Running a business is no joke. Whether you are an established enterprise or a startup, both pose their own set of challenges to achieving desired business goals. If you have ever found yourself in the dilemma of choosing between hiring an in-house team or outsourcing one then we have something for you! You are not alone.

In-House App Development and Outsourcing

Many crumble under the pressure of choosing the right option for web app development and mobile app development. There are multiple factors to be considered like the budget, the scope of your project and its deadline, etc. Let’s dissect both in detail and figure out which one’s a suitable option for you.

In-House Development

In-house development means hiring a team onboard as a part of your company to meet some objections and complete certain projects. Generally, it is considered a preferable option for bigger companies. Let’s take a look at the perks and drawbacks of In-house development:

Pros Of In-House Development

You Are The Master

The most significant highlight of in-house development is that you get to get the job done under your eye of detail giving you utter control over the entirety of projection from inception to completion. The working environment will be controlled by you giving you a better picture to evaluate your team’s performance every step of the way.

No Communication Gap

When you hire a group of individuals to work for you, the room for any communication gap turns to zero. You can visit each other and have a one-on-one conversation at any point of the day in case of any confusion. It also eliminates any chance is the language of cultural barriers which is a huge plus.

Better Understanding Of Business Needs

An in-house team has a better understanding of the business, the scope of the project, and the stakes involved in it. Open communication makes it easier to dictate the requirements of the projects so that the best outcome can be achieved.

Easier Project Management

When you have the entire control over your team it is easier to manage all involved personnel under one roof. It also boosts effective project coordination.

Efficient Time Management

Since the heads and employees are all together, the time required for approvals is much less compared to when you outsource a team. Less time in approvals means better overall productivity with all stakeholders being on the same page with aligned priorities.

Better Support Post-Production

An in-house team proves to be better in terms of post-development changes as you can scrutinize whether the feedback is being properly incorporated or not and recommend and guide midday in case needed. It ensures effective bug-fixing and better support maintenance.
These are all the reasons why in-house development is great. However, it has some drawbacks as well!

Cons Of In-House Development

High On Cost

Having an in-house team can prove to be costly as you have to hire. It is not only reflected in the salaries but also in infrastructure to accommodate more people.


Building a team in-house is an elaborate process that takes its due time. Finding the right candidate for the right job is a strenuous task and the whole recruiting and hiring process requires time, effort, and resources.

Risk Of Employee Turn-Over

With an in-house team, there is always the risk of them leaving at any time. And once they do you have to go through the time-consuming recruiting and hiring process again.

Certification And Licenses

For the facilitation of your in-house resources, it becomes your responsibility to buy and get certain certifications and licenses which add to your overall cost.


To avail mobile app development and web app development services, businesses have more often than not turned to outsource services for years. It has been a popular choice by startups and established businesses alike. Let’s find out why:

Pros Of Outsourcing

Open Talent Pool Access

The best part of outsourcing is that you get infinite access to an open talent pool! You can get any expert you like and can afford it from any corner of the world without having to settle for anyone just for the sake of convenience. The scalability and availability of different maestros who are professionals in their respective fields are all just a call away.

Time Savvy

The time that you save from not having to run after different candidates can be utilized in doing other productive tasks that are otherwise sidelined for example the marketing strategy of your business. When you’re not micromanaging other important things can be looked after.

Holistic Services

When you go for outsourcing instead of hiring a specific person for each task, you get holistic services from the best in the market. Good reputable software houses provide valuable industry insight, business acumen, data science, design, programming, and maintenance of the product.

No Risk Of Skill

Outsourcing is a sure-shot way of confirming someone’s ability to do a certain job. In interviews, we can get swayed by someone’s persona which we do not need for the job. However, when you outsource, it’s purely based on technical prowess.


According to research, outsourcing can save you 60% on overhead costs. There are no hidden costs of using HR personnel in finding multiple team members either. Outsourcing can aid you in ineffective budget planning and bring your overall cost down by great margins.

Tried And Tested Contingency Plans

The best part about outsourcing is that they are experienced professionals and have contingency plans for any hiccups that may occur during the production, development, or quality assurance stage.

Cons Of Outsourcing

All advantages aside, there’s another side of the picture as well.

Communication Barriers

The biggest drawback of getting the best talent from anywhere in the world is the communication and cultural gap that you may have to face. The inability to comprehend tasks and language barriers tend to slow down the productivity of the project. Instructions via calls, and messages can also sometimes be wrongly interpreted leading to waste of time and resources.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Anything can happen! I repeat, ANYTHING! Sometimes fraudulent companies take contracts and run away with all the money without delivering the projects. Sometimes the company itself goes out of business due to any reason but your project suffers regardless. So overall the liability factor is high.

No Control

Once you outsource the mobile or web app development, you cannot be involved in the nitty-gritty of the project. While that does keep you away from a lot of chaos but also takes away control from you. The client is asked for feedback only at certain points and collective feedback is taken and included eventually,

Eventually, it all boils down to your business requirements and needs! If you do not have much else going on and want to supervise everything that happens then going for in-house resources is a great option! You can adjust our overall budget accordingly because having an in-house team streamlines processes in the long run.

However, if you have budget constraints and need to get a job done without being extra involved then outsourcing is an equally appropriate option! At the end of the day, you are the best judge of your needs.

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