Networking has become an important part of our daily lives. We know that the world has become a global village which means we can connect with literally anyone from any corner of the world. As technology and times progressed, our world has been introduced to different types of networking sites. 

Social networking apps are applications that you can open and stream through your browser or download on your phones, tablets, or laptops. These apps are used to communicate with others via texting, sharing photos, and videos, or simply looking at different types of content. While we started with simple phones, the creation of social networking apps has made our lives more manageable and more productive. 

We know there are many social networking sites and apps, a few of them that have been famous for a very long time include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. These apps have become a part of our daily lives and you can find all the latest and most controversial news from all over the world on these apps. Apart from connecting people, these apps are used to widely influence people and for selling products too. There are many businesses that use these platforms to market their products and services.

Types of Social Networking Apps

Types of Social Networking Apps

Apart from staying updated about the social trends or connecting with your friends and family, social networking has been a source to stay updated about the global political economy. The world that once ran simply with window shopping and walk-in purchases has even shifted to the internet and we have got many e-commerce platforms that lead the world now. Although these platforms and apps have a very easy and friendly user interface, there is a lot of thinking and investment done to make these apps real.

When it comes to networking platforms, there are a lot of them. Each has its own purpose and the idea on which it is based. Each one of these platforms is used and loved by different people who have different needs and these platforms are there to fulfill those needs. Here are some of the categories of Social Networking Apps:

Social Networking Apps
These apps have been a part of our lives for a while. The common examples of these apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. From keeping us updated on new trends to making us a part of our favorite celebrities’ lives, from helping us to click good pictures to share them with the world, these apps have it all covered for us and are loved by many now.

Social Review Sites
We know that this isn’t easy to trust any business today without knowing it all in and out. And what’s better than getting the review on each business before investing your time or money there. Review sites like Yelp and Travelvisor are your go-to whenever you need a review on anything. The review sites help people to choose better and make the right decisions from all the possible options.

Video Hosting Site
Youtube, Vimeo, and TikTok have revolutionized the way we see, create, watch or think of videos. These platforms have been giving creators a new way to upload their content and the video streaming has become more fun for creators and viewers.

Community Blogs
Sometimes people just want to be heard and expressing your emotions can be tough face to face and that’s where platforms like Medium and Tumblr help out people. You can write there or you can simply just go there to find the words that you have been looking for to express yourself.

Sharing Economy Networks
Getting cheap deals on motels or renting a pet sitter won’t be easy without AirBnB and Rover. These networking apps provide people with opportunities that wouldn’t exist on this large scale without the tech and social networking world.

Features of Social Networking Apps

If you are thinking of making an app then you must be asking yourself what are the most important features that an app should have? Every app needs some features that make it successful even with changing trends. While the answer to that question is brief there are some of the features that every business needs to make their app.

The features of a social networking apps make it standout among the competition with other similar apps. Following are the features that an app must have to be a successful social networking app:

Common Features
Not every app that hits the market stays in the market for long. While strategizing the development of a new app, it is common to look in the similar apps and make note of the common features those apps have:

Advanced Features
While there are a lot of features that an app should have, the advanced features in an app are what makes it better than other apps, and keeping those in check can be a plus point for any business for gaining the attention of their target market audience. Following are some advanced features:

Current trending Features
When it comes to making an app, keeping an eye on social trends is important. Creating an app without being aware of the trending features will result in the creation of an unsuccessful application. Some trends are:


What Resources Do You Need?

Social networking has vastly affected the way we communicate and do business. One can easily share his/her view of the world, and reviews on anything on the networking app or platform. The world always keeps moving and growing and with that growth, the need of having more better products keeps growing too.

The increased demand for better apps results in more updates in current apps or the birth of new apps. But with the new app comes the competition and the pressure to do better than existing applications.

Creating an application isn’t an easy task and it takes a lot of work, money, and ideas. A business needs a lot of resources to make an app and launch it properly without any bugs or errors. Here are the two major resources that are needed to develop and launch a social networking app.


The team refers to the group of like-minded individuals that sit together, work on an idea, and give the face to the imaginations of a company in the form of an app. It takes more than one mind and one day to make an app. A team of developers, researchers, and analysts sit down together and write, review and list down the features of the app, test it multiple times until the app is bug-free and ready to be launched.


Every company wants to build an app that has the best features but at the same time is cost-effective and has an easy and attractive user interface that can help the users to adapt to the new platform easily and get familiar with the features. While keeping all of this in mind, the company has to draw out all the pros and cons of its application, to sum up, the chances of its failure or success.

Some of the major platform providers are Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. Some of this support only the basic features of an app and provide a minimum storage space for it while other platforms let you use multiple features of the same application at once and provide different OS versions to try it on.

Is Flutter the Best Choice to Build Social Media Site?

Although there is a lot of competition when it comes to the networking apps market the need for new apps is never out of the equation. However, the majority of industry gurus suggest you choose Flutter for easy app development.
As we discussed before, social media keeps you aware of everything happening around you and keeps you updated on all the hot topics. While iOs and Android have been neck to neck with each other with their UI and UX, Flutter by Google has become the new and hottest topic of discussion in the development market. This platform has been a newbie to the developers market but has been giving neck-to-neck competition to other platforms with its better user interface.
Many businesses are shifting their work to Flutter because of its cost-effective and time-saving services. The high performance of Flutter has been considered as one of the main pros of using it for creating new apps. One can use it on a phone, desktop, laptop, or embedded device using a single code base. Here are some reasons why you should go for Flutter:

Minimum Cost with Great Quality Work

As we mentioned before, one of the standout features of Flutter is the cost-effectiveness of this platform. Flutter is made with the initiative to make app creation easy and within the budget for every customer. With Flutter your company can cut down the cost of application development and still get a high-quality app with all the features.

If you have made it this far in the article, we know that you’re looking forward to installing Flutter on your system and moving your business to Flutter. We are glad to inform you that we got different packages for you in Flutter starting from the lowest possible price.

What is The Social Media App Development Cost?

Now when you know everything about how to make an app, there is just one question left unanswered: how much will it cost? When you have a company and employees whom you have to pay, you can’t just ignore the budget and go in blindly.
Some most popular apps have the biggest cost budget. Here are some:
App for instant messaging: WhatsApp will cost $50000: All this includes Prototyping, Applications development (iOS + Android), and Backend.
App for photo sharing and social media: The average cost for the development of an app like Instagram is between $50,000 to $60,000.
App for Video Content: The development cost of an app like YouTube can range from $47000 to $84000 depending on the number of different factors.

Budget-Friendly Packages

You can get a package from beginner level to advanced, depending on your requirements. So, let’s dive into the details of each package and help you select one for yourself.

Beginners Level Flutter Package
We all need to start from somewhere and what’s better than a beginner’s level package to do that. It includes all the basic features along with the plugins and simple user interface that a company needs. You won’t need a lot of developers and the app will be available in a few weeks. The cost for a beginners level Flutter package is $40000 to $50000.

This package is suitable for startups and small businesses that don’t want to take a big first step. You can buy and test this package and once the app is launched in the market and gains success, a business can move up on the next package for adding more features in the app.

Mid Level Flutter Package
If you are a business that is sure about its products and services and isn’t afraid to take risks, then this package is for you. This package will cost you around $80000 to $150000. This package gives you a chance to expand and experiment with different features.

It requires more than just one or two developers for this project and the app will take more weeks. You will get more area to test and UI and UX will give you a smoother experience that is near to perfection.

This package is suitable for companies that have a rapidly increasing customer base, have a lot of changes happening, or want to add new features or improvements requested by the customers. Boost your business with a Mid-Level Flutter Package.

Advanced Level Flutter Package
If you are a business that has a lot of customer base and is on a stable level then this is the package for you. This package has all the features that you can ask for. You name it and we got it. This package supports a huge customer base and provides the best user interface with eye-catching bright colors and UX.

A huge business has less chance of making mistakes and this package ensures to eliminate all the possible errors and bugs that can occur in your app. The quality of the app will be perfect and your customers will have near to no difficulty adapting to all the updates of the app.

The cost of this package is $200000 and in some cases more, making it affordable for every business. You can embed the standard formula in the app to calculate the hours needed for every SDLC process. Now you can reach new levels of success with the Advanced Level Flutter Package.

Although Flutter app development is easy, still it is no piece of cake and we bet that you don’t want to ruin your business by handing this project to a person with no experience. There are many developers that provide their services at the cheapest rates and promise you the best work but the work doesn’t stand up to your satisfaction and removing the bugs and errors from that app will cost you more than the cost paid for creating the same app.

Origami Studios – A Solution to Your Problem

Origami Studios is the helper you need to build your staircase of success. We have developers that have years of experience and know their work well. We made an environment where brilliant minds have been working together to create a path for your success.

We pair up their experience with the services of Flutter to provide you with an app that will surely be better than your competitors and your expectations. The company has dozens of developers that are always ready to listen to your imagination and bring them to reality with their work.

You must be thinking about the cost of making your dreams come true? Well, let us tell you that there is nothing you have to worry about. All you have to do is drop us a message and tell us about your business, the plans you have and the goals you want to achieve with the app you want us to develop. Let’s work together to build an extraordinary and unforgettable application that will lift your business and will make people go crazy for your application.