As the world is progressing, we are getting newer technologies revolutionizing the way we live. Artificial Intelligence is one of those technologies that has made our lives easier and fuller than ever. It has been a part of our routines in more than a dozen ways for a long time. One of the most famous industries modernized by Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development. Almost every second mobile app is empowered by artificial intelligence today and Statista’s reports about AI suggest that by 2025, the worth of this market will grow beyond $89 million.

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Since AI we have amazing AI-empowered apps making our lives easier, one must wonder about its impacts on the process of mobile app development. Various mobile app development companies are using AI’s power to make their processes smoother, faster, and better than ever. Let’s see how AI is touching and transforming the mobile app developing processes inside out.

Some Facts About Artificial Intelligence

From day 1, artificial intelligence has been diving into the lives of people in a greater depth and changing them for good. It has proved itself an amazing tool for enhancing users’ experience and helping businesses grow at a faster pace. One thing that AI has proved to the world so far is that it is going to stay with humanity for a longer time than anticipated by the market leaders. If you are someone who fancies it, here are some facts you would love to know:

  • Bots powered by AI will be reaching beyond 8 billion by the end of the year 2023.
  • 2025 will be the year of AI’s growth with the worth of this market reaching $60 billion.
  • The inventory skill count of AI’s perfect wonder, Alexa is around 66,000. All of these skills are easily accessible to US citizens.
  • AI being a good helper for Global GDP growth will make GDP grow by $15.7 trillion by the end of 2030.
  • AI is found to be amazing when it comes to increasing business productivity. Studies suggest it can uplift a business’s productivity by 40%.
  • Startups have been at the forefront of the AI revolution resulting in uplifting the numbers of AI startups by 14 times in the last two decades.
  • The revenue generated by AI-empowered businesses has convinced more people to invest taking the overall Investment in AI startups to 6 times more since 2000.
  • Around 77% of our everyday usage devices come with AI included one way or another.
  • International Data Corporation (IDC) has shared that according to their estimate the number of dollars spent on AI across Europe will cross $24 billion by 2024.
  • A report presented by Gartner shows that till 2025 around 80% of the seed capital investors and ventures will be using artificial intelligence merged with data analytics for information gathering.

How is Artificial Intelligence Helping in Mobile App Development?

We believe that going over the facts and statistics about AI has given you an idea about its impact on our lives. It has transformed a lot of our experiences and many industries to date. If you believe the mobile app development industry is untouched by it, you need to think once again. The best feature of AI is that it is embedded and merged with the apps so well that one might not realize its existence for the longest period of time. In case you are not aware of its presence in the industry of mobile application development, here is what you need to know:

AI for mobile app development

More Personalized Experience

Before AI, users were struggling a lot with an app that was designed with a single UI for a range of customers. Even though personalization was demanded, there was no way it could be delivered. The industry used many ideas and all of them failed. In the last few years, AI has been empowering software development firms to do better in terms of the user experience of mobile apps. It has not introduced a new module or step in the process of development rather it has designed the benchmark value by changing the whole way user experience was treated.

It gave a new height to the flight of famous brands like Starbucks, Tommy Hilfiger Nike, etc by giving them a chance to deliver personalized experiences to their customers including unique recommendations based on their data collected. For example, Tommy Hilfiger even gave a touch of personalization to its chatbot on the app by letting the users browse the most recent collections of the brand based on the user’s buying history. The users can also check the app and get ideas about styling the products they bought.

If you believe that is the end of it, Apple has shocking news for you. Recent news suggests that the iPhone XR, 11, and 12 are planned to be launched with an A12 Bionic chip coupled with a neural engine aimed to utilize AI hardware to provide an even better and personalized experience to the users. Indeed, mobile apps meant for iPhone will have to improvise too. Firms don’t have to worry about a long code to cater to the personalization needs of a user rather have AI does it for them.

User Engagement

User Engagement has always been a key element for a business to grow. AI has transformed the way apps are developed for user engagement. Firms let AI do all the dirty work of researching the trends of the market and the demands of the user. Based on the outcome of the research, AI suggests ways user engagement can be made better. Dozens of AI algorithms present in the market are armed well to engage customers deeply. Some AI tools help mobile app development firms to secure a good number of potential customers by offering the incentives desired by the clients and making it a part of the brand’s ecosystem.

user engagement

Recently, a few AI-powered apps have been revolutionizing the way mobile app development companies used to know their customers in a better way. These apps make a heat map of the activities of a user on the app. They start from the first step and take you till the user exits the app, in short, you get to view a complete user journey. This helps the development companies understand the points they are weak at and need to improve. This collection of data can be used to make user engagement better for the app to perform well in the market. A lot of mobile development houses are even reported to use these solutions in redesigning their customer engagement and retention strategies.

Better Decision-Making

Ask any market expert and they will mention better decision-making in the benefits of AI. Let us share the way AI is making app development companies make better decisions when it comes to developing an app. AI continues to act as a catalyst for improvising mobile apps. It has stirred the evolution of mobile applications by making them more than just a few lines of code. Smarter apps are built by software houses by using AI gathering data related to the demands, experience, and trends of the market.

Whenever an app is about to be developed, AI is trusted as a guru to run some algorithms and suggest the features that must be included in the app. Moreover, it helps the developers foresee the decisions a user can make given the set of options. This helps the developers see the loopholes they have in their apps that can have a user stuck and leave for good. With these loopholes covered, the world is given a flawless app offering a good time to the users.

One thing worth noting here is that AI does not act like machines that are self-aware. Rather, it is used as a collection of various applications by mobile app developers.

Better Interactions

It would not be a shock to know that AI induces intelligence in everything it touches. It has transformed the mobile app development industry to perform better when it comes to intelligent interactions. When a mobile app is under development, a developer has to put himself in the shoes of the customers to see and experience from their point of view. This exercise holds utmost importance in ensuring that the app developed does not fail the users. However, it is would never be possible for the developer to think from the perspective of a dozen users if not a million users.

better interactions

At this point, AI jumps in with its super speed and intelligence to provide suggestions to the developers. It reads the data of the interactions users had with the app in the past. These interactions include everything from searching for a product, adding a product in the cart, dropping reviews for the service, clicking the help button inside the app, etc. This data helps fasten up the development process as the developers get everything they need to ensure better app interactions. Moreover, it also reduces the number of developers a firm needs to develop one app as AI sits with the developers as a wise old man.

Data-Centric In-App Marketing

A human has only two eyes, two hands, and a limited time round the clock to keep up with the trends in the market. Failing to keep up with the trends in the market can easily choke a mobile application to death without even giving it a chance to make it better. Does this suggest that one should hire enough people to keep searching for new market trends all the time? Well, AI has better solutions for you to keep your mobile app up to date with trends and marketing.

Data-Centric In-App Marketing

The bots present on the internet are continuously reading into the newer market trends, demands of the users, and things offered by the mobile apps of famous companies. All a mobile app development company has to do is let an AI help with its gathered data to keep the mobile app equipped well to perform better in the market.

Multiple AI tools present in the world help the software houses check the anomalies and prevalent trends in the desired niche. Based on these, the developers are suggested app development strategies, changes to be made in the in-app marketing, and overall marketing for the app. Marketing strategies and style implemented through AI suggestions ensure that the app is performing well for converting users into regular customers.

App’s Security

Security is on the top of the list of users’ demands from mobile apps. Security becomes an even bigger concern for the developers when it comes to developing an app connected to payments and bank accounts. Luckily, security has been one of the significant areas where AI has been doing well. AI has made it easy for the developers to provide bullet-proof security to the users without trying various codes or spending much time.

There are dozens of AI-empowered solutions that help developers make it easy for the app to ensure security. These solutions include two-factor authentication, retina scan, fingerprints, and much more. These solutions are tested and proven to provide good security. Adding to the good news, these solutions are readily available in the market and all a developer needs to do is include them in his mobile app.

App's security

Another set of AI technologies helps developers stay informed about various sorts of indicators of security breaches. These indicators include irregular behavior and anomalies leading towards exposing the vulnerabilities of the app. These tools highlight these loopholes and give developers a chance to develop apps ready to deal with the upcoming security threats. These solutions include blockchain and machine learning along with many others.

What Does The Future Hold?

The future of app development looks promising with AI by its side. Not only we will see apps becoming smart in terms of user engagement and interaction, but the apps of the future will also be providing better security, marketing, and personalization. If you are interested in knowing what the future holds, let us share some insights.

  • Emotion recognition is on its way. AI will enable the developers to allow the apps to connect with the users on an emotional level. Apps will use image and voice processing to judge emotions and act accordingly.
future of app
  • We will see AI playing a huge role in the development of translation apps. These apps with underlying AI will be able to perform translation and transliteration even without the need to be connected with the internet.
  • AI has made cameras smart already but we will see some more intelligent cameras in the future. These cameras will AI embedded in smart camera apps to check user’s preferences and apply filters and corrections without interference from the user.
  • AI will help developers to reduce the time of app launch by more than 50% by providing necessary features already coded and needed to embed only.
  • AI will check the brand’s culture and the trends in the market to suggest better mobile app development strategies to the developers. It will ensure that the app developed is up to the mark and does not need any revisions.

What should be Your Next Step?

We believe you are aware of the potential Artificial Intelligence holds and the way it will be transforming the future in mobile app development industry in a few years. This might have made you mindful of the ways AI is working in the app development houses even today. Given this, we suggest you start working on the AI tools and technologies you need to make your mobile app development process better than ever.

In case you need any inspiration, we suggest you check Origami Studios. This mobile app development house based in the USA has been at the forefront of the revolution brought by artificial intelligence. It has all the market-leading AI-powered tools and technologies needed to develop a mobile app aimed at catering to the needs of the customers and keeping up with the market trends. The firm has delivered more than dozens of successful projects meeting the needs of the customers and getting 5-star reviews on the App Store.

Wrapping it Up

Artificial Intelligence is more involved in our day-to-day life than we could even imagine. It has become a part of various devices and elements used in our house, car, office, restaurants, and literally everywhere in our surroundings. Mobile app development processes are no exception! This industry has seen the best times due to the interference of AI in various ways. The developers are armed with the best AI-powered tools guiding them every step of the way.

Moreover, some tools even make it easy for the developers to design apps and deliver them before time. All a developer has to do is import the AI-powered code written and available. This is just the beginning and the future holds a lot more for us to see, experience, and enjoy. The future holds some more gifts for the mobile app development companies from the AI.

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