Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence have gained momentum ever since they were launched in 2011. Siri by Apple holds the first-mover advantage here and within 8 years only this technology has opened new arenas of revolutionizing how technology affects our everyday life.

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It is already found in 1 in 6 American homes and by 2020 we will be reaping even more benefits of Artificial Intelligence integrated with Voice Assistants. While it won’t remain a novelty by 2020, the impact of this technology is so magnanimous that till now we have only tapped the tip of the iceberg.

But before we find out its trends in 2020 let’s take a quick review of what AI is all about!

Artificial Intelligence

It is a technology that can make machines interact and behave as humanely as possible. AI-based machines are capable of adapting human reasoning and learning from prior experiences. With the advancement in AI mimicking human behavior and reasoning to such perfection, the future indeed is very promising.

Voice Assistants use AI to model human reactions, interactions, and reasoning. The market take-over by this technology is rising at an exponential rate. As mentioned earlier, you are bound to find Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple, or Google Home 1 in every 6 homes in America. And this is just the beginning. The penetration of voice assistants is going to get deeper into our every day with each passing year. Naturally, mobile app development cannot remain unaffected for long!

Changing Trends In Mobile App Development

It has been predicted by industry experts that within the next 5 years, almost every app will integrate voice recognition technology in one way or the other. Commands are going to switch from being types to being spoken!

According to research 1/4th of all mobile users, which mainly belong to Generation Z are habitual in using the voice search feature.

Changed Searched Behaviors

The whole concept of searching for things via apps has taken a monumental shift as more and more users every day are getting comfortable with voicing their commands instead of typing them. This has drastically changed the game of how search engines or apps generally operate and any app that fails to include a voice command feature immediately loses its first impression as a leading technology product! And voice-based apps get a competitive advantage! Before voice searches completely take over, our existing search is optimized by short-tail words which hold little importance when it comes to voice commands. The SEO landscape will change drastically. According to Juniper Research, voice-based ad revenue is expected to reach $19 billion by 2022.

Seamless & Streamlined Communication

The bar of advancement has been set too high and the entire focus is to take away the robot-like feel and replace it with an as humane interaction as possible. To ensure this work is already being done on making conversations seem more personalized and informal. Following are some instances:
The requirement of using “wake” words before every command is being worked upon rigorously. This will take away the hassle of having to address your Voice Assistant Product with its name every time you have a command to ask.

Predictive Behavioral Routing

As the emphasis is being heavily laid on humanizing voice assistants, predictive behavioral routing is being explored to make conversations more meaningful. It will help in detecting the mood and tone of the speaker so that he can be answered in a similar manner enhancing the user experience even more! It will also analyze whether the speaker requires concise, brief answers or elaborate, detailed ones.

Integration With Other Devices

This next big emerging trend is going to be the integration and compatibility of integrating voice technology with other products. The development of voice-enabled devices is going to experience a big jump completely taking the way people get things done at work and home to a whole new level. This is will lay the basis of the future of artificial intelligence coquetting with IoT.

Voice Push Notifications

Voice push notifications are also a new tangent that is going to be explored in the coming year. Push notifications play a significant role in re-engaging users for an app and this activity gets a whole new uplift once voice technology is integrated with it. Voice Assistants will play push notifications now with apps that have similar compatibility. Since voice is the future of customer interaction, customer engagement and retention is just another benefit of this technology.

Availability Of Support By Market Giants

With Google and Apple leading the voice technology as of now, have also ventured into creating APIs and software helping other companies join the bandwagon in the future. Integrating voice technology into your apps is now easier than ever.

Better Security

There’s still some hesitation when it comes to sharing private information through voice technology with apps integrated with this feature. In 2020 the security and policy around this relatively new technology are going to be accentuated which will directly affect mobile app development as well.

Type Of Voice Search Functionality For Your App

If you are planning on integrating voice search functionality in your app then the following are the two types you must keep in mind:

Automatic Speech Recognition

This technology is being used by Google which excels in recognizing speech patterns and then converting it into written text. It works great for transcription software but lacks the understanding of the context of something being said.

Natural Language Understanding

For more accurate results, NLU technology is another great option used by Google, which can understand the context and meaning and extract phrases to produce relevant results.

The benefits of artificial intelligence integrating Voice search technology are innumerable and unstoppable. If you want to stay relevant in the industry, you’ve got to up your game by integrating voice searches in your applications. As the research and predictions indicate, voice search is set to replace the keyboard search by 2022.

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