Best Innovative in modern technology has paved the way for modernizing our lives and leveraging people to perform their day-to-day activities. Problem-solving technologies have anticipated unconventional ways to fulfill a specific set of functions. Today, we have innovations in medical health applications and they are growing exponentially. In the wake of the covid pandemic, people are taking their health issues seriously. Therefore, the healthcare sector has enhanced patient engagement and convenience through different medical apps.

In this article, we will unveil a few quick tips to find the best innovative healthcare applications. Everyone can use this service, regardless of whether they are a business owner, medical professional, or patient looking for the best online healthcare services.

Health Apps

Healthcare Market – An Overview

The US healthcare industry is massive and continuously evolving as the population is increasing. Multiple public and private healthcare organizations work together to offer state of the art care services. To breakthrough, competing for healthcare your app should be future-ready it should be scalable, robust and demanding feature-enrich. If you don’t know you can learn more about how to develop a future-ready healthcare app.

According to Fortune Business insights, the global mobile healthcare application market is worth $24.93 billion in 2020. Thus, it is expected that its worth will incline to $314.60 billion by 2022 with a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 34.8%.

There’s a wide variety of healthcare applications out there. In 2022, specialized healthcare solutions are more effective in terms of digital services, treatment, consultations, prescriptions, etc. These applications are making a difference in the lifestyle of both medical professionals and patients. Inducing innovation.  We have an enormous list of medical apps later in this article.

Healthcare Market

List Of Innovative Medical Apps

We have identified a list of 5 groundbreaking medical apps for primary care for patients. These applications are offering a variety of healthcare services online including consultations, online appointments, online body symptom tracker and more.

1. Teladoc – Telehealth & Telemedicine

Teladoc engages patients online to sell their virtual healthcare and telemedicine services. It connects patients to U.S medical board-certified doctors aiming to resolve early healthcare issues.  This application promptly connects patients to medical consultants who are always ready to listen and resolve their concerns.

In medical emergencies, Teladoc provides a quick medium to connect with doctors to prescribe medications and recommend pharmacies of your choice. It is also known as the best medical app for primary care because it provides addons like Apple Healthkit, and Samsung Health to enhance user experience. This integration allows collecting real-time medical behavior of patients that allows the seamless diagnosis for doctors.

Now, If we discuss Teladoc’s popularity in the United States, it has 4.8 ratings and over 388,000+ unique reviews. People always love to use and recommend this telehealth application.


2. Generis – DNA & Nutrition

Generis is on a mission to assist people to improve their daily routine by knowing their genetic traits. It was aligned to a specific goal which is to provide DNA-based advice by their smart machine learning algorithms. It brings together genes, goals, and lifestyle to recommend some tactics to meet your regular objectives.

It offers different services including sleep improvement, stress reduction, health tips, food recommendations and more. Generis uses DNA data to suggest customized advice that improves patient lifestyle. If you are using the food recommendation feature, it will suggest daily life hacks like which type of food will energize your body and what are the tactics that you can follow. Parallel to genetic information gathering, it is affecting regular routine of every subscriber.

Best Innovative Generis

3. MDacne – Custom Acne Treatment

MDacne is an emerging skincare startup focusing on dermatology related diseases and their remedy. It provides online skincare services, medicine recommendations and dermatologist consultations. Patients can scan their skin by using their application and get advice through the MDacne application.

According to MDacne, they divided the whole treatment process into multiple stages. Patients have to get a picture and their AI-based application will scan and recommend a customized treatment kit depending on their skin condition.


4. BetterHelp – Online Counseling

This online healthcare consultation and physiotherapy company is renowned due to numerous extraordinary high-end consultancy services in the United States. The reasons behind its popularity are quick, inexpensive, and professional mental healthcare services.

BetterHelp has 3000+ trained professional therapists and over 14,000+ customers who review their applications. Hence, It is among the top medical apps for patients.

Best Innovative BetterHelp

5. MySugr – Diabetes Management

MySugr is a digital healthcare company aiming to provide reliable, supportive, and empathetic services related to diabetes. This application allows patients to track their blood sugar, carbs, estimated HbA1c and bolus all at a single interface. it collects live patient data through different integrated devices to analyze daily diabetic conditions and dispense feedback to control diabetes.

As diabetes has different stages, this healthcare mobile application motivates to tackle a diabetic patient’s challenges. It provides various recommendations according to patient conditions and symptoms. In consequence, MySugr allows to track different types of diabetes such as Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, and more.

Best Innovative app

Tips To Find Best Healthcare Apps

Selecting a goal-oriented health application is really hectic and time-consuming work. Before going to commit, you should check the app’s popularity among the community. Enlisted some quick tips to find the best-fit healthcare apps.

Best Innovative Healthcare Apps

1. App That Helps You Meet Your Goals

Think of healthcare applications as a tool to meet your health goals. For instance, if you are planning to achieve your running or morning walk goals. You should always select a mHealth mobile application such as Apple Health, Samsung Health etc. instead of a heartbeat or pulse rate analyzer.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

Don’t go for huge claims, prefer simple but exceptional features. So, by following this rule, brainstorm before choosing your companion healthcare application. Consequently, prior to downloading your mobile healthcare app from a credible resource, continually think about- What it offers and what are your expectations.

3. App That Follows Evidence-Based Strategies

Always go for solutions in the healthcare sector that are effective and evident. Here, evidence-based strategies mean your mobile application should be based on research and has a powerful intention behind the business development.

For example, MySugr sells different services like blood sugar level tracking, diabetic condition prediction and dispensing feedback. It uses prediabetic patient data from different resources for accurate and unbiased predictions of imminent patients. Hence, this prediabetic injected data is said to be an evidence-based strategy.

4. Test Apps Before Committing:

Testing an application is one of the hectic, time and budget-consuming processes in the application development cycle. To save time and money most software development companies skip this phase and hence it results in a bad user experience. Moreover, from the user point of view healthcare application testing is cardinal. So, always select such healthcare mobile or telehealth applications that offer state-of-the-art services. It’s always better to start with a free version and after basic testing purchase a pro one.

5. Learn About Creators

Now, it’s time to learn about the founders of the healthcare app which you want to choose from the pool. A loyal customer invariably goes for credibility, integrity and availability of futuristic healthcare applications to avail services. It requires market research and credence before selecting a healthcare application. Thus, it’s mandatory to learn about the originator of your companion healthcare application.

6. Scrutinize User Feedback

User feedback will assist you to get an overview of your desired healthcare app. Google Play and the Apple app store have a proper interface to tell users about the credibility of an application. Therefore, without fail, check and analyze community feedback.

Are you still confused about this process? Origami Studio has domain expertise in health application development. We are already working with multinational companies including Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, and Fit Together on healthcare. Book your free 30min consultation with one of our domain experts.

Want To Know About Development

Detailed market research is required to launch your application. Thus, Before proceeding with the development you should have a healthcare potential idea that you want to implement. The healthcare application development process is complex and time-consuming. It includes multiple development stages, feature extraction, and team efforts.

For development purposes, you can either hire an in-house development team or outsourced. Both strategies are completely different and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Requirement Analysis

In software engineering, requirement analysis is a process where the user or business stakeholders’ expectations are analyzed for a new healthcare solution that is being built or modified. It emulates a critical role in the success or failure of any software project or system. Therefore, for a fortunate healthcare app, software requirements should be documented, measurable, and related to underlying business opportunities.

For example, you want to design your healthcare fitness application like Apple Health. What are the steps you should follow? Well, you need a software agency like Origami Studios to discuss your software requirements and needs. One of our software requirement engineers will be assigned to debate about, What are the features your fitness app should have and how your application can perform out of the box.


Software designing involves envisioning and listing specifications in one or more sets of problems. It helps to transform software requirement analysis into a suitable form that results in quick app designing and implementation.


In this phase, designed software is coded into a certain programming language or framework as decided in the requirement analysis phase with stakeholders. Different software engineering techniques like the agile development process are also followed to speed up the coding and designing process. It provides a better understanding of implemented and depicted requirements of the underlying application.


Software testing is a time and abundant resource-consuming phase in the software development life cycle. It involves evaluating and verifying the healthcare application is in accord with industry standards, and system security concerns. Different types of testing techniques including unit testing and integration testing are followed to make it a user-friendly application.


 Now, after the testing phase, software products are ready to launch. The evolution phase includes releasing a system to customers, maintaining it, and updating time to time.

For instance, you are maintaining a healthcare application and are interested to add the latest feature named sickness detection through face recognition. You need a team of artificial intelligence experts to upgrade it, Hence, our brilliant solution architects are here to assist you. Book your free 30 minutes call now.

Furthermore, always perform extensive market research on the latest product design and protocols according to your business niche. Healthcare app design should catchy, aesthetic, brilliant and make your product understandable. It will boom your application among the list of medical apps on the internet and becomes a profitable business.

Wrapping Up

The healthcare market is gigantic and competitive so it’s hard to find companion healthcare applications. You can opt for the above-mentioned tips before selecting a powerful healthcare solution. These applications may help in your daily life to track your health issues on regular basis and report them to your doctor online. Therefore, it will create an interface to interact with your doctor at any time from anywhere in the world. Aforementioned, there is a wide variety of renowned mobile applications in the US including Teladoc, Generis,  MDacne, BetterHelp and MySugr.

In case you are a business owner and looking for professional healthcare mobile application developers to launch your healthcare business or expand it. Our mobile app development team at Origami Studios is always here to assist you from requirement analysis to launching a future-ready healthcare app. You can also learn an ultimate guide from planning a future-ready healthcare app to development.

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A healthcare application that encounters patient, doctor and medical institution needs, is said to be a good health app. Moreover, from a stakeholder point of view, a concise healthcare app solves a real-world problem, intended to tackle future challenges, and has a high ROI.

We at Origami Studios follow agile scrum methodology to develop solutions for unseen problems. After requirement analysis, our software engineers again discuss expected mobile health application features and forward them to the designer for implementation. Then, our programming phase comes into a scene for implementation. Finally, there is a long process of software testing and quality assurance. You can learn more about it on our other blogs.


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