Whenever a new mobile app is launched in the market, even after thorough testing, it somehow has some glitches. It is because of these glitches, the app fails to meet the expectations of customers regarding user experience, user interface, features, etc. If you are planning on launching your very own mobile app, you must bring something new and interesting for users so that it becomes a big hit and has the least bugs. This could be done through Artificial Intelligence.

AI in mobile app development

Artificial intelligence has redefined the concept of human and machine interaction altogether. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa by Amazon are a few examples of AI mobile applications. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. This technology acts as a mediator for the user and hence why it is used for sending commands to get things done. If you are a mobile app development company, you might agree that now is the time to embrace AI.

How Does AI Work?

It analyzes a user’s pattern of app usage, collects this data, and stores it. It also uses the demographics like location, contacts, and the daily behavior of the user to allow you to use the app in a better way. AI has become a significant part of Mobile app development services for years. It started with Siri and now, more and more apps are being created with advanced functions and abilities.

Now the question is how is AI revolutionizing mobile app development. Let’s have a look at how AI has improved the UX:

More Personalization

AI is pretty good at recognizing customer behavior and preferences. Consider the example of My Starbucks Barista. A user just has to tell the mobile app what he wants through a voice message and it places an order immediately. Such apps have been extremely helpful in increasing sales. It turns out that improved app engagement increases the ROI.

Predictive Replies

An ordinary mobile app cannot understand the language of a user. AI has come with a predictive reply feature. It makes communication between the user and the mobile device possible. The app is capable of understanding the user’s message and responding accordingly. AI helps in extracting information from the current data set for determining the current state and predicting the outcome. A perfect example of predictive replies is Google’s Gmail app. Those who use Gmail actively must know that it now comes with the smart reply feature which works with an artificial neural network for spending appropriate responses to your email messages. AI analyzes the emails and promotes a message recommendation. This makes it easy for a user to communicate with his customers. If you hire the right mobile application development services, you can create such intelligent apps too by using AI.

Home Automation

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our homes too. More and more users are keen on buying automated devices that can make their lives comfortable and enjoyable. A large number of companies are catching the pulse of the market and investing in technology. The home appliances and gadgets we use are powered by AI apps. There is a lot of potential in Artificial Intelligence and home automation.


Those businesses that are using AI enjoy a competitive edge. Since consumer demands are becoming multi-dimensional, businesses must offer personalization to keep up with the pace and AI is readily available for that. Garter News says that the business value of AI is expected to increase by 70 percent from 2017 and it will hit 1.2 trillion in 2018. The practical benefits of applying AI in business are pushing enterprises in different industries to hire iPhone or Android app development services for developing AI-based apps. The thing with developing AI apps is that it’s not one day job. It is a complex development process for which you will need the most profound mobile application development services. No doubt AI has improved processes in logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing, and not to forget, it has improved the online shopping experience to a great extent.

Artificial Intelligence has renewed user engagement and business growth. You could generate maximum revenue by providing your user with user-friendly UI and UX. The possibilities are just endless. You might want to consult a mobile app development company to discuss your ideas.