How Does Staff Augmentation Work?

January 17, 2023

By Aaron Heckles

Technical Writer

The staff augmentation process flow varies from vendor to vendor. However, it typically encompasses the following main steps.

how does staff augmentation work

1.  Analysis

The first step entails outlining your business objectives and expectations from the staffing company. This includes constraints like budget, time, tolerance, etc.

A preliminary analysis sets your requirements in place and helps you connect with the most suitable candidates.


2.  Talent Sourcing

The augmentation company would analyze your requirements and might ask you more questions to offer a precise solution. After that, the best prospects are shortlisted and their CVs are sent to you for your assessment.

Based on your intended outcomes, you further narrow down these external specialists for technical interviews.

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3.  Interview

In this phase, the selected experts are interviewed to see how fitting their skill-sets are.

You could test their knowledge, inquire about their roadmap, and ask the right questions to make sure you get the best ones.


4.  Onboarding

If things go well, you would sign a contract with the service provider to get started.

The onboarding process is about explaining the roles, responsibilities, and other expectations to the chosen experts. It would be in your best interest to lay down all the nitty-gritty to avoid ambiguity or disappointments later on.


5.  Ongoing Support

Most renowned staffing firms would provide continued support for a streamlined experience at the customer end.

This means, you might get an HR manager or account manager that coordinates with the augmented members to ensure a productive relationship.

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