Every company has thought of ditching the idea of hiring mobile app development services and teaching its in-house team how to code for developing a mobile app. The thing is, you can certainly learn how to code but you cannot become as good as a mobile app development company and develop exceptional mobile apps. There are pretty good chances you will face multiple challenges and eventually you will consider outsourcing.


You might be on a short budget but mobile app development is an expense you must cover because there is no way you can survive in the competitive world without a mobile app. It’s now just as important as having a website. Give the following 5 reasons a read and you will understand why outsourcing Android app development services are necessary:

Lack of experience and expertise

Even if you are somehow related to the mobile app development industry, you still cannot develop your own mobile app. Since you don’t have any hands-on experience with mobile app development, you will fail in this venture. The challenges you face will be unique and it may consume more time and resources to create a mobile app from scratch without any experience.

The mobile app development companies over the years have invested their time in self-evaluation and they have assessed the risk of the outer world that contributes to success and failure. They are aware of the industry best practices, the latest trends and of course, they probably have studied their field properly which makes them the right people for developing a mobile app.

Not Enough Resources

Developing a mobile app is not a one-man’s job. The process is divided into different phases and different expertise are needed to handle different aspects of the project. You may not have all these resources in-house.

When you outsource a company that specializes in mobile app development, it will delegate a talented team to this project. A project manager will be there to ensure all tasks are assigned to the right people and the progress of each task is managed properly. They will also arrange scheduled meetings with your company’s manager to not just develop timelines but also update you with the progress of the project.

Quality assurance

A reputable mobile app development company will have a dedicated team for quality assurance with a well-equipped lab. Each project will go through quality control to locate bugs and make the app free from all glitches. They will be responsible for automated and manual app testing, security testing, and functional testing. You will be sure that the final product you get is free from all errors and it’s ready for launch.


Even the best mobile apps in the world are vulnerable to attacks. That makes it particularly essential to ensure your mobile app is secure and you can’t do that on your own. A dedicated team will be required for this purpose. Usually, the Android or iPhone app development company knows the cybersecurity mechanisms to make a mobile app secure especially if your app will be used for financial services. They will use the best techniques in the book to make your app secure. Make sure you discuss all aspects of mobile security for your app and include it in your contract’s terms and conditions to avoid any fuss later on.

Mobile app marketing

Your mobile app venture is only successful if it is successfully marketed. People aren’t going to download your app if they don’t know anything about it. You will need a well-crafted marketing plan to attract users towards your app. The company you have outsourced for app development will take care of every aspect of your app’s marketing. Since they are in the field for years, they know how to create hype for your app, submit it to the app stores and optimize it well to get noticed.

Apart from marketing services, you will need the services of a mobile app development company to fix bugs and release updates in your app as your business expands. You can’t really run a successful mobile app without outsourcing these professionals. So start searching for the right engineers for you app. Origami Studios has professionals who are skilled with rich experience in app development. Contact us if you want to build an interactive and engaging app.