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A network of routes and buses that come together to provide conveyance services.

The Assignment

The idea was to build a loyalty and rewards product that would give authority to store owners and businesses to manage campaigns, store locations, deals and rewards. This product filled a gap in the market where store owners and customers were both benefiting.

& interactive

Building the application was a challenging process as there were 3 different modules to create: Admin Portal, Driver App and Passenger App. The development of these modules required long hours of brainstorming as each aspect of all 3 applications needed to connect and fit well with each other. The admin portal needed to be such that all the systems drivers, vehicles, routes and ride dispatches could be tracked in real time at the same time.

However, our team handled the challenge brilliantly. They first off wrote the use cases for all 3 modules and used them to create wireframes. Once the wireframes were approved from the client, we started off with UI/UX of the application and created designs for mobile apps and the admin portal. We designed an admin portal dashboard that provided system statistics. While other modules of the admin panel were relatively easy, the dispatch section was designed in a way from where the admin could track each ride, driver, vehicle and route. The project then went into development and within two months’ time, the product was ready.

Technology Stack

Android PHP

Final Product

The final product was a huge success as the client was satisfied with how it turned out and the team did a great job in ensuring every item on the admin portal and the apps was well connected with each other. From the UI/UX to the final development, everything was done according to the client’s requirement.

Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen
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