According to a study, U.S. users spend 4.8% of their time on instant messaging mobile apps such as WhatsApp whenever they use their smartphones. Some users spend 50 to 20 minutes per week on other apps like Line, WeChat, etc. Another popular app category is media which includes sub-categories such as news, sports, and weather and they account for 3 % of the usage of all the usage mistunes. Music and games account for 6% of Smartphone usage minutes and video streaming accounts for 9% of minutes. Shopping accounts for 5%, email accounts for 4% and maps and navigation account for 6%.

people stick to mobile apps

Since people have switched to mobile for almost everything they want to do, you cannot deny the fact that you need mobile app development services for developing a mobile app for your business. Consumers now have the “give it to me now “attitude and mobile apps make it easier for them to get whatever they way in just a few taps. On average, a person maintains 20 apps on their phone but tech-savvy users do not hesitate in keeping 100 apps either. If you haven’t yet decided to hire a mobile app development company, it is high time you do.

Here are some reasons why mobile apps are here to stay:

Easy To Use

Mobile apps provide a user experience that websites aren’t able to offer. The best of the best mobile apps have an intuitive user interface and they encompass the user needs. No wonder we are addicted to our mobile devices so much.

Better Visibility

The companies that are developing mobile apps consider it as an opportunity to get exposure to their business. There are different features in a mobile app that can be used to target users differently. For instance, with push notifications, you can remind the user about using your app regularly. You can use this feature to your advantage and show valuable data to your customers. In this way, they will always stay in touch with your app and you never know when this could generate a lead.

Social Interaction

Mobile apps have made social interaction just a breeze. Social messaging apps are widely used by people regardless of their gender, location, and age. They instantly let you connect with the people around you. You can video call your friends, and share pictures and this will make you feel you were never far away from them.


Mobile apps are fast. If you are able to create a mobile app that presents information within seconds, then it means you have successfully created a good mobile app. Users today have become very impatient. They want fast mobile apps that portray information in a seamless way. Any delay or clutter and your potential users may switch. If you make a good impression with your mobile app, you can certainly make your target users stay. Hiring the right mobile application development services can help you create fast mobile apps.

Commercialization Of IT

The line between consumer and business technology has started to become blurry. Lots of companies have started implementing the “bring your own device” programs to let users leverage their smartphones and tabs in the workplace for increasing productivity. Even large corporations hire Android app development services to build the app for internal use. This shows that mobile apps are not a fad, they are here to stay and they are here to make our lives even more advanced.

There will come a time when you can integrate mobile apps with data center systems that will enable them to work in offline mode too. The possibilities in the mobile app development industry are endless and if you think you are better off without a mobile app then you are wrong. You could be missing out on so much business. Hiring an Android or iPhone app development company doesn’t always have to be expensive. Why not see the long-run benefits of having a mobile app? It’s pretty clear that people are going to stick to mobile apps. The question is; are you willing to hire a mobile app development company for your mobile app?

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