Insurance companies are a massive market in the U.S. To think that an enormous chunk of a $1.2 trillion industry is still struggling to come to terms with incorporating digitization and investing in app development for its company and customers is shocking!

app idea for insurance companies

Insurance companies need to shift to digital mediums now more than ever by using Android app development or iOS app development services. With users of today spending 86% of their time on digital devices, it’s a no-brainer that to provide better experiences, all companies must devise ways to offer convenience within the palm of the user. And if you are an aspiring insurance company aiming to digitize itself and better allocate its resources, then this article is for you!

The following are some basic insurance app ideas that could completely transform how your company operates internally and externally, increase productivity, and generate more profits. Let’s look at in detail: 

Apps For Claim Adjusters

A claim adjuster app can make lives easier for so many people in one go. Not only does the adjuster benefit from this app, but also your company and the customer. The inspection process can spread for eons as the concerned parties wait for the paperwork to reach the relevant authorities, and for approvals to be made. 

But with a claim adjuster app, you can speed up all these processes. A classic claim adjuster app could entail the following features for optimum results and user satisfaction: 

Documents Library

That documents library can be a consolidated space where all necessary and relevant documents and information is stored, which can be accessed at any point in time before. 

Photos Upload

One of the most basic and critical features would be the photo upload feature so that images can be uploaded as evidence of damage and claim being made. 

Updated Info On Claims

Adjusters should be able to find all updated information on relevant cases, their status of approval or disapproval, and other information that can help them in their daily visits. 

Visit Scheduling And Location Tracker

This feature would help adjusters plan their visits and allocate time to be spent on each claim to complete their claim targets. The tracker can help verify the planned and actual time spent.

Customer Communication

A direct chat channel to communicate with customers and aggrieved parties and help save time.

Signature Capture

A method of getting online signatures to help customers sign documents directly on devices reducing the time wastage in printing, signing, and scanning. 

Apps For Customers

An app for customers can mean a great deal to not only your audience but also your business. Apps can help improve customer satisfaction and overall user experience to a significant degree. The following types of apps and features will prove to be beneficial in increasing customer satisfaction. 

Car Insurance

People are more mindful of their vehicles now more than ever, which is an excellent opportunity for car insurance companies to delve into and provide a unique user experience via app development. Apart from the basic features listed below, car insurance apps can include features like: 

  • Safe driving metrics
  • Speed management
  • Car behavior monitoring

Based on the data extracted from these features, safety tips, and rewards for better results can be given to consumers.

Travel Insurance App Idea

Travel insurance apps have more range of features to include based on geolocation. Essential health and safety measures can be shared based on the destinations helping users be more mindful while traveling. These can include: 

  • Needed vaccinations
  • Weather forecast
  • Flight updates
  • Offline maps 
  • Apart from these specific features, the following features can be incorporated into all
  • verticals of insurance apps:

Claim Submission

Claim submission is a long, tedious process that involves too much time, paperwork, and needless approvals following a long chain of hierarchy, wasting precious time, and making people dread the experience. A claim submission feature will help users identify and verify the claim from the image quality. Any tampering could be identified before a physical inspection is done, and plenty of time could be saved for the company and adjusters. 

Online Consultation

The online consultation feature can amplify your user experience by catering to your customer’s needs as they arise. Sometimes customers visit in person and are unable to solve all inquiries and find it hard to see again for a single inquisition. Online consultation services through the app can effectively cater to this problem. 


The app can send push notifications urging users to check new policies, new insurance programs, and end of the program updates, renewal messages, due dates, promotions, or discounts. 

Apps For Brokers

Brokers play an important role in insurance industries, helping companies, and customers reach a mutually agreed and beneficial decision. Apps facilitating the brokers would be a great idea: 

News Apps

News apps centered on brokers who need information about changing economic, political, financial, and environmental changes is an exciting ideas to help them give better advice to potential customers. Sending relevant information based on a broker’s calendar can help them provide better service. This is the best insurance app idea you will see.

Sales Support App

The job requirement of a broker is essentially revolving around numbers, sales, and marketing. All information related to sales and marketing can be clubbed in a separate app that can help brokers keep a tab on their performance. The must-have features for a sales support app are as follows: 

  • Lead tracking: This could help brokers keep track of all the relevant information they may need before setting up a meeting. 
  • Lead capture: A feature that can give a graphical representation and comparison between leads tracked and leads captured. This feature could also help brokers save important client information that can be sent ahead with a mere click to the concerned party. 
  • Material access: Any documents or previous client history or claims could be stored in one place and help save a lot of time, trouble, and confusion. 

Training Apps

Different insurance companies have different methods, policies, and SOPs in place for brokers and employees. An app can help brokers get acquainted with the company involved in a manner that saves valuable time. Engaging and retention-friendly methods can be adopted, which can speed up the learning process. A compilation of the notable points, whether in audio or video form, can be revisited, and memory can be refreshed as needed. 

All these app features and ideas are eventually helping your company expand its audience, reaching out to them in a much more convenient and engaging manner while digitizing your processes with automation and helping you go paperless! 

Origami Studios had the chance of creating an app all-inclusive of such features for Bridger Insurance! Find here how we helped them automate their processes and get funding of $750K.

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