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We are providing UX design services that connect all points of your design consistently. We apply best practices and techniques to create your UX designs using the latest tools. Our UX design company creates the best solutions that are responsive to use and developed according to your business requirements.


UX Service Consulting: Using Data to Improve Brand-Audience Connection

User-centered Design

Our user experience experts make an easy way to find out your user’s needs and demands. We will create a solution by doing proper research that gives them exactly what they want.

Visual Design

The UX strategy agency plans how your website or app should look to make it more eye-catching and interesting. It will be more impactful for increasing user engagement time.

Responsive UX Design Services

Our UX design services make sure that your website not only looks visually great but also functions seamlessly across all devices including Androids, iOS devices, and desktops.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Our UX design services company makes a strategy for how the app will look, and how it works. This helps us to get your feedback and make the app exactly how you want it.

Light User Interface Design Service

We specialize in UI design services, crafting interfaces that are simple and easy for your users to navigate. The users can quickly find what they need on your website or app without any hassle.

Our Symphony of UX Design Services

React.JS Application Development Services

At our UX design company, we use React JS, which is an amazing platform for creating captivating, dynamic, and interactive applications.

Custom AngularJS Development Services

Our experts can also use Angular JS to create out-of-the-box user experience design solutions. With the help of this platform, we make sure that your user experience is nothing less than perfection.

WebAssembly Development Services

Our UX design company uses web assembly development to improve user experiences. It helps to provide faster performance and prototyping for your design projects.

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Our UX Design Company Projects

Jomby Application


Jomby- the #1 Digital Destination for Foodies

A social marketplace for all things food. Whether you’re a blogger, a chef, a restaurant owner, this app has it all!

BOHO Application

App logo Image

Boho- Be the Change You Want in the World

An all-in-one communication ecosystem that allows user to share their stories, values, and vision of the changes they seek to bring to the world.

Trust Our UX Design Services

Unlocking the potential of great user experiences is not just our expertise, it’s our promise. At Origami Studios, we stand out as the first choice for UX service for many brands.

Problem-Solving Abilities

We dive deep into your brand’s challenges by understanding users’ main points. Origami Studios provides the best user experience solutions that fit your brand. We go beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional experiences.

Attention to Detail

In the world of UX, greatness lies in paying attention to small details. Our UX service design agency has skillful artists who are meticulous craftsmen, perfecting every pixel, interaction, and pathway. People really enjoy and love using what we create.

Synergy with Brand

We don’t impose; we integrate. Our UX designer services don’t just look good; they show what your brand wants to say. We’re special because we know the art of combining UX brilliance and brand identity.
Let’s elevate your brand’s digital presence with the help of our UX design company. Choose a user experience platform for a design that mixes innovation with trust.

The Blueprint of Our UX Design Services


The starting process of our UX strategy agency is to understand your brand’s objectives and challenges. We will have a Q&A session with you to learn about your main goal. This will help us get ready to make a good UX design for you.


In the farming stage, we take the ideas gathered from the kick-off and transform them into a clear UX software design. We figure out who will use it, how they will use it, and what problems they might face.


The concept stage is when ideas become real. Utilizing the wireframe, we create a prototype that shows how the software will work. This stage helps us to visualize the user’s journey and refine the design method.


With a team of best user experience experts, we will create a design that enhances users’ connection with your brand. This is the phase where creativity takes flight, and we elevate the user experience even better.


Once our preparation is done, we move forward to implementation. Our UX designers and developers collaborate to craft seamless user interfaces. It will ensure that the design not only boasts visual appeal but also functions flawlessly.

Design Delivery

After the successful completion of the UX software design, we will deliver it to you. After the delivery, we give our clients full support and they can ask for the changes if needed.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A prototype is basically a model or a mockup of the idea. The UX development company uses it to validate our design assumptions that were made during the planning & wireframing stage. Making a prototype helps us save time and money for the final product.

    You can avail of our UX service at an hourly rate between 25 and 45 dollars.

    Hiring a UX designer for your business can assist in pinpointing your users, and understanding their needs and challenges. It will ultimately enable you to craft more effective solutions for their issues.

    For user experience service, we can use the following tools and technologies:
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Figma
    • Proto.io
    • Sketch
    • Adobe XD
    • Invision Studio

    The 5 main elements of UX design are:
    • Strategy
    • Scope
    • Structure
    • Skeleton
    • Surface