Company Overview

TripRecord is a San Francisco based business that provides commute services to employees of multiple leading
organizations. A thriving business found itself at crossroads as expansion took over making it increasingly
difficult from them to manage their fleet and resources. To be able to continue provision of this service,
company was in a dire need of switching its operations from manual to automation.

The Requirement

As soon as the red flags surfaced, the management set out to seek tech consultancy and chose Origami Studios to the steer the company in the right direction. After analyzing their needs android app development was suggested to Trip Record to shift to an automated system. End to end development was required that could streamline their everyday operations as smoothly as possible.

The Challenge

Like any shift from manual to automation, the prime challenge was to tackle the transition without creating any havoc or radical change for the business. Key stakeholders were to be identified in order to introduce advanced cognitive capabilities replicating the original processes and business model.

A smart set up was created which catered to three basic stakeholders: the management system, the drivers and the passengers making minute to minute driver monitoring and real time fleet tracking possible.

Web Interface for Management

Team Origami decided to develop a web-based interface for the management in combination of Laravel PHP, Node JS and MySQL. This admin portal dashboard provided functionality to manage vehicle allocation, creation of better routes and stops and assignment of drivers respectively. It facilitated in regulating the daily timesheets for drivers and over all fleet management. The live tracking dashboard also enabled the management track their vehicles and drivers in real time.

Android Application For Drivers

For the drivers android app development services were provided. Through this app the drivers could easily do check-ins at the time of starting their everyday commute. The check-in then delivered their schedule for the day with details about which routes to take and which stops to make. It also helped in keeping tabs on oil checks and over all vehicle maintenance directly linked with the web management system.

Application For Passengers

Both Android and IOS applications were designed in React Native which aided in managing cost effectiveness and narrow timelines. Passengers could identify current locations of stops, check in at those stops to be picked from the nearest approaching vehicle and enjoy seamless commute to work on a daily basis. The passengers could send their feedback which was received at the web management dashboard to deliver quality services.

Driver Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking

Google Maps APIs were extensively used and GPS coordinates were utilized to ensure constant driver monitoring and fleet tracking in real time.

SFMTA - Third Party Integration

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) played a pivotal role in allocating stop locations to TripRecord and demanded to be sent the stop locations and minute to minute telemetry data every day. To ensure this data sharing, their Commute Shuttle API had to be integrated into our system which was successfully managed by our team.

Technology Stack

40,000 Happy Customers
100 Plus Social Companies
83% Business Productivity


A re envisioned business model devised to help TripRecord keep up with the technological advancements and strive in their business. It now serves more than 40,000 happy customers. Companies like Facebook and Google have chosen TripRecord to facilitate their employees for daily commute. The automation of work processes has increased their business productivity by 83%.

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