Best New Android App Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

June 5, 2022

While COVID-19 has managed to paralyze countries and markets all around the world, there is one market that has been a massive service in these trying times and seen a surge. Android app development and use of Android apps has sparked in this unfortunate situation.

As people continue to observe social distancing and stay locked up in homes, they satisfy their social connection and everyday needs by indulging in multiple applications.

Android apps of various verticals have proved themselves useful in this tough time. While changed consumer behavior was inevitable, some unexpected surges in downloads have left us shocking. Who would have thought?

Android App Ideas 2022

Let’s discuss in detail which types of apps have emerged and taken the world by a storm during COVID-19.

Grocery Apps

Ordering groceries online was gaining some momentum gradually owing to the convenience they offered and the time they saved for people. However, post lockdown and some crazy panic buying, the world has been left with no choice but to order online.

That’s when the game changed for on-demand grocery delivery apps. While Amazon saw a 20% in grocery app downloads, the trophy winner was Walmart.

Walmart experienced a +460% growth in its average downloads from January 2020. To keep up with the demands Walmart announced to hire 150,000 more employees in March to ensure smooth supply and delivery to its old and new customers but ended up hiring more than that.

This also increased usage of employee app [email protected] by 220% on Android phones during mid-March. As per Apptopia, from February to March Walmart, Instacart and Shipt have seen an incline of 160%, 280% and 124% respectively.

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Grocery Apps

Video Conferencing Apps

Video conferences are another need of the times we are living in. With work from home (WFH) policies being implemented worldwide, the need for video conferencing with multiple people became a challenge and so came the time of a long-forgotten app Zoom. Zoom is one of the few apps that have benefitted massively owing to these conditions.

Companies worldwide started downloading the zoom app to ensure work doesn’t get affected. As per App Figures, The daily downloads for Zoom increased by 1270% from mid-February to mid-March. Woah! Let that sink in. On a lighter note, it’s definitely a great time to be Zoom owner.

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Video Conferencing Apps

Now a question that pops up in anyone’s mind is why Zoom and not Skype. Here, Zoom has won the bets by the ease of convenience and better user experience. It is frictionless to adopt leaving its competitors far behind.

The truth is Skype has also witnessed some increase but Zoom was like a hidden treasure discovered in times of corona and got the more limelight.

Analyzing that it was mainly the sign-up process that made people prefer Zoom over skype, it launched a version that did not require a sign-up process on 3rd April.

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Video Conferencing Apps

However, in comparison Skype still falls behind.

Online Food Delivery

Downloading of food delivery apps was predictable and inevitable. However the surge was fickle in nature as people got paranoid over ordering from restaurants that observed all required hygiene protocols or not. But UberEats and Doordash etc. witnessed a significant increase nonetheless.

Medical Consultation/Healthcare Apps

People are getting sick, anxious, and going outside poses more threat. People who were already inflicted with other diseases found themselves at a disadvantage with what being told to avoid hospitals if you do not have coronavirus symptoms.

In these circumstances, where anxiety levels of people were floating an all-time high, online medical consultation gained more popularity. On-demand doctor apps have risen to address the problem and their Android apps have definitely seen a spike.

People discuss their problems and get medicines subscribed and delivered all via the comfort of their smartphones. What a time to be alive.

According to Statista, the telemedicine market is expected to generate a revenue of almost $41 Billion by next year.

An online chat platform Sillo experience a 500% increase in downloads overnight. The online telehealth app, AmWell, witnessed a 400% surge in download rate.

e-Learning Apps

Many schools and colleges have been forced to close up. Parents, not knowing how long they might be in lockdown have started resorting to alternatives like homeschooling and signing up for online education.

While online courses were somewhat popular for overseas students in various institutions, it now has become quite a norm.

People who find ample free time at hand are signing up for language and skill-based courses to add to their knowledge.

data analysis apps

One of the first few decisions by most governments in these times where to set up apps for tackling information spread and to cater FAQs by most people. This paves way for new kinds of Android apps born out of the need of the situation. The panic was on the rise and consolidated information was much needed.

Along with this a corona counter feature was also included as well to let people know how many people in their country and around the world are getting affected, what the death count is and how many are recovering.

Digital Entertainment Apps

Digital entertainment apps like TikTok, Houseparty and Ludo Star etc. have taken the world by storm especially Houseparty. Houseparty offers users to chat and interact with games and quizzes. According to App Annie, it witnessed record high downloads in March.

As per Apptopia, 17.2 million iOS and Android installs were recorded. These figures are excluding downloads for Chrome and Mac.

Entertainment app data

Entertainment App

Houseparty initially had the target audience of teens and youngsters but now that everyone is in the lockdown, older audiences are also joining the app.

Similarly, with TikTok, celebrities joined the bandwagon encouraging more people to use TikTok and have a good laugh. These apps have proven to be a great mental escape from the depressing news around.

Object Recognition Apps

Apps implementing deep learning algorithms (i.e. YoLo algorithm) are revamping the traditional object recognition . These apps are widely used to detect anomalies or recognize objects in big data. For instance, optical character recognition, face detection, number plate detection, the human brain cells pattern forecaster,  and more are a good examples of this category.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Education Apps

In 2022, it’s a groundbreaking idea to get a version of AR/VR education apps for you. These applications will bring innovation to education, and change the way how the information will be resourced and delivered to students.

Fintech Apps

After the evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency fintech startup ideas are taking boom. In addition to providing convenience, these applications enable users to keep their money in the digital world without having to go through any labour-intensive processes of branch banking.

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Wrapping up

Technology has been saving mankind in ways more than one. The current shift in the Android app paradigm has been proof that our choice of investments previously is proving beneficial now even in times of world crisis and inflation. Now, If you are looking for indulging in getting Android app development services then get in touch with us and hire Android app developers to create revenue-generating yet socially helpful apps.

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