback from customers.

    Traditional product development often follows a linear process, with a focus on thorough planning and detailed specifications before beginning development. In contrast, lean product development emphasizes flexibility and iteration, with a focus on quickly building and testing prototypes in order to gather customer feedback and make informed decisions about the direction of the product.

    Some of the benefits of lean product development include faster time to market, lower development costs, increased customer satisfaction, and higher levels of innovation. By focusing on continuous improvement and customer feedback, lean product development can help companies stay ahead of the competition and create products that meet the evolving needs and desires of their customers.

    Some key principles of lean product development include focusing on customer value, using a minimum viable product (MVP) approach to test and validate ideas, building a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and using agile methodologies to deliver value to customers as early as possible.