Mobile apps downloads are currently a $180 Billion industry which is expected to get doubled, $285 Billion approximately by 2022! There’s simply no denying the fact that in this age of mobile, you have to have an app for your business to thrive and tap all market segments.

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However, having an app just for the sake of it doesn’t cut it at all. You have got to market it strategically to make the most of incorporating technology into your business. Not properly marketing your app is as bad as having no app at all.

There’s no present let alone future without leveraging the space of app development today! 57% of digital media usage comes from mobile apps and anyone not utilizing the 3 hours an American spends on his mobile screen on average every day is going to be left behind!

Let’s discuss some beneficial marketing strategies which can help you stand next to other successful 7-figure apps!

Goals And Objectives

First and foremost, you have got to define your goals and objectives for a specific app marketing campaign! What are you aiming to achieve, brand awareness? Brand reach? Optimized ranking? Lead conversion? Once you are clear on what you want to achieve from marketing your app, we can move to more crucial steps.

Analyze Target Audience

An ill-targeted campaign causes you more harm than good! It wastes all your energy, time and resources spent on what was supposed to bring you some tangible results. Targeting the right audience for your app is pivotal to create an impact and generate possible conversions.

When choosing your audience, knowing the demographics play a ginormous role. You should know the age of the people you want to target, their area of residence, and their professions and how it affects their lives, their purchasing power and buying behavior, their adaption to cultural norms and likes and dislikes. Everything plays a part in identifying how a certain set of audiences is going to respond to the service, product or in your case the app being targeted to them.

Do Competitor Analysis

Once your audience is finalized, something that is going to open the blocked crevices of your mind is the competitor analysis. You have got to give the keenest eye in finding out what your competitors have been up to. How did they go about marketing a similar kind of app? Is your technology still relevant or are you wrongly claiming to that first mover’s advantage?

This analysis helps you a great deal in determining which route is over-used, what worked for them and what didn’t. The best take away is for you to learn from the mistakes they made so that your app marketing does not suffer.

Plan Your Budget

After doing all that homework you can now re-adjust your budget cap for the marketing ideas that you are planning to execute. Allocating ample budget to create the impact and generating desired results is a key step to comprehensive planning.

Build Your Campaign

It’s action time! A common mistake that most people make is not dividing your marketing campaign into the phases that can garner the most attention. The most important being the Pre-Hype phase.


You have to start early on and leverage the element of mystery by tapping on the naturally curious nature of human beings. Good marketing strategies play the right psychological strings to achieve the best results. By building a pre-hype your audience would be unconsciously awaiting the big reveal you are about to make.

You can achieve this by making teasers, trailers, short videos, and posts that not give away everything but have enough information to keep your audience wanting more!

Kinds Of Campaigns/ Mediums

Next up based on your scale of audience and budget you have to finalize the mediums of communication you want to use for your campaign. If you want to go all-in you choose a 360-degree campaign

360 Degree

This involves print, digital marketing, outdoor and experiential marketing, etc


Going solely for print media when marketing an app, is not a good idea. You should target people to use your app ideally when they are already on their mobile. That will have the best impression. Print can be paired with digital or 360-degree marketing.


This is the mother of all mediums when it comes to marketing an app! The realm of digital is filled with tools and strategies that can up your game massively. In today’s cut-throat competitive world you cannot rely on word of mouth alone. The following aspects are to be kept in mind while exploring digital media.

  •  Paid, Owned and Earned Media
    Each of these strategies is to be used wisely and in the right priority order to get desired results. For owned media use your website and personal online pages/presence to market your app. Paid media is used when you ask a third-party to market your app and get the word across their followers. These days native marketing is picking up the new trend for paid marketing opportunities. After all this, the traction you garner is going to get you earned media.
  •  SEO
    The undeniable power of search engines and hashtags is something you should bank on! The right word at the right place at the right is going to make a huge difference and help your campaign spread like wildfire eventually. Use the strong SEO practices for not only engines like google but also the app store. The key is to find the right balance between ad spent, app-store ranking and organic downloads.
  •  Optimizing App Store Page
    Do not treat this any less than a search engine as 40% of the people stumble upon new apps from the app store! Your app page should be meticulously optimized from its title to description! Use authentic and compelling reviews as nothing puts that final nail in the coffin for a user than the honest review of another one.
  •  Public Relations
    This is an emerging trend that once combined with digital leaves a lasting impression of your marketing campaign. Having a sound PR plan is a vital segment of your marketing strategy.

Launch your app with an event people would remember, get it integrated with your digital pre-hype communication strategy, and get bloggers, influencers on board to get the ball rolling!

Influencers are like a less-expensive version of celebrity endorsement. People take influencers and their suggestions seriously and you get free access to their tens and thousands of followers just like that! It’s a win-win

Market Your App Experience

With thousands of apps already put there, the highlight of your marketing strategy should not be you launching an app, but instead should focus on what the app offers! The value this app adds to your end-users life. That is going to make all the difference.

Monitor Churn Rate

When all such efforts are put into play your app downloads increase but your job isn’t done here yet! You have to ensure that you make a loyal user from each download. 79% of the users tend to forgo an app after using it for a day or two. So watch out for that churn! And also implement strategies to retain users.

Gauge Results And ROI

The post analysis after running app marketing strategies is a crucial point of any strategy. Gauge your performance against your industry KPIs and analyze your ROI as per the budget you allocated in the beginning.

Learn From Your Mistakes

We all fall and get up back again! The field of marketing is no different. See what worked for you and what didn’t work. Find out the gaps and work on them the next time!

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