Cross platform app development is an approach that can deliver apps across multiple device platforms with a single code. They are popular because of many advantages but the most distinct being its cost-effectiveness. Anyone who wants to save cost and quickly create apps for Android, iOS and Windows resort to using this approach.

save cost with cross platform app

The following are some aspects which elaborate how cross-platform app development can significantly cut your cost down.

Reusable Code

One of the most prominent feature of cross-platform app development is the common code that runs on Android and iOS both. Almost 70-80% of the code is usable for other platforms and unlike native app development, no separate codes are required to be written from scratch. This saves a considerable amount of time and cost. Your apps for multiple platforms will be developed in literally half the time compared to native development. (Great)

Lesser Resources

For native Android and iOS development, two separate teams of developers are required but that’s not the case with cross-platform app development. Since a similar code can be used to create apps for multiple platforms, a lesser number of developers will be needed to carry out the process. Hiring fewer resources also automatically reduces your overall cost significantly.

Easy Testing

Testing tools for separately testing iOS and Android native development can be tiresome and time-consuming. With cross-platform you the tool you use to develop the apps also have a feature to test apps of both platforms in a single go. Overall time spent on testing lessens which makes it more cost-effective as well.

Low App Maintenance

Since you will only have to update and maintain a single version instead of multiple for different formats, the maintenance cost charged by your developer or company is reduced. This collectively brings down your overall cost as well.

Offline Operation Model

To integrate the offline operation model in native development, the whole development is done in a certain way to support that but with cross-platform development, it comes as a part of the package without incurring any additional effort or cost.

Security For One Instead Of Multiple Platforms

Shielding one app version instead of multiple incase of separate apps for Android, iOS, or Windows etc is cost-effective as opposed to separately maintain security for multiple platforms. This is also an area where overall project cost is reduced in the long run.

Bigger Reach

Android and iOS are two major giants with a huge market. Especially for US market share for iOS is 61.2% while for Android it’s 38.6%. However, the global market share of Android is much higher is seen in the graph below.

Market stats

When businesses decide to go native, they often end up choosing one platform as the overall cost becomes double otherwise. Based on these stats, you really cannot afford to let go of the potential audience of another platform just because you do not have enough money. With cross-platform app development, you do not need to choose and enjoy a bigger reach for your app in just one go.

Shorter Time To Market & Quicker ROI

When the overall time consumption of creating apps with cross-platform is lesser, the app can be completed more quickly and starts yielding results even quicker. Not just that, the overall time to market is reduced considerably as well.

Existing Frameworks

Another aspect that makes cross-platform development faster is the availability of frameworks like Xamarin or React Native which speeds up the development process and bring their own unique libraries filled with codes that can bring more efficiency to the overall development process and ensure the completion of the project in less time subsequently saving more cost.

Cloud Integration

Apps that are developed through cross-platform are easily integrated into cloud hosting. Their universal compatibility helps save costs on fronts which can be availed through cloud hosting.

Relatively New Technology

Since cross-platform development is relatively newer compared to native app development and gaining popularity with each passing day, developers and companies are eager to build their portfolios around this technology which is why they might agree to offer cross-platform development services in lower costs.

More Scalability

Last but not the least, considering all advantages, cross-platform app development offers more convenience and cost-effectiveness which makes it easy to scale. From both the development and business front, your app would be much more prone to scalability.

These aforementioned points are what directly or indirectly help in reducing the overall project development cost by 35%. Most businesses are eager to avail of the benefits cross-platform app development offers and save their money to use for other business development. It is definitely a safer bet if you are looking for a budget-friendly development option. If you’re interested our developers are skilled in creating winning cross-platform apps efficiently saving you time and money.

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