Augmented Reality has taken the technology world by storm. It is here to stay and penetrating every possible vector with its multidimensional uses and benefits. However, whenever a new technology soars due to its popularity, a common notion that gets attached to it is that it would be very expensive.

When in reality, the cost of creating an app with a new technology varies and depends on various factors. Augmented reality develop app is the next step we will elaborate on later on. 

Augmented Reality App

But What Is Augmented Reality? It is a fusion of virtual elements with existing reality objects. In technical terms, Augmented Reality helps developers lay digital data on real objects. When it comes to Augmented Reality applications, certain factors which can determine the cost are as follows:

Scope Of Work

This one kind of goes without saying. The scope of your project or app idea is the biggest determinant of your cost. The more features you require, the more complex your app dynamics are the higher will be the cost. Other factors which broaden the scope of a project are:

  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance Activities
  • Publishing in App Stores
  • Post Launch Support
  • Maintenance etc.

Business Model

Your business model greatly reflects on the eventual cost incurred for making an AR app. Whether it’s free to download or a fixed price be incurred for its purchase? Will it require full eCommerce functionality to be profitable? Questions like these can determine the overall cost of your augmented reality app development.


Time constraints are directly proportional to the cost of developing an AR app. The tighter your timeline is the higher would be the cost since more resources will be required to complete the development in the given time frame.

Choice Of Firm/Development Team

When choosing who to take augmented reality app development services, two factors weigh in which directly affect the cost.

Hourly Rate

This is a by-product of your scope as well. The more complex your requirement is, the more experienced developer you will need to hire to get the job done! And the experienced people per hour rate varies naturally! Whether you go for hiring a firm or separate developers, you will have to adhere to their per-hour rate which is more for well-reputed resources.


From which location you hire is also a big question. Asian, Eastern Europe, and South America fall under the bracket of $15-50 dollars while in North America and Australia, and Western Europe the range is from $70-$150.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Apart from these your software development kit, known as SDK also plays a role. SDKs can reduce development time by a considerable degree. Some SDKs are free while others can be used after you pay for them.

Kits like ARToolKit, Xzimg, and EasyAR are free, reducing your overall cost while kits like ARKit, Wikitude, Vuforia, and ARCore vary from $50-$2000.

Another key factor that can matter how many zeros you might have to add in that check is the type of Augmented Reality app you want to build.

Types Of AR Apps

There are three major types of AR apps. Let’s elaborate on them one by one.

Marker-Based AR Apps

Marker-based AR apps are not very difficult to create which is why they also cost the least of all. It involves trigger markers placed in various locations around the world. The trigger can be a picture, a QR code, or even an icon.

It is a great way to recreate a historic event. No difficult technologies are implemented in developing marker-based AR apps. These are also known as Recognition Based AR App.

Location-Based AR Apps

Location-based AR apps, as the suggests, are based on data collected through GPS. The sensors in the app provide the location of the user and virtual elements are then placed in the real world.

The cost of creating location-based AR apps is higher than marker-based AR apps because of the complexity and scope increases. The integration of things like GPS, sensors, and compass makes the development cost high. Location-based is also known as Marker Less AR App.

AR Based On Visual Odometry

Augmented reality app development-based visual odometry is the most expensive out of all. The entire process is extremely complicated and complex leading to an increase in cost.

In AR based on visual odometry, complex algorithms are designed to fetch data from various sensors. Respective actions are performed by projecting an augmented object from associated camera images.

Cost To Develop An Augmented Reality App

All in all, to create an effective Augmented Reality app, your overall cost can range between $50,000- $25000. To summarize the factors affecting over-cost here is a quick gist for you!

Low CostHigh Cost
Standard LibrariesCustom Algorithm
Integrated third-party APIsDevelopment of own APIs
Simple Feature ListComplex Customized Features, ARCMS, Admin Panel
Standard DesignBranded Design
Marker-basedLocation-Based/AR Visual Odometry
Free SDKsPaid SDKs

Augmented Reality today is effectively reshaping businesses, industries, the entertainment sector, education departments, and even e-commerce platforms. The world is changing at a rapid pace and if you want to stay afloat, investing in an AR app for your business is not a bad idea!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to develop an AR app and require consultation on how to adjust the cost best fitted to your business needs, then Origami Studios can help you achieve that and more! Our skilled AR developers have comprehensive knowledge of how to create winning AR Apps. Get in touch today!

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