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How Do We Hire App Developers?

Initial evaluation

We discover top app developers through resume scans, qualify them, and conduct online HR interviews to choose the best for the next process. Our preset interview allows us to hire a mobile app developer for the next phase.

English proficiency assessment

Communication skills are vital for any successful project. We hire a proficient dedicated mobile app developer to ensure seamless client-developer interaction. This language test is the same for everyone, whether you are an iPhone or Android developer.

Technical interview

Our mission is to hire mobile app developers who excel in coding and meet deadlines. We take challenging technical tests to evaluate how good are candidates in coding and solving problems.

Final interview with app programmers for hire

We believe in providing the best for you, so we always hire an app developer who can complete all the requirements for your business. After assembling our team of developers we allow you to interview them and select the best one for your project.

What Technologies Our Smartphone App Developers Are Using?

Coding Icon

Programming Languages

  • Objective-C, Swift, C# (for iOS)
  • Java and Kotlin(Android)
  • React Native (cross-platform applications)
Android Icon

Mobile Development Toolkit

  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Xcode (iOS)


  • Firebase Analytics
  • Google Analytics


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
Building tools

Web App Development

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Laravel
  • DevOps

Javascript Family

  • Java
  • Angular JS
  • Node.js
  • ReactJS
AR Icon


  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Chatbot
  • Crypto Exchange


Hire a Dedicated Mobile Technologist to Solve Your Business Challenges!

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Let’s Create an Interactive App for Your Business and Boost Customer Engagement

Fittogether App


Building the World’s Leading Fitness-Oriented Social Platform

An inclusive communal platform for fitness enthusiasts to share their journeys, set challenges, share health advice, and connect with each other.

Bumpdate App

App logo Image

Bumpdate- a Social Pregnancy Application

A social mobile application aimed at providing a wide support network for expecting couples to help manage their pregnancy journey.



Hyphyy.iO- Bridging the Gap between Health Influencers and Health Enthusiasts

A social platform with premium video conferencing abilities that connects health influencers and experts seamlessly.

What Makes Our Freelance App Developer Better Than Others?

92% of our app software developers are skilled specialists

In our mobile app development company, we hire app developers, who are collaborative, skillful, and super productive. We’re always ready to take on projects and provide the best results for our clients.

9/10 client satisfaction score

We’re always committed to providing surpassing results and building strong relationships. That’s why most of our clients have become a permanent part of our tech family. Our clients just love to hire iPhone app developers from our company.

Collaborative Developers

We hire mobile app developers who are perfect not only in programming but also have strong other skills, making sure the team works together smoothly and gets more work done.

Risk management

The proactive risk management approach of our freelance mobile app developers ensures that the development team can focus on innovation without worrying about unforeseen challenges.


Our flexible mobile app programmers are experts at working with your business structure, upholding project consistency, and offering valuable support in optimizing processes when needed.


We’re Developing Mobile Apps for All Industries


We hire app developers to create perfect educational apps. These apps help institutes to easily connect with all students, regardless of their device. We’re Creating:

  • Learning Management Systems Apps
  • eLearning Apps
  • School Management Apps
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Android app development for education


Our Apps are also having a positive impact on the healthcare sector. We create Health Apps for:

  • list icon
    Telemedicine and virtual consultations
  • list icon
    Electronic health record (EHR) management
  • list icon
    Fitness and wellness tracking
  • list icon
    Patient monitoring and management
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Android app development for e-commerce stores


With the help of our custom app developers, we’ve created many entertaining apps and have brought joy to the lives of people. Get Your entertainment app for:

  • list icon
    Live streaming and broadcasting
  • list icon
    Music streaming
  • list icon
    Content management & distribution
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Android app development for healthcare applications

Social Network

With the help of social networking apps, we’re bringing people together in this busy world. We’re building connections with:

  • list icon
    Social networking platforms
  • list icon
    Instant messaging and chat apps
  • list icon
    Social commerce apps
  • list icon
    Social communities and forums
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Android app development for travel managment


Our freelance app developer can create insurance apps that will streamline the work procedures of insurance companies and help them stay connected with their customers 24/7. We create:

  • list icon
    Insurance agent and broker tools
  • list icon
    Claims management and processing
  • list icon
    Mobile payments and billing tools
  • list icon
    Insurance quotes and price comparison tools
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Android app development social networking

Retail & eCommerce

We hire mobile developers to help retail and eCommerce owners make digital shopping more enjoyable. For the eCommerce industry, we’re creating:

  • list icon
    Online shopping apps
  • list icon
    Marketplace app
  • list icon
    Mobile payments and e-wallets
  • list icon
    Shipping and delivery tracking tools
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Android app development for fintech

Travel & Hospitality

With our apps, we’re making traveling relaxed and enjoyable for both customers and business owners. We hire app developers to develop these experiences like:

  • list icon
    Travel booking and reservation apps
  • list icon
    Flight & hotel booking apps
  • list icon
    Multilingual chat applications
  • list icon
    Virtual and augmented reality apps
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Android app development for entertainment

Sports & Teams

Leveraging our mobile apps we help retail and eCommerce owners make digital shopping more fun and seamless. For the eCommerce industry, we’re creating:

  • list icon
    Fitness & workout tracking apps
  • list icon
    Sports streaming and broadcasting apps
  • list icon
    Fantasy leagues apps
  • list icon
    Social sports networking
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Android app development for insurance


Origami is making Fintech easier by hiring mobile app developers to build applications like:

  • list icon
    Digital payments and money transfer apps
  • list icon
    Mobile banking and financial management apps
  • list icon
    Insurance and risk management apps
  • list icon
    Cryptocurrency and blockchain apps
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Android app development for sports
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Why Hire App Developers from Origami Studios?

Over 1000 Happy Customers

Join a community of satisfied clients who have experience in hiring mobile app developers to bring their dreams into reality.

Guaranteed SLAs

Our commitment to meeting Service Level Agreements ensures timely project delivery and reliable performance.

Implemented 1000+ Projects

With a proven track record of successfully completing over a thousand projects, we have a lot of experience to help you with your app development.

10+ Years of Experience

Our decade of industry experience allows us to navigate challenges, implement best practices, and deliver top-tier app solutions.

Flexible Engagement

Choose from our versatile engagement models, the way we work together that perfectly fits best your project’s needs, timeline, and budget.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The app developer cost depends on variables like location, skill level, project intricacy, and service requirements. The average freelance app developer cost spans $30 to $150 hourly or higher. To figure out the overall expense, factor in development hours, supplementary services (like design, testing, deployment), and continuous maintenance.

    Hire app developers who should:
    • Understand the instructions and requirements of the project.
    • Communicate properly
    • Solve complex problems within the given
    • Have at least 2 years of experience in app development.
    Remember, it is not a good idea to hire mobile app developers with bad communication.

    Native app development means creating an app for a specific platform (like iOS or Android) using its special programming language. On the other hand, hybrid app development means making an app capable of working across various platforms by using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    So, should you hire hybrid app developer or a native? Looking at current situations it is better to hire app developers who are proficient with hybrid app development.

    You can hire an app developer from Origami with this simple 4-step procedure.
    • Book a meeting with us
    • Share your App requirements
    • Interview the best developers
    • Hire app developers that suit your requirements

    Yes, you can hire app developers on an hourly basis or on a project basis. So, hire mobile application developer according to the model that suits your needs.

    Hiring mobile app developers who WFH can save your money, keep your project moving forward, and let you find skilled people from all around the world. In simple words, it is beneficial to hire app developers from remote locations.