Humans are always finding ways to make their lives more comfortable, luxurious, and easy. It is due to the struggles of mankind that technology was born and we are living in a global village connected with hundreds of thousands of devices.

However, the effort to do even better is still going on. One of the greatest gifts of technology is the mobile app development. Let it be a calculator, emailing, messaging, calls, maps, or anything else, everything we need resides inside a smartphone as applications.

Even though it is hard to believe, mobile applications were not this smart and efficient from the beginning. There are a number of factors defining the way an application will turn out and whether it will be useful or not. Two major breakthroughs that can clearly be noticed these days are 5G and AI.

Where a lot of computer scientists are working towards making these technologies real and better than ever, more than half of the world is wondering about the future of application development.

What is AI and its History?

AI or artificial intelligence is the intelligence possessed by machines, which is against their nature. It is no less than an imagination come true.

One might think that the history of AI is not really old, however, it goes as far back as the late ’90s. In 1997, AI became famous when a computer won a chess match against a renowned chess player.

The field of AI has only seen progress from that time. Now, we have a lot of games, medical machinery, transportation, retail machines, and a lot of other machines that run on AI.

What is 5G and its History?

Introduced in 2018, this is a global wireless standard enabling a network designed to connect everyone and everything virtually. One can easily see a lot of people either talking about it or waiting to access it.

The history of it began from 1979 when 1st generation or 1G was introduced with the invention of the world’s first mobile phone. Humans saw room for improvement in the technology and went on to introduce 2G, 3G, and 4G in 1991, 2001, and 2009 respectively.

After the milestone was achieved, the world began towards introducing 5G.


AI and App Development

Since we use our mobile for a lot of activities, the demand for mobile applications is huge. The majority of mobile applications have artificial intelligence running at the backend in one way or another.

For example, if you want to buy something and do a random search on Google. You will see suggestions for different stores selling that particular item on your Facebook account.

AI has started noticing your behavior and suggesting you things while you don’t notice it much. Since AI has blended well with the thread of our lives, it is very hard to notice it. Below are the ways AI has been and will be affecting mobile app development:

How has AI already affected app development?

AI has been a part of mobile application development since the very beginning. Apart from the applications being smart enough to do half of the human’s work for him, AI is used even during app development.

The internet is full of multiple applications that allow beginner-level coders to design different applications just with drag and drop activities. Such applications include WordPress, Appy Pie, Bubble, and others.

Since the demand for personalized user experience is going up, a lot of mobile development companies have started focusing on integrating AI that transforms the functions according to the user’s needs.

Moreover, these applications are also embedded with smart AI that allows the users to just think of things and the application does the work for them.

How will AI affect app development in the future?

AI is already doing wonders in the field of application development and it has been blending well. However, the world is more interested in knowing the future of mobile applications with the advancements in artificial intelligence. Here is how AI is going to affect mobile applications in the future:

5G and App Development

The industry of mobile app development has seen a lot of innovative highs due to the demands of the users. However, the introduction of 5G has given a new turn to the history of developing mobile apps. Since 5G provides more control to the users, the demand for smarter applications is going up.

How has 5G already affected app development?

As 5G allows the users to gain access to faster internet, have a better gaming experience, and access high quality and high definition video content, it is evident that mobile apps will be affected.

Since 5G was not introduced a long time ago, it has not been able to impact the industry of mobile applications much. However, there are still some mobile apps that have started evolving in the direction of 5G.

A lot of mobile application development companies have started improving their applications to be able to download data at a faster speed. They have also started looking into frameworks and ways to have their applications connect with dozens of devices at the same time as 5G has changed the way applications connect.

How will 5G affect app development in the future?

Since the whole world is not ready for 5G yet, more impact will be seen in the future rather than now. However, the impact of 5G on mobile app development is going to be huge. Here are some advancements you can expect:

AI and 5G Use Cases

AI and 5G are going to be the most powerful technologies in the near future. However, have you ever imagined their power if combined? If you have not, it is guaranteed that it is going to be 100 times more.

A lot of industry experts have already termed this combination as the perfect combination of the most powerful technologies. Apart from their combined effect on different industries, mobile app development will have some advancements as well. Here are some of the predictions about the future:

projected growth of 5g connections

The Conclusion

In conclusion, AI has been around for a long time and the world has already seen its power. However, it is getting stronger with every passing day and humans are still working on making it even smarter.

5G, on the other hand, is a relatively new technology but with a very bright future promised. The blend of both of these technologies is going to make the process of development, assessment, and pricing of mobile applications smarter and faster. Moreover, mobile app development will become more user-oriented with a lot of new features.

While the world is going to take some time to become used to 5G and AI, you might want to be one of the first few firms to have mobile applications supporting 5G and AI.

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