Christmas is known as the long-lived tradition which has been passed down to generations through ages. The season is also known for the happiness and joy While there were a lot of crisis that we had to face when the world was in lockdown, but the technological progress did not stop because of it. After the huge disruption caused by Covid 19 crisis in 2020 and 2021, companies are trying to get back on track and to make the future better.

Companies have learned that they don’t have to wait for the “new normal” to start working and building themselves. Big changes require prioritizing tech and with the new technologies emerging every minute now, sitting down and waiting is not an option for industries. Tech industries have provided different products and services regarding various organizations over the time during the pandemic.

Now, that Christmas is just right the corner, most of the businesses all over the world have planned some new experiences for their customers. While you are getting ready to see new features tech has planned for you this year, we believe it is the right time to discuss the technological progress and the trends that are transforming Christmas this year into a more joyful and brighter time of the year. So, let’s just dive into the details without further ado.

Transforming Christmas

Trends to Look Forward

Voice Search

In recent years, the way we use the internet has changed a lot as the voice search technology has leaped over the years. Using the voice search feature is simple as you need to open Google on any of the devices and use your voice to find whatever you are looking for. For example, you can simply say “Hey Google! How is the weather tomorrow?” and it will pull up all the information from the internet regarding the weather for you.

The statistics have shown that almost 41% of US adults use voice search for their daily searches at least once a day. More than half of the users having smart phones are engaged in the voice search technology on their devices.

While in the past Google voice search technology was limited to some devices only, the emerging trends have adopted it into other smart devices too. The general awareness of voice search technology is high in the US to a point that only a small percentage of people are unaware of this technology. As voice search is becoming available in different applications, businesses are adapting this trend too. It helps to learn about the consumer demands without interacting with them on the personal level and the trust of people on technology is increasing as it adds convenience to their daily lives. And we can’t imagine Christmas without carols playing under the Christmas tree. All you have to do is place those smart speakers under the tree and say “Hey Alexa! Play some Christmas music.” and Alexa has got it all covered for you.

Mobile Wallets

Most of the generation now is tired of carrying their wallets around and paying in cash, that is where the mobile wallets stepped in to the rescue. The demand for apps like GooglePay and Apple Pay increased as the population moved more towards technology. Big brands like Apple and Samsung are making personalized apps that will serve as a mobile wallet for their customers. In the tech savvy era, we can expect most of the payments and transactions going cashless. 8 out of 10 individuals nowadays pay through mobile wallets for their bills. The other great thing that businesses have introduced with mobile wallets is loyalty points and mobile banking. The businesses are moving towards mobile wallets since they offer more security and the millennial generation is focusing less on paper money. You can run out of money while buying all those gifts for your family and friends, be smart like Santa and use mobile wallets to buy gifts this year.

Wearables Integrated

While wearable technology was introduced into the market back in the 1970s, people were not familiar with the terms or the trend at that time. The trend got popular in 2002 with the trend of Bluetooth headphones and since then people haven’t forgotten about the technology even for a bit. During the pandemic the technology had a setback as the world was under lockdown but it came back with even a stronger wave in 2021. With the remarkable evolution and innovation in the technological market, wearables have become a part of daily life necessities for many.

Wearables Integrated

The predictions have been made that an 18% increase in the global spending of the market will be seen as compared to 2020. As we live in a world that is data-driven, this increase doesn’t come as a shock. The features like healthcare and technology that can be used in workplaces are going to be the strongest trends of 2021. The investment in VR, AR, and MR is continued by many companies which is resulting in the growth of wearables, new and advanced technologies that can tackle health challenges or leverage super fast networks. And not just that, these wearable devices will also assist you in convenience shopping without having to check your phone again and again. With all the necessary notifications, lists and directions, calls and texts operational with these devices, your Christmas has been made a lot more fun.

Integration of Digital Culture

Digital transformation has gone from a buzzword in the boardrooms to a priority in planning strategy and a buzz in the market even though we are still at the birth stage of digital culture. This was introduced back in 1948 but the world came to know about it a decade ago. The company has started to operate digitally first; using technology and Saas for creating operations that can react to the instant change in the competitive environments while giving the employees a break from the manual admin stress of focusing on strategic thinking.

The key elements that are driving the Digital Culture into future are as following:

  • Spending on digital culture transformation will continue to grow
  • The focus of industry is shifting from B2B to B2B2C
  • IoT is becoming the near future of technological market
  • The future won’t be just about technology, but also people
  • AI and Machine Learning is revolutionizing the market
  • In house solutions will be still dominated by XAAS
  • IT Skill gap will be filled by AI

While due to Pandemic Santa might not be able to deliver gifts on Christmas, he can surely use Digital technology to send you some digital gifts and wishes.

Big Data and Cyber Santa

Big Data is everywhere now and while it might sound scary, in the future industries like Google and Facebook will be able to know more about your family and friends than we do, while sitting into their workplaces. Even this scary information has some upsides because it has made things a lot easier.

This information and data collected from various sources will help companies to make algorithms and make in-budget presents for your loved ones. Isn’t it amazing that all you have to do is set a budget and let the technology do your work for you. This will also increase the traffic reach for businesses as more people will be able to get their customized orders done without worrying about the fact that someone will end up with the same present twice. So, with the right information available to you, automated gift lists can be generated as per the likes and dislikes of the person you want to get a present for and that is definitely one thing down from your Christmas to-do List. And it doesn’t just end here, there might just be a possibility of having all your Christmas presents from Santa delivered to you from drones. Christmas is definitely transforming but for good.

christmas gift

Virtual Reality

For a while now, virtual reality has been used in businesses but we are still witnessing the new innovations that are putting positive impacts on the businesses and increasing the demand of VR in the market. Virtual Reality has gone beyond the gaming and entertainment industries. As we know that during the pandemic, people were not able to get on field experiences, virtual reality stepped in to fill that gap. With Virtual Reality people are able to get real time experiences without getting out of their houses.

The most recent trends we witnessed this year in virtual reality technology is the use of it in different industries including education, entertainment, travel, and businesses. The use of virtual reality in daily life is predicted to be increased to $5.1 Billion by 2023. The preceding progress in the technology shows that the technology will remain in the market for a long time while 2021 has been marked as the year of changes in the virtual reality technology. Leveraging technologies like VR can take your business to new levels of success. The world is changing with VR and one day the biggest Christmas blockbuster will be brought to you in the shape of VR and Home Alone will never be better than ever. You will be able to enjoy and be a part of your favorite Christmas movie with the comfort of siting at your own couch. How amazing does that sound?

Smart Fridges

With all the industries taking advantage of the advancing technology and updating their products and services, Refrigerators are amongst those seeing rapid developments. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator and some others have been the first to adopt this technology and have come up with internal cameras that allow you to view what is inside your fridge. On occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when you’re out shopping and forgot the grocery list at home and you don’t know what to do, the smart fridge has you covered as it allows you to see the food items you have and the items that are to be bought. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about this Christmas.

What to Expect in 2022?

Technology keeps developing as human beings find a way to do everything efficiently and conveniently. Over the decades as technology has progressed and in the year 2021 we have seen a lot of transition in mobile app development, the coming year will be no less. With the advancement in technology, the trend will grow faster and here are some of the technological transitions that we can expect in the next year. It won’t just be Christmas but all events that will be transformed with the ease that technology is providing now.

Transform into Future

While technology is changing the trends every year, stepping up your businesses with those future trends can be hard. You need proper time and strategy to tap into the future technology without failing to deliver the promised services to your clients. Revolutions are never easy and a proper planning can only mark your success. We know how a little mistake in the planning and implementation can take the business down from the roots.

Origami Studios has been working with various clients and businesses to mark future success for them. In Origami we believe in proper planning and making every dream a success. With technological advancements, every business is trying to step a foot into the technological world and grow there, but your steps in the technological world should be well guided and safe.

We are here to help you take one step at a time with proper planning. Your business will be ours and we will do everything to make your application a success. So, the next Christmas will be your Tech-mas.

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