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The Assignment

Donaco was looking to update their existing portal with additional features to improve the charity collection process and provide a better user experience to its stakeholders.

& interactive

Donaco, based in London, helps organizations like UNICEF and many other with the collection of charities. They place their plugin on different websites enabling Donaco to generate traffic. Donaco was looking for a team of ReactJS developers to help them with development of their portal. The portal was already there but it needed to be revamped and redesigned.

Our team redesigned and also updated the existing code of the portal. New features were also added to further enhance the functionality. A detailed dashboard was built to provide details of the charities collected. Moreover, in this version, the charities were able to create their own campaigns.

Technology Stack

React JS

Final Product

The system built by our ReactJS team had enhanced functionality as well as latest UI/UX approaches which improved Donaco’s business performance. It allowed them to get proper registration for big charities and provide them with a feasible, working solution that they were unable to provide before. All of these items were completed in the first release and the widget has already been placed on various websites. The second release further improves the widget and the backend dashboard.

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