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Mobile App Developer
Mobile App Developer


Mobile App Developers

To stay relevant in the ever-growing mobile app industry, skillful mobile app developers are the key to success. Any mobile app is significantly dependent on the developer working on it. Seasoned developers who can coexist in teams determine the success of any software development house

Only The Best At Origami Studios

Origami team only picks the top developers! Our mobile app development team enables us to be ideal technology partners for startups and businesses who are looking for top-notch tech solutions. We use pre-engineered boilerplates that further allow us to produce mobile applications faster. Our teams are given an environment that stimulates learning and growth. In addition to that, they keep themselves updated with the latest emerging technologies to furnish best mobile services for you. Years of experience in mobile development has enabled us to produce applications using efficient and productive processes. Whether iOS or Android, we have catered to all industries and stall tall with our rich experience in the field.

Mobile App Developer

Origami Studios has more than 10 years of development Experience in programming and web application advancement. Alongside that, we have over 3 years of involvement in versatile application advancement. Our accomplished group of Android builds alongside gifted gathering of fashioners and client encounter specialists can convey fantastically structured applications that are built to flawlessness. Client encounter is the key component in the entire versatile application advancement and we are quite great at that.

Mobile app Development Company

We’re a multi-award winning versatile application development company situated in New York, USA. Our main goal is extremely basic; to be an organization that our clients love working with, and that our representatives love working for. We convey the best computerized items for the two iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (telephone and tablet). Indeed, our customers are so content with our administration that they regularly work together with us on different local portable application advancement extends over numerous years.

Mobile App Development Services Mobile App Developer

As a main versatile application development company, Origami Studios has broad involvement in making high performing, carefully transformative and highlight pressed local portable applications for all the significant portable stages including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile.

Best Mobile App Development Services

Origami Studios is the fastest growing and one of the best application development company in the United States of America, having characteristic kinds of innovativeness and ability. We likewise make customary and huge advanced advertising encounters to enable your business to draw in and pull in focused clients. We have faith in the association of innovation, inventiveness, and system impacting our capacities to all our famous customers. Our advanced promoting administrations incorporate Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Video Animations, Game Development, Graphic Design, and Digital Content Creation, though, our application development administrations offer iOS development, Android development, Virtual reality, and significantly more.

Hire best mobile app developers

You can complete a simple search via searching the web “best app development company for hire” or “find app development company”. You can make sure; you will discover a huge number of organizations. Additionally, you can go to some trustful craigslist. There are loads of people from everywhere throughout the world. Other than that, you will discover there a few understudies and specialists. Their experience is lower than the huge organizations have. Likewise, you can visit couple of sites for consultants to post there your activity.

Best mobile app development company in usa Mobile App Developer

How do potential appreneurs scan for best portable application improvement organizations in USA? Hunting down best versatile application engineers in USA isn’t a simple occupation; given America is one of the greatest center points in cell phone application improvement industry. To make this muddled undertaking simple for application benefit searchers, GoodFirms has arranged a rundown of versatile application advancement organizations in USA after altogether breaking down and looking into each taking an interest American offices.

Hire Android App Developers

Hire Android builders from Origami Studios on hourly or complete time (devoted month to month) premise to gather an detail rich and cozy portable utility. Our Android application engineers construct endeavor level portable applications for little, mid-expansive organizations who originate from a wide scope of industry verticals.

Mobile App Programmer

Organizations can achieve an extensive number of clients just with a versatile application to get them purchase their items and administrations. This is the motivation behind why numerous portable applications are being produced always and individuals think of new thoughts for this application. With the proceeding with advancement of versatile applications, numerous organizations continue grasping new portable innovation and putting resources into versatile applications to enhance their image mindfulness techniques to motivate more clients to make a benefit.

Hire mobile app developer

Origami Studios has a strong group of mobile app developers & programmers who have the capabilities and involvement in creating applications over a few stages, including iOS, Android, PhoneGap and Xamarin. We give our customers finish adaptability regarding stopping or broadening ventures, after the base term is finished. For customers, this implies more noteworthy control of the advancement procedure from beginning to end. With cell phones turning into a lifestyle, there is a developing interest for portable engineers who can plan applications for different stages and gadgets.

Hire Iphone App Developer

Origami Studios has a skilled iOS – iPhone and iPad application engineer group, who by and large have an understanding of conveying in excess of 200 portable applications fluctuating from various use-cases and innovations viz. business, online business, utility, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and so on. Credencys has taken into account the improvement needs of all sizes of organizations from new companies to undertakings.

Hire React Native App Developer

With the ascent of React Native notoriety and the developing number of well known mobile applications, (for example, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber, Discord, SoundCloud, Skype… ) being halfway or totally revamped in React Native, the inquiry emerges: Should versatile designers use React Native for versatile improvement as opposed to running full local with Java or Swift?

Hire iOS App Developer

iOS app development offers focal points like usefulness, moderateness, convenience, staggering UI/UX, improvement, and capability. Our iOS improvement stage is profoundly capable in driving an incentive for ventures, carefully changing your business from start to finish. Our iOS application advancement process makes adaptable, secure and hearty versatile applications.

Hire ipad App Developer

Your brand deserves iPad app developers who are prepared to set aside the opportunity to examine your business story and comprehend what got you there and where you are going. Alongside the ones who are prepared to think about your image, you require the ones who know the business back to front, who can discover a connection between all iOS refreshes and build up an application that is prepared to be in a state of harmony with all the coming updates, well ahead of time.

Mobile App Development Cost

As we stated, Cost of creating an application relies upon different variables like the functionalities engaged with the application, innovations utilized, stage the application is created on and so on. At Origami Studios, we spend significant time in creating applications on the two iOS and Android stages, for your application advancement estimating. All beneath assessments are estimated yet should give you an unpleasant thought of what it will take to assemble your application.

Mobile App Development Quote

What amount does it cost to build up an application? This inquiry is among the underlying ones that are being asked when any application improvement ventures starts. Application improvement cost gauge is the thing that sits at the simple base of any versatile application advancement spending plan. Frequently an organization proprietor ends up attempting to answer these two inquiries – what amount does it cost to make an application for my business by employing an expert versus what amount does it cost to make an application without anyone else’s input.

Mobile App Development Consultation

Clients love the comfort of versatile data, compact instruments, and convenient fun in the palm of their hands. Consequently, cell phones keep on experiencing a gigantic multiplication of prominence and appropriation around the world.

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How are we different?

We have built a team of mobile app developers who regularly update their skills with the latest trends and technologies. Following are the qualities they offer:

Android Save Development & Time
  • Provide time and cost effective solutions

  • Respond timely to clients

  • Adaptive when working with different clients and their teams

  • Analyze the client's feedback and feasibility

  • Make timely deliveries

  • Cultivate an environment of growth and learning

  • Maintain effective communication with clients

  • Available for work in multiple time zones

  • Produce clean and optimized work with quality checks

  • Work is friendly across various platforms and devices

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Mobile App Developers in USA
Mobile App Developer
Mobile App Developer
Looking to hire mobile app developers?

Mobile app developers are the key players in executing your app idea that makes it a bombarding success. Don’t let rookies trap you! Let the maestros handle your project. You can find experienced and talented mobile app developers at Origami Studios.


Get cross platform development services from our mobile app developers!

Origami Studios prides in delivering market competitive cross platform development services delivering premium quality end products. Leverage the expertise of our mobile app developers in React Native, Ionic, Frame 7, Google flutter and much more and get services worth their value.

Hire a team
Mobile App Developers in New Jersey

Hiring Process

We have formulated different models to facilitate your needs to the maximum.

Discovery Call

We have a one-on-session in which we inquire about your specific demands, the expertise you require and in which specific technology.

Shortlisting Candidates

Based on the collected data, we shortlist the best possible developers experts in their respective fields and provide you with the resumes.

Screening & Selection

Lastly, after screening from the shortlisted resumes we select the appropriate candidate for your project.

  • Analytical Skills: Mobile developers have to understand user needs in order to create applications they want to use. The ability to analyze the way people use their mobile devices is critical for a successful mobile developer.
  • Cross-Platform App Development: For a mobile developer, it is vital to have knowledge of multiple operating platforms in the current industry. As far as market penetration, there are three major mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones. A skilled mobile developer is not only experienced and able to code in one platform but should be versatile enough to create apps across any platform for any device. This leads the way to a wider range of possibilities and a shining developer profile.
  • Programming Language Knowledge of programming languages is necessary for a mobile developer. Apple iOS developers generally use Objective-C, and Android developers typically use Java. However, it is useful to know multiple programming languages. This will make you stand out from the other job applicants.
  • Business knowledge: Above all, a mobile developer will need to have a good understanding of the business world and have a business-centric approach. This will empower them to build a mobile app that gains higher app visibility and earn higher app revenue.

Developing mobile applications and websites involves performing several duties and responsibilities. A mobile developer is specialized in designing and building mobile applications. They support the entire application lifecycle while contributing to designing, testing, releasing, and application support. They are responsible for writing clean and sustainable code that can be used in the future and gather specific requirements and suggest solutions.
Developers also write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions, troubleshoot, and debug to optimize performance. It is their duty to talk with users to understand their needs and experiences and then design interfaces to improve user experience. They must constantly monitor user feedback and generate ideas to patch or improve the app. After working with the product development team to identify and plan for new features, they accordingly plan, implement, and manage current and new projects. It is their duty to meet quality standards. They can suggest and implement new mobile products, applications, and protocols.

The web developer is responsible for coding, designing, operating web applications. Keeping in mind the requirements of the clients, the web developer has to make the website more user-friendly with appealing visuals and clear navigations. A web developer and mobile developer have totally different career scopes. The web developer uses different programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The web developer can be a front end web developer, back end and developer, and full-stack web developer. On the contrary, the mobile developer makes applications for mobile devices. Making a mobile application is a more complicated task as compared with web applications. The mobile application development also depends on the operating system, for example, the iOS operating system and the android operating system. There are three major types of mobile applications. Some of the major tools for android development are android SDK Linux, android SDK mac, android SDK windows, android studio python, etc.

A mobile development team performs different tasks applying joint efforts. The development team should have all skills needed to create a high-quality app. And each team member in the company is engaged in the development process of iOS or Android apps to do their best. An ideal mobile development team consists of a project manager, designer, Android, or iOS developer and QA.
The project manager is responsible for the implementation of the whole project and project delivery. This professional manages the project and connects all departments with each other. The project manager communicates with the customer directly, discusses all issues regarding a mobile app being developed and settles all disputes that may arise. A designer who will create a user interface and user experience of the app. Designers will also work with special documentation and elaborate on the whole process stage by stage.
Without them, it will be impossible to deliver a good project. When user interface/user experience is created, the main part of the development begins. Here Android and iOS developers apply their skills to create a mobile app, build its structure and functionality. Upon the development of the first software or application version, the QA engineers test to verify how it works, whether everything is functioning properly or not.

The tools that are mostly used by a mobile developer are:

  • Xamarin: There is nothing better than Xamarin to build native apps. Since it is a Microsoft product, it will always be safe against unexpected termination of service, critical security threats, and technology updates. More than 1.4 million mobile developers use Xamarin.
  • Sencha: It is for rapid mobile app development. It is compatible with the latest versions of iOS, Android, and Blackberry, which make Sencha an ideal choice to create native applications. It is one of the most suitable app development tools for building enterprise applications. It is an MVC-based JavaScript framework that enables the mobile developers to use it through a touch of fingertips, which also helps in increasing the responsiveness of the application. Mobile developers can code in HTML5 and then can use it for Android or iOS applications.
  • Appcelerator: It is used by mobile developers to build both native and cross-platform applications. This tool is the mobile developers’ favorite because it requires fewer lines of code to develop a mobile application. It has platform-specific features, APIs, and UI. Appcelerator has an open mobile marketplace where developers and users sell or share templates, extensions, and modules.
  • Ionic: Since Ionic has a complete open-source SDK, it is widely used to build hybrid applications using CSS, HTML5, and SASS like technologies. By building a mobile application on Ionic, mobile developers can directly send the release update to the users. Automating app delivery is much easier with Ionic and does not require any special talent. With automation capabilities, mobile developers can easily deploy features and updates to increase the speed of mobile app development.
  • Framework 7: It is used to create native iPhone applications. Although, recently they have started providing support for Android apps. This open-source, mobile HTML framework is easy to understand and build native apps faster. Since it is iOS focused, it is not compatible with all the platforms.