Let’s assume you want to promote your e-Learning app by letting users know about some extraordinary features. You’ve to show why your application is better than the rest of the market.

Online shopping to building a billion-dollar company everything is done over the internet. The increasing demand for technology and the sudden hit of the global pandemic have escalated the worth of e-learning. Designing an e-learning app is not enough, targeting the right audience and making it a favorite to everyone truly counts.

There are certain things that you should have to consider before designing a learning app. Try custom research– promoting your application before getting it to market, collaborating with a podcaster to know people what you are selling and what are your future goals, and how your app has a more diverse pedagogy than the rest of the market.

Moreover, brand collaborations with universities and e-learning giants including Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Edx, and more. In addition to it, Let’s have a rigorous glimpse of how to make people switch to your app later in this blog.

So let’s dive right in.

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E-Learning Market & Statistics

Mobile applications are different types of software that can be installed on mobile phones, tablets or tablet computers. According to allied market research, the mobile application market share was $170.52 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026 @CAGR of 18.4% from 2020 to 2026.

Statistics reveal that global e-education is expected to grow by over $240 billion in 2022. Although, the above-included figures are not surprising since e-learning has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to the recent pandemic. Moreover, almost 92% of students worldwide are interested in personalized and self-paced learning.

Let’s talk about downloads of e-learning applications- the statistical analysis shows that the Apple app store has 470 million educational app downloads while Google Play has 466 million in the first quarter of 2022. On Google Play 466 million are the second-highest application downloads in the mobile app category after the gaming industry. Thus, people are interested in self-paced and targeted learning which has its benefits for e-learning.

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How Apps Are Revolutionizing: Benefits Of E-Learning Apps

The mobile application market is enormous as 5.25 million applications are available for download over both Android as well as iOS platforms. Everyday applications are being launched in the market which have featured services, promises, and a target audience to sell free or in-app purchases services. E-learning mobile apps have not brought leisure to the lives of students but instructors, and institutions. As it allows them to easily manage operations and conduct classes online without the effort. We have compiled some resources and come up with a list of benefits as below:

benefits of e-learning apps

E-learning That Adjusts to Your Needs:

Instead of searching for each concept over the internet and wasting your time, a pre-planned, well outlined and managed course may help you to adjust your needs. For instance, if you are a senior business analyst, you might be short of time to learn and brush up on your skills. Here, e-Learning comes in and assists you to grab a course and learn on self-paced.

Remote Approach To Learning:

Attending on-site classes or enrollment in a local institute may consume your efforts in terms of high cost, fixed class timings, travelling, and other overheads. In contrast, remote learning lets you achieve a better work-life balance and saves you overhead costs.

Reduced Learning Cost:

In substitute for high college or university fees, the best online learning apps including Edx, or Coursera are offering free courses and complete degree programs at the lowest rate. These e-learning applications are also offering financing services to assist you to grow in your desired field.

Transfer Course Credits:

The freedom to choose the timings as it suits, permitting you to learn on your schedule is vigorous. Students can learn during the summer season parallel to work on their momentum and later on can transfer their earned credit hours to physical college or university.

Instant Career Advancement:

The quickest way to advance your career from a job person to a business owner or consultant or a person who works fewer hours and earns more is through higher education. In this industrial revolution where you have a lot of opportunities to grow you can get benefits from e-learning apps.

Teacher Scarcity:

To overcome the demand for a specific domain expert in the United States after the covid pandemic. E-learning is offering ingenious online courses and well-planned degree programs in almost every discipline. In addition, they are short, concise and educational to deliver more content with minimum effort.

Quick Delivery & Consistency:

Online courses are well planned and have course learning outcomes to deliver more in fewer timestamps. Best online learning apps including Coursera, design courses in different levels or stages i.e Basic or Introductory, Intermediate and Professional levels courses to keep consistency in learning and achieving course outcomes. If your application has these features, there is a piece of good news! Your app is going to rock! Keep enjoying these tips to engage more audiences in your e-learning app.

Tips on How to make People Switch To Your App

The E-Learning market is growing spectacularly as demand for digital education increases. Fierce competition can ruin your business retention and expansion if it has a limited user base. Therefore, instead of focusing only on advertisements try to go for those elaborated below.

1. Show Your Exceptional Selling Points

To be irreplaceable, always be different from the rest of the online applications. Think out of the box and include discrete services like in-person coaching, on-demand courses, onsite coaching and more. In addition, an e-learning application should user friendly, scalable and robust to ensure it’s platform-independent. The best way to move over is to show a detailed comparison between your e-learning and competitor app.

2. Identify Customer Demand

To become a successful technology company like Google, Facebook or Amazon always anticipate customers’ needs, analyse risk, and try to provide service at a low cost. If you are selling e-learning services in terms of courses or pieces of training try to promote free education as well. It will increase the audience’s trust in your business and freebies will promote it.

3. Show The Value

In services-based apps including e-Learning applications, customers are your core assets so, do your best to serve them. Those companies who see their future in their customers always prosper in terms of asset building and huge market share. According to Gene Buckley, senior director of customer success- health and life sciences at Microsoft said:

“Don’t try to tell the customer what he wants. If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work and serve the customer!”

4. Focus On App Store Optimization

The term app store optimization is also known as mobile app SEO. To rank application listing over app stores like Google Play or Apple App, this technique is used to enhance brand exposure, audience engagement and positive app review/rating.

For example, if you are proceeding to launch an e-learning app like Lynda and want to rank high. Which strategy should you follow? For app store search engine optimization. You can target new customers to add app reviews and comments or provide referral options to get noticed.

5. Consider Alternative App Stores

Instead of jumping into the red ocean, backing the blue ocean is more effective. The competition can be fierce in your newly launched e-learning app on the Apple app store or Google Play. Therefore, always consider alternative application stores to get noticed in different ways to get ranked. Here, listed some legitimate resources to upload your newly built app.

alternative app stores

6. Go For Influencer Marketing

One of the powerful ways of marketing is to foster your product through endorsements or recommendations from content creators or influencers on social media or the internet. You can choose this marketing strategy or tactic to get brand recognition at a very economical monetary value. Influencers marketing is a multi-stage process therefore, it requires a complete business marketing strategy that includes the following.

  • Documentation Of Goals And Key
  • Performance Indicators.
  • Build A Brand Awareness
  • Targeting New Market Trends
  • Facilitating Lead Generation
influencer marketing

Essential Features In E-Learning App

Nowadays, colleges and universities are switching to e-learning to sell their services worldwide. They are expanding their businesses to target not only local students – instead to educate industry experts to keep them updated with the latest research.

Online e-learning apps can record and conduct online courses under different degree programs that provide convenience to students, instructors and educational institutes to deliver content over the internet to everyone, everywhere.

Meanwhile, e-learning mobile applications have made this process more convenient and easy to access on smartphones and tablets, as statistical analysis shows that 57% of web page views are mobile phone users every month. Our software experts have compiled some tips to follow that make your e-learning applications unparalleled.

e-learning app features
  • Delivery and Content Management System: Always make sure your application is according to UI/UX industry standards and understand customer psychology. To deliver online courses or video recordings, it’s mandatory to design or dispose of your course content flow i.e the way you are going to deliver it.
  • Personalized Learning: For self-paced learning, it’s obligatory to include customized learning to facilitate students according to their interests, needs and skills. For example, in one-to-one tutoring, instructors should know about a student’s interests and recommend lessons accordingly.
  • Real-Time Learning Support: The traditional learning technique was a time rendering process. People have to wait for specific hours to get solutions for their queries or to discuss something with their instructor. While real-time learning is an on-demand knowledge acquisition technique in e-learning applications to provide experienced instructors online.
  • In-Application Messaging: Integrating messaging in your e-learning app will increase user engagement and confidence to keep connected. It will facilitate real-time class participation to create a learning environment online that will draw people’s interest in learning. Moreover, in-app messaging will benefit all, including students, instructors, and e-learning creators.
  • Exercises, Tests, and Quizzes: To keep your learners engaged and make your online learning app credible including video pieces of training, problem exercises and their solutions, quick quizzes and assignments will credit your e-learning platform.
exercises and quizzes
  • Engineering-based Platform: In recent years, e-learning applications that are offering engineering courses like Edx, Udacity, DataCamp and Coursera have been successful. The reason behind the engineering trend is because of employability, high salary potential, and international opportunities. Hence, to acquire a nomination as well as high traffic bumps, always try to offer interactive engineering courses.
  • More Practical Than Theoretical: The software engineering market worth is around $390 billion. It’s always in demand for expert and innovative software engineers to get hired. But unfortunately, market analysis shows around 70% of graduating students are lacking technical expertise according to software engineering standards. To dispense online courses, always offer software engineering courses with interactive integrated coding environments and debugging tools.
  • Games & Activities: To incorporate a referral program into your e-learning applications. You can include engaging games and activities i.e. it will result in both refreshment and promotion. Games enhance user experience and in reward improve your e-learning mobile application as well.

You can include the above-listed features in your app to educate people more effectively or contact us for technical support.

Looking For Improving Your E-Learning App?

In a recent pandemic, e-learning has evolved exponentially, people love to go online rather than travelling or wait for hours. As a consequence of these benefits of e-learning, it’s growing dramatically around the globe and the best time to develop an educational app. The designing of e-learning applications is a time & resources consuming process which requires a requirement analysis engineer, solution designer, an in-house or out-source development team, and more.

To compete with the e-learning market trend a potential mobile app should have at least above mentioned essential features and specifications. Are you still confused about developing the best online e-learning app? No worries, we are here to assist you from software requirements analysis to product deployment. Origami Studio is expertise in android, iOS and cross-platform e-learning mobile application development. In the meantime, get your project estimation from expert industry solution providers or drop us a line today!


An interesting online education application may drastically change a mediocre visitor into a loyal customer. This goal can be achieved with the above-mentioned in-app features, exceptional e-learning services and marketing to people. Before designing an application try to ask a question yourself: Why would someone choose your e-learning platform? If you will be able to grab it, then definitely the application will be successful as well as among the best online learning apps in the market.

If you are planning to develop or already developed an e-learning application, and want to upgrade it, then  You should go for an expert software agency like Origami Studios. That can understand your business demand and suggest a top-notch but feasible e-learning solution.

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