The mobile app development industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds, and the demand for mobile app development services and experienced mobile app developers is increasing drastically.  Hence why mobile app development is becoming a popular career choice in the digital industry. If you want a mobile app, there is definitely no shortage of developers. You will find a mobile app development company with a team of experienced developers pretty easily. The only question is, how do you know which developer or company is offering the best services? 

There are a few skills on the basis of which you can determine which mobile app developer or company will be the right choice. Let’s have a look at the top 5 skills a mobile app developer should possess to stand out from the crowd:

Skill 1: JavaScript

For front-end app development, there is nothing better than JavaScript.  The latest frameworks in JavaScript allow a developer to create native mobile apps too. With React Native, you can use the “learn once and write” anywhere approach to create cross-platform apps way more accessible than the traditional approach of “write once and run anywhere.” Likewise, the Angular framework offers a toolset that can work with JavaScript libraries, letting developers customize the framework for individual projects.  

Skill 2: Cloud Computing

Learning cloud computing can help you big time in offering cross-platform mobile application development services. Once you understand this skill, you will be able to develop apps that can be ported to the cloud servers from where users can access the app and the data stored on it through their browsers. For that, you also have to be well-versed in HTML5 and popular mobile app development platforms. 

Skill 3: Agile Methodologies 

You might already be familiar with agile methodologies if you are in the mobile app development industry. But if not, then here is a brief introduction. Agile is a set of software development methods based on a continuous stream of solutions. They are created by collaborating with cross-functional and self-organizing development teams. It is the most used method in the mobile app industry. Even the clients who need Android mobile app development services from you will question if you follow the agile app development approach or not. If you are well-familiar, then they will be happy to consider you for the job. 

Skill 4:  Modern Programming Languages

To be honest, you have no worth if you are not familiar with modern programming languages. Since you are stepping into the mobile app development industry to make a career, you cannot go anywhere without them. Even employees look for such mobile app developers who don’t just know modern programming languages but have experience in them too. So what are these languages? They include Adobe Flash Lite, Objective C, C#, JAVA, PHP, HTML5, and Python.  It would be great if you are well-familiar with all of these. Apart from this, if you want to make a career in iOS app development, then you must have hands-on experience in Apple’s programming language called Xcode. This would really set you apart from all the candidates in the room especially if you are applying for a job in an iPhone app development company.

Skill 5: User Experience and User Interface Design

Creating a great mobile app is not that simple. If you really want that your client gets more and more app downloads, you must be sure the app is easy to use and its user interface is friendly. If you are skilled in creating a great user experience and interface design, everyone will love to have you on their team. Even clients look for a company or developer who knows how to develop an app with a robust user experience and user interface. That’s what users crave in a mobile app and if that’s missing, to being with, then you are never going to attract more users. Your mobile app will fail as soon as it is launched because good features are not the only thing users want in an app.

 Keeping up with the industry trends matters so each mobile app development company must hire developers who have the skills mentioned above. These are the skills that you should look for in a company too.

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