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and development

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients

Origami Studios goal is to help Startups and leading brands build amazing Internet and Mobile applications. We see ourselves as a technological partner for our customers allowing them to be one step ahead, using complex backend programming and cutting edge technologies.

We love to work with professional entrepreneurs aiming to build challenging projects. We work hard and smart to ensure our client’s products stand out in the crowd and bring success.

Our portfolio includes more than 250 implemented projects from custom made solutions for well-known companies like J&J, Genius, Conductor, Nestle, Alcatel Lucent and TUV Austria to entrepreneurial ventures like Customer Connect, RNL, VODesk to many more.

Building your brand

Every brand needs a solution to meet its needs and be impressive. By integrating ourselves inside audience’s clan, we absorb their language and behavior. This helps us discover unique insights about their likes and dislikes. We then create solutions that are grounded in reality and brings instant recognition.


We strive to learn our audience’s future needs and how we can serve them there to create lasting bonds. Insights become openings, openings become concepts, and concepts are planned into reality and incorporated across multiple platforms.


We always work with clear vision and targeted goals. Our open lines of communication and interaction enable us to provide a superior solution that best caters to the demands of the business.