Issues regarding home are pretty common and all of us need the services of different home specialists every now and then. This makes this industry one of the biggest industries for technology to tap in. Previously, if water pipes in your house were not working right, you might’ve ended up taking a long trip to another end of the city to just get a plumber. All thanks to mobile app development, one can find hundreds of plumbers from the comfort of their homes through multiple apps.

What are these apps though? Are they different from other apps? If yes, what makes them different? Due to the entrance of technology in the world of home service, a new category of apps was introduced. These apps are designed to connect people with home service handymen skilled in fixing and installing multiple household products.

These apps bridge the gap between the skilled people and the ones needing their services. Moreover, these apps reduce the time and energy of needy people and provide a better earning for the skilled workers. It would not be wrong to say that these apps create a perfect win-win situation for both users. Like every other industry touched by technology, this industry showed some changing trends as well. Let’s get into details of these apps and the way they affected the market.

Benefits of using a home service app

What is a Home Service App?

As we have already discussed, a home service application is an application designed for skilled home service providers to enlist their skills so people needing their services can connect. These apps can be built for only native platforms like Android, iPhone, and Windows and hybrid versions are also paving their way as well.

One can find home service apps that showcase services of only one category like roof services, plumbing services, or electrician services, etc. Moreover, some innovative home service apps can even be found providing multiple services under different sections.

Some of the reasons behind the huge success of these apps include less time-consuming and affordable services, the need to digitize to provide more jobs to skilled people, and the growing use of technology. Can you make a guess regarding the number of home services applications in the world?

There are millions of active apps providing home services to billions of people all over the globe. This idea is not only limited to developed countries as developing countries have started digitizing their home service industry as well.

Benefits of Using a Home Service App

Technology has changed the turn of a lot of events in the last few centuries. It is not difficult to find technology intervening in our daily life processes and making them easier, faster, and more accurate. Among all these changes, the home service industry has been touched by technology and we are reaping its benefits today.

Almost everyone has used home service apps at some point in their lives or is bound to use one in the future. If you belong to the first group, you are already aware of its benefits else, below are some benefits that would convince you to use one.

Saves A lot of Time

The most evident benefit of technology has always been saving a lot of time. Home service apps save you the time of driving here and there or dial multiple numbers to find a handyman, bargain for the final rate, and then bring him home to do your work. Just download an app and your handyman is a few clicks away. Once you have booked a service, you are provided with the best services within a few hours.

Saves You Money

While a lot of people love to argue that they can save money by bargaining with the worker themselves, there are many calculations they forget. Firstly, you get to save money you have to spend while driving to the nearest home service shop. Secondly, you don’t have to spend money on calling different shops to know their timings. The majority of these apps provide services at reasonable prices so you can have your eyes closed when using them.

Pay for the Service

Many people who don’t use home service apps complain about not getting the right services even when they pay the asked price. In the case of home service apps, the user gets the promised service else, they can complain and claim their money or have another handyman do the job. This ensures that the customers pay for the service they receive rather than going through the same lengthy process again.

No Fraudsters Detected

In most cases, you can’t guarantee that the person you are bringing home to fix an issue is not a fraudster. You frankly can’t perform a background check on these workers and most of the shops don’t as well. However, home service apps only post about the workers who have been verified and are guaranteed professional service givers so, you are always in safe hands.

Always There for You

A shop is never open or accepting calls round the clock. Imagine you encounter an issue in the middle of the night and want to book an appointment at least. You have no shop to call or drive to and will have to wait till morning. In the case of an app, you can easily log in to the app, select the desired service, choose a timeslot and have your appointment booked.

Well-trained Professionals

The people you find in a nearby shop does not necessarily have training or diploma in the services they are willing to provide. However, the people you find on home service apps are guaranteed trained professionals known for their work. They also have the experience to back their knowledge about a certain domain so you don’t have to worry about the quality of service provided.

How to Choose the Right Apps for You

Now, that you are aware of the benefits a house service app has to offer, we doubt that you would say no to downloading one. There are plenty of apps one can easily find on the application store of the specific operating system, but does all of them work flawlessly? This is something that you must be wondering about. Well, not all apps work for everyone and not all apps are worth downloading and spending money on. Here are some tips that will help you find and download just the right home service app for your tasks.

Look for Your OS

You must know the operating system of the machine you are going to use the home service app on. In case you intend to use it for Android, go for Android native apps. Download iOS native apps for an iOS platform and Windows native apps for Windows devices. However, you can also go for hybrid apps if you want to. Hybrid apps have proven themselves to be equally beneficial for the users as the native apps.

See the Offered Features

The majority of the home service apps differ from each other on the basis of the features they have. While some apps allow you to book an advance booking, some only allow you to suggest multiple slots for your appointment and the worker chooses the slot easy for him. Some apps offer you to contact the worker only in the app while you can contact the worker out of the app in some cases. Read the description of the app to know more about the features and decide.

Check for the Services

Some home service apps deal only in one niche like roofing services, plumbing services, carpentering services or carpeting services, etc. However, some apps have multiple niches mentioned under different tabs. If you are someone who would love to have multiple services offered at the same platform, you should go for an app addressing multiple home service niches or just look for an app that deals in the niche you want service of.

Read Some Reviews

The best way to know if an app is worth downloading and using or not is by reading its reviews. Go to your application store and search for the app you are looking for. Scroll down to the review section and read the top 10 negative and positive reviews. You can also read for its reviews on Google and some online review pages as well. This will give you an overall idea of it is a green signal or red signal.

Home Service Apps and Your Home

Have you ever thought about the effect home service apps have at your home? A home service app digitizes all home servicing for your home. It puts all required home services just a few clicks away so you don’t have to halt your routine to get something fixed. Whether you want to have your lawn mown, electricity issues resolved, furniture repaired or floor carpeted, you can book services from an app.

Using such apps makes your house run at a superfast speed with more efficiency, less stress, and better organization. You don’t even have to stress about the quality of the services as it is ensured by the multiple layers of checks by the management. Every handyman present on the app is guaranteed expert with years of experience blended with perfect knowledge needed to get the work done.

Home service app

In the end, you get all your home services done by the professionals without struggling much and at affordable prices with the best quality. What else can you wish for?

Freelancing and Self-Employment as an Option

Growing for the best is the nature of the home service industry. The developers love to include newer features or make previous features more efficient in every release. There are times when users want something more from home service apps than just providing details of various handymen. Sometimes the users want to put themselves on the apps in the section of service providers as well. Do they have to walk to the office of the app provider to have themselves approved and enlisted? Well, that looks like a long route.

Some of the developers came up with the idea of empowering users by offering services along with receiving services from the app. If you look at the Uber transportation app, they have a section where they offer their users to become a part of the driving crew and earn as well.

Similarly, some home service apps have started providing an option to the users to make a profile to offer services. They can add their personal information, the service they can provide, the rates they would charge, and their experience. Once the information is verified and approved by the company, the profile becomes active and the user is ready to provide home services.

Local Businesses and Home Service Apps!

Home services apps have digitized the whole home service industry. It would not be wrong to say that it has taken the industry towards a smarter and more efficient future. The trend and demand for such apps are growing day by day. It has opened doors for a lot of startups and new businesses to enter the market as well.

This industry has grown more than two folds in the last 2 years and the trends promise an even faster growth in the years to come. If we look at the stats shown by multiple research studies, it is proven that only USA’s home service app market stands at the worth of $600 billion. Just imagine the worth of this industry worldwide. Moreover, if we talk about the growth, some research shows that it has grown by 30% in the last 5 years, which is remarkable.

The future of these apps and the home service industry looks brighter than ever. As it is already evident that the usage of apps has allowed a lot of new businesses to enter the market, the number of entries is expected to increase more rapidly.

Also, the enthusiasm of the developers shows that these apps are only going to become smarter with the passage of time giving more revenue paths to the industry. Looking at the benefits offered by these apps, the customer base will be increasing as well as the demand for mobile app developers. As the majority of the home services apps target and connect users with the nearby local businesses, the chances of local businesses booming are huge. Local businesses are expected to grow and expand in years to come with home services apps backing them. Collectively, home services applications are creating a win-win situation for its users and local businesses for a collective benefit.